Entercom Radio to move to Ruffin Building

UPDATED — After two decades in Brittany Center at 21st and Woodlawn, Entercom Radio is moving its Wichita office.

By early 2015, Entercom will be in the Ruffin Building at 9111 E. Douglas. That’s the building that’s perhaps better known as the former Pizza Hut headquarters.

Entercom is taking 12,000 square feet there.

“The Ruffin Building better suits our needs,” says vice president and general manager Jackie Wise.

Entercom stations include KNSS, 1330-AM, KEYN, 103.7-FM, KDGS, 93.9-FM, KFBZ, 105.3-FM, and KFH Sports, which is on 98.7-FM and 1240-AM. All of them are moving to the Ruffin Building.

“We are very excited about moving over there,” Wise says. “We think it’s a great facility that’s well maintained, and it’s a wonderful location.”

Chris Ruffin and Jon Cyphert of Ruffin Properties and Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the deal.

“We’re so glad to have them,” Ruffin says of Entercom.

The move likely will happen in February or March.

New 3D-XEnergy to move into Domestic Design Building

WICHITA — Some new energy is coming to the Domestic Design Building in the Douglas Design District.

The new 3D-XEnergy, an oil and gas exploration company, is taking 2,578 square feet in the 1915 building at 1425 E. Douglas.

“They’re doing a lot of renovation, and a lot of kind of creative companies are in it now,” says partner Andy Kemmer.

Kemmer had been involved with another company, Vanguard Petroleum, before forming this LLC in March.

Geologist Monica Williams is a colleague in 3D-XEnergy.

The unusual name is a reference to the firm’s use of three-dimensional seismic technology in exploration.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate and Marty Gilchrist and Randy Johnston of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the space.

Brent Dorrah of neighboring ACI Design Studio is redesigning the space, which should be ready by early September at the latest.

Kemmer says he’s been in the oil business for more than 35 years.

“We all tend to put partnerships together with other oil guys,” he says.

Kemmer says he likes the idea of being with creative companies in the building, such as ACI, Greteman Group and the Workroom. He calls it a “comfortable” surrounding.

“It’s good people.”

Broadway Home Medical owners to open Lindsey Medical Supply on west side

WICHITA — Broadway Home Medical owners Brian Lindsey and his father, Michael, are expanding their business with a new company.

Lindsey Medical Supply will be similar to Broadway Home Medical, but it won’t work with insurance companies or Medicare.

“The difference is that we’re going to do a cash-only store,” Brian Lindsey says.

“We’re looking for a whole different business model to get away from reimbursements from insurance companies because they’re getting harder to collect from,” he says. “They don’t want to pay you.”

Both outlets will carry similar supplies, including walkers, wheelchairs, bath safety items, breathing equipment, hospital beds and lift chairs among other things.

Brian Lindsey says Broadway Medical Supply can’t charge customers different amounts from insurance companies or Medicare out of the same retail outlet.

“You’re pricing has to be the same across the multiple players,” he says.

That’s why the Lindseys need a second outlet.

Broadway Home Medical is in 8,000 square feet, 6,000 square feet of which is the retail space, just north of Lincoln and Hillside.

Lindsey Home Medical will be in 4,000 square feet on Central just east of West Street. The Lindseys purchased the 8,000-square-foot building, which is home to Scharenberg Chiropractic Offices. Scharenberg will remain there for now, but its space is something that Lindsey Medical Supply likely will expand into one day.

Troy Farha of NAI Martens and Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the deal.

Lindsey Medical Supply will have a soft opening on Monday.

Avon Beauty Center to open at Pawnee and Broadway

WICHITA — A third Avon Beauty Center is opening in Wichita.

“It used to be just door-to-door, and Avon opened the opportunity for any representative who wanted to . . . get a license to sell in a store setting,” says Christine Watkins, who is opening the new store.

Watkins, who has been selling Avon products for a decade, is opening her store early next month in front of the Walmart on the southeast corner of Pawnee and Broadway.

“It’s a great opportunity to increase my sales,” she says.

With Avon Beauty Centers already in the northeast and west parts of Wichita, Watkins says she had to go south to make sure she didn’t take sales from the other stores.

“It’s going to be a really good opportunity for the south part of Wichita, and a great opportunity to expand Avon,” Watkins says.

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Rowley Snyder Ablah moves agency office downtown

WICHITA — Despite extensive east-side searches for a new office, Rowley Snyder Ablah has moved downtown to former Big Dog Motorcycle space at 145 N. Hydraulic.

“I’ve got to tell you, we’ve looked at almost everything on the east side,” Bruce Rowley says.

When he opened the agency late last year, it temporarily was located in the Terra-Cotta Tower at 29th North and Rock Road. Rowley liked the amenities on the east side.

“I finally got dragged by my leasing agent down to this building that he wanted to show me,” Rowley says of Classic Real Estate’s Craig Ablah, who is agency partner Jeff Ablah’s cousin.

Rowley likes the openness of the 3,000-square-foot space, but he particularly likes the area around the building.

“You know there’s something happening down here,” he says. “This is kind of a vibrant little area with lots of cool stuff going on.”

He’s impressed with what Chris Ruffin has done with the nearby Sunburst Plaza at 1725 on East Douglas, which is where Tanya’s Soup Kitchen will soon reopen.

Tanya’s and the Donut Whole across the street helped seal the deal.

Rowley says his office has already done taste tests to determine favorite doughnuts.

“I thought that maple bacon was going to be winning, but Neapolitan appears to be quite a hit, and the one with Fruity Pebbles on it.”

Rowley says he knows his 12-person agency isn’t going to have a huge impact on the area, but he hopes his “little, tiny presence” adds to the movement there.

InSite Real Estate Group fills Delano space

InSite Real Estate Group's renovated Delano headquarters.

InSite Real Estate Group's renovated Delano headquarters.

WICHITA — The Kansas area office of the American Diabetes Association is moving to Delano, which gives InSite Real Estate Group 100 percent occupancy at its new headquarters at 608 W. Douglas.

“It’s a validation that there is demand for quality Class A space in the core area,” says InSite’s Dan Unruh.

“We had a lot of interest in this space.”

InSite bought the 6,200-square-foot building a year ago.

“This building has been renovated extensively,” Unruh says. “The only thing that’s original is the structure.”

The Delano space prior to InSite Real Estate Group's renovations.

The Delano space prior to InSite Real Estate Group's renovations.

InSite moved its offices there in May.

The Kansas office of the National Electrical Contractors Association moved into 1,748 square feet there a couple of weeks ago.

The location is what attracted executive director David Woodard.

“It seems to be a . . . developing area,” he says, noting that he especially likes the community atmosphere.

It has what American Diabetes Association director Patti Tasker calls a “good vibe.”

“We’re so excited to go and be a part of that downtown area,” she says. “We liked just that it’s in midtown so that the people we serve will have easy access to getting to us.”

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Mill Creek Flooring Center joins Mill Creek Lumber in Kansas

WICHITA — More than three years after entering Kansas with three lumber stores, Tulsa-based Mill Creek Lumber is preparing to open the first of three Mill Creek Flooring Centers.

The first will be in almost 16,000 square feet at 6422 W. Kellogg in the former Advance Auto Parts space (which most recently has been a temporary Halloween shop).

“It seems like that’s where most of the larger carpet dealers are,” Jack Rodden, president of Mill Creek Flooring Center, says of the west side. “We thought getting right there in between them would be the best thing to do.”

The company also plans an east-side site and a third site in a yet-to-be-determined area.

“We’re looking every day,” Rodden says.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the West Kellogg deal.

The store, which makes the 22nd for the company, will open June 15.

Rodden says he hopes to have the next deal done by the end of the year.

The stores will sell carpet, wood, ceramic, laminate and vinyl. They also will have windows, doors and cabinets, which will be in a full, working kitchen where a chef will cook once a month for designers and decorators.

Rodden says the ideal mix of customers for the flooring center is 35 percent builders and 65 percent retail shoppers.

Mill Creek Lumber entered Kansas in late 2006 when it purchased Thomas Lumber. It has stores in Wichita, just off of West Kellogg at 4010 W. Irving St., Belle Plaine and Wellington.

“They’re doing a pretty good job getting quite a few builders now,” Rodden says.

He says the flooring and lumber businesses will complement each other.

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Golf Discount Superstore to close on North Rock

WICHITA — After more than 10 years in business, Golf Discount Superstore is going out of business at 3300 N. Rock Road.

Wichitan Jack Pearce is looking for a new retailer for the space.

Pearce already owns the rest of the almost 16,000-square-foot center, which is also home to Jimmy John’s, Herb Snow & Son Maytag and AT&T.

He’s now purchased Golf Discount’s 7,800 square feet.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate represented Golf Discount in the deal.

The store’s last day in business is Oct. 15.

Pearce says he’s looking for another retailer. He says the space is not big enough for a restaurant.

Avon Beauty Center to open on North Rock Road

WICHITA — After six months of being an “Avon lady,” Lacey Beard is opening an Avon Beauty Center behind Jimmie’s Diner on North Rock Road.

She’s unlikely to lose the moniker, though.

“It’s an ongoing joke in my family,” Beard says.

Family is how she initially became interested in selling Avon products.

“I can remember reading the catalog at my grandma’s kitchen table,” Beard says.

She’s enjoyed selling Avon, but Beard wanted to make more money.

“Selling to friends and family wasn’t going to quite cut it,” she says.

Beard decided to open a store because the start-up costs were reasonable, and she thinks Avon products sell well.

The store will open Aug. 25.

Craig Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the transaction.

Another Avon store opened at Lexington Square at Maple and Maize Road last year, but Beard says hers will be a little different.

“It’s more boutiquey,” she says. “That’s kind of the goal that I’m aiming for.”