You don’t say

“I think they keep coming back now because of our TripAdvisor        rating … .”

Consolidated HoldingsSteve Butcher in an e-mail about two ducks who have returned every spring and fall to the pool at the Hotel at WaterWalk, which recently ranked No. 11 nationwide for best service

Hotel at WaterWalk ranked No. 11 on TripAdvisor for best service nationally

UPDATED — The Hotel at WaterWalk has had bragging rights for its ranking on for almost the entire time it’s been open, but now it has something new to boast about.

TripAdvisor has ranked it No. 11 in the country for best service at a hotel.

“Our service here is extraordinary,” says Steve Butcher of Consolidated Holdings. “The staff truly cares about taking care of the guests.”

They also care about TripAdvisor, he says.

“It’s real life. It’s what people say about you.”

He says employees check the site daily to see what customers have posted in reviews about the hotel.

“It’s something they believe in and love.”

The hotel, which is at 711 S. Main St., converted to the Hotel at WaterWalk almost two years ago. Butcher says more than a year ago, it became the No. 1-ranked Wichita hotel in customer reviews on TripAdvisor.

Customer service is something most of the reviewers note.

“They even scraped the ice off our windshields in the morning after it snowed,” one reviewer wrote.

Another wrote, “The staff allowed my 3 kids to swim after the 10:00 closing which was much needed after our 6 hour drive.”

Another reviewer, who came to Wichita for an adoption, commended one employee by writing, “Upon our arrival, we noticed not only the promised bassinet, but Christine had stocked our room with diapers, wipes, onesies, washcloths, receiving blankets, and baby toiletries.”

Butcher says good service starts with the hotel treating employees well.

“The biggest thing is taking care of the employees, and they take care of the guests,” he says. “It’s just one big circle.”