Pho MC to open at Cherry Creek

WICHITA — A new Vietnamese restaurant is opening in Cherry Creek at Harry and Rock Road.

Minh Tran and his wife, Kim Chi, are opening Pho MC in 3,200 square feet at the center. They plan to serve pho, which is Vietnamese soup, and other dishes from Vietnam.

The restaurant, which won’t serve alcohol, will seat more than 100 people.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Tran has worked at Saigon in the past along with restaurants in other states.

“I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants before.”

He says Pho MC will open in a couple of months.

Closet Junkie to open at Cherry Creek

WICHITA — Sandy Harris had been in the resale business for 22 years when she left it in February.

“I told myself, no, that’s it, I want to do something else,” says Harris, who was at Trends Fashion Exchange on West Maple for the last 15 years.

Instead of changing careers as planned, though, Harris is now opening Closet Junkie in the Cherry Creek shopping center at Harry and Rock Road.

“There’s just a lot of traffic out here,” Harris says of choosing the center. She says there also aren’t many shops like hers on the east side.

Harris will buy used, trendy clothing and accessories from customers along with some furniture and housewares to sell in the shop.

“It’s what I love, and it’s what I know, and I’m good at it,” Harris says. “I’m ready to get back in it.”

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal for the 1,400-square-foot space.

The shop will open Aug. 4.

Harris says she misses her customers, many of whom she could predict exactly when they’d come to shop or what they would buy.

“It’s weird how after that many years, you make friends,” she says. “I kind of miss that.”

Cherry Creek will be home to a new Cricket store

WICHITA — There’s a new Cricket store going in the Cherry Creek shopping center at Harry and Rock.

Ikoma George, whose company name is Unlimited Wireless, is a Cricket dealer who will sell cell phones and accessories.

He plans to open in 1,400 square feet around April 1.

Lewis Kelley of Landmark Commercial Real Estate represented George. Landmark’s Don Piros represented Cherry Creek.

George says he would like to open more Cricket stores after this.

“I hope so,” he says. “It depends on how this goes.”

Goodwill Industries of Kansas to open new store at Cherry Creek

UPDATED — Goodwill Industries of Kansas is preparing to open its 16th store, this time at the Cherry Creek shopping center on the southwest corner of Harry and Rock.

This will make the fifth Goodwill store in Wichita when it opens in late March.

“It’ll just be like all of our other stores, offering good bargains to people,” says president Emily Compton.

Proceeds go to help pay for programs and services for people with disabilities and those who face employment barriers.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the lease for the 13,800-square-foot space.

Compton says there’s one chief reason why the new store will go at Harry and Rock.

“It’s the seventh busiest intersection in Wichita.”

Alterations by Sarah and Millers Dry Cleaners expand their retail partnership

WICHITA — Some small businesses struggle to compete against big chains, but Alterations by Sarah and Millers Dry Cleaners have found a way around that.

“This is kind of a neat little concept how mom and pops have banded together,” says Alterations co-owner Abdul Arif.

The companies share space near 21st and Maize and Kellogg and Greenwich and are preparing to merge their third and fourth sites.

It’s what Arif calls a strategic partnership to reduce overhead, improve customer service and co-brand to increase their market presence.

“You know, it’s worked out really good,” says Craig Miller, who owns Millers with his parents, Betty and Danny.

“We think it’s a neat little . . . business model,” he says.

The Millers’ first venture with Arif was in 2001 near 21st and Maize.

Arif was looking for west-side space, and he couldn’t find anything less than about $30 a square foot, which he says was too high for him.

The Millers were looking for a new store then, too, and Arif suggested sharing retail space.

Then, in 2008, they moved together near Kellogg and Greenwich.

Now, the Millers at the Cherry Creek shopping center at Harry and Rock is moving across across the street to the Alterations space at 1210 S. Rock Road. Millers will open there March 1.

Next week, Millers will open at the Alterations space at McConnell Air Force Base.

“Anyone that has to . . . open a retail (store) knows the expenses involved with doing that,” Craig Miller says. “Just the sheer square footage cost of rental and utilities.

“We’re able to cut that in half.”

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