Club Indigo to become Indigo Lounge and shift to more of a cocktail lounge

WICHITA — After almost two decades in business as Club Indigo, the Old Town bar will be changing names and concepts soon, though only slightly.

Brothers Brad and Brent Steven are changing the name of the business to Indigo Lounge.

Brad Steven says the connotation of a club is a much bigger place than the 250-seat bar, which can accommodate 350 in warmer weather.

He says the new feel of the place will be more of a cocktail lounge and not as much of a nightclub. There will still be music, but it won’t be as loud. The plan is to attract a bit of an older clientele along with couples and also attract more people earlier in the evening.

Brian Arenson, who is known as DJ Overpour in Kansas City, is going to take over Indigo’s operations. He’s moving here to be managing partner.

“We want someone who can really put some TLC in the place,” Steven says. “Brent and I are going to be completely hands off pretty much.”

They’re going to concentrate on their new Hill Bar & Grill along with their more established Mike’s Wine Dive.

“That’s kind of more of the direction we’re wanting to do careerwise,” Brad Steven says. “We plan on opening more restaurants. … We’re not planning on opening any more nightclubs.”

He says they do plan to keep Indigo, though.

“We love Indigo, and we want to continue to own Indigo.”

Steven brothers plan public meeting on their new Hill Bar and Grill

WICHITA — As owners of Mike’s Wine Dive and Club Indigo, Brad and Brent Steven are already two of the most recognizable restaurateurs in Wichita.

For those who don’t know them, though, or for those who are worried about the new Hill Bar and Grill they have planned for the former Barrier’s space, the Stevens are holding a meeting there on Dec. 21.

“We really just wanted to meet with everyone and find out what their concerns are,” Brad Steven says.

He says the idea is to introduce themselves and their concept.

Some residents in the area worried about the Hill’s planned 2 a.m. closing time. Others have traffic and parking concerns.

The brothers already have proper zoning for the Hill, but they’re seeking some extra parking nearby where the owners of the building are going to raze a duplex. That area needs rezoned.

The meeting is at 4 p.m. in the building where the Hill will locate at the northeast corner of Douglas and Oliver.

Brad Steven says the idea is to meet, share plans, ease concerns and hopefully “keep everybody happy.”

Brothers Brad and Brent Steven sue Mike’s Wine Dive co-owner Whitney VinZant

WICHITA — The relationship among the partners of Mike’s Wine Dive has, to put it in the parlance of the College Hill bar and restaurant, taken a dive.

Brothers Brad and Brent Steven are suing co-founder Whitney VinZant and several other people associated with the almost 2-year-old business near Douglas and Hillside.

“We all agree that the restaurant doesn’t work with all these cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, so we need to part ways,” Brad Steven says. “Either he takes full ownership or we take full ownership, and the lawsuit is to figure that out.”

The three have been friends since high school.

VinZant, who also now owns Gaslamp Grille & Lounge, had previous restaurant experience with Old Chicago and Jimmy’s Egg. The Steven brothers have bar experience through Club Indigo, which they still own, and Backstage Bar and Grill.

The three opened Mike’s Wine Dive in spring 2010. There’s a dispute over who owned what percentage when the business opened and who owns what now.

“There’s too many operating agreements,” Brad Steven says. “Everything is screwed up.”

VinZant says the brothers have a “disregard for the changes we tried to make.”

“We tried to put in place, you know, a more robust inventory management system,” VinZant says. “I’m not going to speculate as to why or how, because frankly I don’t know, but I do know that our costs on both food and beverage costs were really high. We weren’t running the profitability levels that we should be running there.”

The Steven brothers have been gone from the restaurant for a couple of weeks. VinZant says they’d like to buy him out, but he doesn’t want to sell.

“He never really is in town, so I’m not really sure who’s operating the restaurant,” Brad Steven says.

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