Moonridge Plaza is the first of two new strip centers near 29th and Tyler

WICHITA — Husband and wife Manzoor and Nargis Ul-Haq are developing a new strip center near 29th and Tyler and have a second one planned.

The first, Moonridge Plaza, is a 12,000-square-foot center at 2923 N. Tyler.

“Demographics over there are absolutely incredible,” says Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial, who is handling leasing at the center.

The Ul-Haqs will take part of the center’s 12,000 square feet to do two shops.

The first is a party store.

The Ul-Haqs’ son, Imran Manzoor, says a party store makes sense because of the lack of places that sell party supplies in that area and the frequency with which people throw parties for their children.

“It’s like a mandatory thing,” he says, laughing.

Manzoor says parents across all demographics throw parties for their kids.

“It’s a given fact,” he says. “Then there’s all other holidays.”

Manzoor says his family is working with Discount Party Supplies of Las Vegas. The store is similar to a franchise. However, they can choose their own name, which they haven’t done yet, and carry whatever supplies they want.

The store should open by Dec. 1.

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New retail center coming to 29th and Tyler

WICHITA — A new retail center is coming to the southwest corner of 29th and Tyler.

Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial is marketing what will be a 12,000-square-foot center.

“This will be a retail building, but we could accept office,” Harkleroad says.

He says a lot of high-end homes are nearby that could benefit from all kinds of businesses at the center.

“The demographics in the area are absolutely incredible.”

Harkleroad says construction should start in the next month.

A Massage Palace & Spa moves to west side

WICHITA — A Massage Palace & Spa owner Laney Grady is moving her 2-year-old business from near Douglas and Grove to 900 N. Tyler near Central and Tyler.

“We had … two break-ins over there,” she says of her previous location. “It was … a really, really bad area as far as for business.”

Grady says the break-ins were seven days apart. In the first one, she says, all her electronics were stolen. Once she replaced them all, that’s when she says the second break-in occurred. Grady says her place was then trashed and had more than $30,000 in damage.

“The insurance company was like, look, if something else happens over there, we might not be able to cover it. It was that bad.”

The new space is 1,472 square feet.

Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial and Rod Stewart handled the deal.

The business, which offers massage, facials and body treatments such as a body wrap, officially reopens on Nov. 1.

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant to open in former La Mesa Mexican Restaurant space on the west side

WICHITA — It’s party time on the west side.

Brothers Jose and Juan Ayala and Jose’s wife, Griselda Hernandez, are opening La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant at 6960 W. 21st St. where La Mesa Mexican Restaurant closed in 2009.

“We are so excited to come to Wichita and put a new business here and meet the people,” Hernandez says.

The family also has La Fiesta locations in Bartlesville and Dewey, Okla., Arkansas City and Wellington.

They plan to open their first Wichita site Nov. 5 and already are looking all over Wichita — the north, east and south sides — and in Derby for more sites.

Jose Ayala says fajitas are his specialty. He’ll also offer rib eyes with traditional Mexican fare and a full bar.

“It’s a huge menu,” Hernandez says.

There’s more than 6,000 square feet in the former La Mesa space.

Cory Harkleroad of KW Commercial and Juan-Carlos Salmeron of Realty World Alliance handled the deal.

Salmeron is impressed with Jose Ayala.

“He’s going to make it — no doubt,” Salmeron says. “I have confidence with them.

“They are going to conquer Wichita.”

You don’t say

“It’s pretty scary when the wind blows and your pending contract . . . goes with it.”

Cory Harkleroad, managing director of KW Commercial, on how his deal for a new commercial development near the southwest corner of 21st and Maize Road is still on even though the contract pending sign blew away

Chick-fil-A likely to come to Central and Rock

WICHITA — Wichita Chick-fil-A fanatics, you asked and you shall receive.

The Atlanta-based fast food chain is in final negotiations to bring a freestanding Chick-fil-A to the northwest corner of Central and Rock where a Presto gas station has been.

The deal basically is all but signed. Presto’s last day in business was Saturday.

Chick-fil-A has space in the Rhatigan Student Center at Wichita State University, but Wichitans have long requested that it bring at least one if not more of the restaurants somewhere off campus.

Commercial broker and Chick-fil-A die-hard Cory Harkleroad started a one-man campaign to bring more of the restaurants to Wichita and has a Facebook page to promote the idea. The page has more than 8,000 friends.

“While it’s not my deal, I’m excited (about) any hand I might have had in getting them motivated to move forward in this area,” Harkleroad says. “I’m really excited to go pick up a chicken sandwich in their drive-through.”

No one with Chick-fil-A could be reached for comment, but it looks like the chain plans more than one restaurant in addition to the WSU location.

The deal at Central and Rock isn’t contingent on other locations.

We’ll keep you posted.

New commercial development coming to 21st and Maize Road

WICHITA — There’s a new development coming near the southwest corner of 21st and Maize Road behind Bank of the West.

A group of as-of-yet unnamed developers are purchasing the former New Medical Health Care building, razing it and building a new 10,000-square-foot center for retail and restaurant space.

Last year, New Medical moved to 21st and Ridge Road by Braum’s.

The new development group will have a total of almost three acres and may build a second phase for offices.

There will be access to the development from both 21st Street and Maize Road, “which makes this an extremely attractive property,” says Cory Harkleroad, managing director of KW Commercial.

Harkleroad is handling the sale of the property and has already landed two tenants.

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Chick-fil-A campaign aims to bring more of the restaurants to Wichita

chickWICHITA — Commercial broker and Chick-fil-A fanatic Cory Harkleroad started a one-man campaign to bring more of the restaurants to Wichita, but two weeks after creating a Facebook page to promote the idea he has more than 7,000 friends who have joined him.

“It just went crazy,” says Harkleroad, the managing director of KW Commercial.

“Anytime you can get 7,000 people . . . that’s a pretty solid message to me.”

There’s a Chick-fil-A at Wichita State University, but Harkleroad says the menu and hours are limited, and it’s not easily accessible to the average diner.

Harkleroad is encouraging his new friends to bombard Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A with requests to bring more of the restaurants here.

“I really think the best thing that could happen is everybody just flood the Chick-fil-A site with requests.”

His Facebook page has inspired comments such as these:

“i moved to overland park and they have them all over up here, i can never move back to wichita now.”

“I would easily be Chick-Fil-A’s number one fan. I have to drive to Dallas just to get their great chicken nuggets!”

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