Wichita Crime Commission to move a few blocks

WICHITA — The Wichita Crime Commission is moving this fall.

“Right now we’re pretty cramped in 720 square feet,” says executive director Gordon Bassham.

Also, the current office at 125 N. Market doesn’t have much parking, so Bassham says that forces the public and the commission’s 180 members to have to park elsewhere and walk.

The commission is taking more than 1,700 square feet in Occidental Plaza at 300 N. Main St.

The commission is a privately funded nonprofit that works with law enforcement to support it and fight crime in a proactive way.

“We needed more room for potential future growth,” says Bassham, who is working to grow membership.

He says the commission is closely affiliated with Crime Stoppers, and there’s room at Occidental Plaza for that group to potentially have an office there as well.

Chad Stafford and Stephanie Wiens of Occidental Management handled the deal.

Bassham says the move will happen in November.

“We expect to be in the new location for quite some time.”

Frida’s Mexican Grill granted rezoning request

WICHITA — The soap opera is over.

Last month, Frida’s Mexican Grill owner Mario Quiroz told Have You Heard?, “We can make a soap opera right now,” because of struggles to get proper zoning for a special events room.

When Quiroz first opened, he planned to use the extra space for a comedy club. When plans changed, he learned he didn’t have the right zoning for dancing.

The city now has approved the zoning, and Quiroz is simply waiting for an entertainment license so customers can have parties with dancing and his extra room can be put to better use.

“Life is smiling at me a little bit,” a happy Quiroz says.

His restaurant near Thai Binh grocery on West 21st opened in April 2008 but has suffered recently because of bridge repairs in the area and the inability to fully utilize the extra room.

“It was really hard,” Quiroz says.

But he says even the struggle led to a lot of good networking for him. For instance, next week he’ll join the Crime Stoppers board.

“It’s getting better,” Quiroz says, “step by step.”