Joe’s Old Town Bar & Grill to expand

WICHITA — Joe’s Old Town Bar & Grill may not be in Old Town proper, but it has turned into a huge Old Town hit.

The 14-month-old bar has proven so popular, it’s almost doubling its space with a new approximately 3,000-square-foot building to its south.

“Joe’s is doing better than we anticipated,” co-owner Charlie Badeen says.

He’s now leasing the former shop at 214 N. Washington and, if permits are approved, he’ll open a couple of spaces between the buildings and also extend Joe’s patio along the Washington side of the new building as well. That patio will be covered.

Badeen says he considers the new space, which could be ready in a couple of months depending on approvals, to be an oversize banquet room. He will rent it for parties and open it on particularly busy nights.

“If we’re super busy, it’ll take five minutes to open it up,” he says.

“We’re like most things in Old Town,” Badeen says of bars and restaurants. He says the business has “three or four good nights” a week.

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New bars and restaurants opening on east, west sides and downtown

WICHITA — There are several new bar and restaurant deals in the works.

Not unexpectedly, Charlie Badeen and David Allan have decided to reopen their O’Brien’s Irish Pub on East Kellogg by Scotch & Sirloin.

They closed it last year, and the short-lived Encore Restaurant and Nightclub took its place.

Earlier this month, Badeen told Have You Heard? he and Allan were considering various options for the space, including reopening O’Brien’s.

They originally closed because they were opening the new Joe’s Old Town Bar and Grill in Old Town, plus they already had Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill on the west side and Mulligan’s Pub out east.

They’ve since sold Mulligan’s, and they’re ready to open Joe’s in the next week or two.

Badeen says O’Brien’s should open by the end of March.

“Basically everything’s going to be about the same.”

There’s another deal in the works to bring a Pacific Coast Pizza downtown near Intrust Bank Arena.

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Former O’Brien’s Irish Pub owners prepare to put new venture where Encore Restaurant and Nightclub was

WICHITA — Encore Restaurant and Nightclub proved to be a short-lived venture.

The business, which was in the former O’Brien’s Irish Pub space along East Kellogg by Scotch & Sirloin, lasted only a few months.

Owner Michael Todd couldn’t be reached for comment, but Charlie Badeen says he and David Allan are taking back the space.

It’s not clear what happened with Encore.

“I really couldn’t tell you,” Badeen says. “I have no idea.”

Nor is he sure what he and Allan will do with the space.

Is there a chance they’ll bring back O’Brien’s?

“Can’t answer that question. Don’t know.”

Badeen expects to make a decision in the next few days and says he’ll let us know as soon as he does.

He and Allan are also close to opening their new Joe’s Old Town Bar and Grill in Old Town. Look for an opening date soon

Joe’s Old Town Bar and Grill to open downtown near 2nd and Washington

WICHITA — Charlie Badeen and David Allan are trying to cover all their bases by opening the new Joe’s Old Town Bar and Grill in Old Town in September.

The two already have Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill on the west side, Mulligan’s Pub on the east side and O’Brien’s Irish Pub along East Kellogg.

A central location in Old Town made sense, Badeen says, so they’re opening in almost 5,000 square feet at 222 N. Washington. That’s near Second Street on the east side of Washington next to a city parking lot.

Joe’s, which isn’t named for anyone in particular, will be open 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

The food, which will feature Dudley’s burgers and Mulligan’s pizza among other items, will be available until 11 p.m.

There also will be pool tables, dart boards and 20 TVs.

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You don’t say

“They kept asking if we’d ever go down there, so we just thought we’d go down there.”

Charlie Badeen of Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill, Mulligan’s Pub and O’Brien’s Irish Pub on how he’s bringing Joe’s Old Town Bar and Grill to the Old Town area due to customer demand (look for details here Friday)

Full Moon Pub and Grub to open on South Seneca next month

WICHITA — Charlie Badeen and David Allan are at it again.

The owners of Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill, Mulligan’s Pub and O’Brien’s Irish Pub are opening a new sports bar, this time in a new part of town.

“We have never been down south,” Badeen says. “Everyone kept asking us, ‘When are you coming down south?’ Well, now we’re coming.”

They’re opening Full Moon Pub and Grub at 2804 S. Seneca. That’s where Yogi’s Bar & Grill currently is.

The more than 6,000-square-foot space holds 220 people.

“It will have a full menu very similar to the menu at Dudley’s,” Badeen says of hamburgers and traditional bar fare. “It will have our pizza, as normal.”

That’s the popular pizza Mulligan’s and O’Brien’s also have.

There also will be pool tables, dart boards, video games, foosball and about 20 televisions.

Tuesday is Yogi’s last day in business. Full Moon will open in a couple of weeks.

Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill opens today

WICHITA — The new Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill opens today at 5 p.m. in the former El Gaucho Steakhouse space near 21st and Tyler.

Mulligan’s Pub and O’Brien’s Irish Pub owners Charlie Badeen and David Allan are opening the new business, which will be similar to Mulligan’s and O’Brien’s.

Starting Tuesday, hours will be 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

West-side O’Brien’s to open under a new name

WICHITA — A new bar and restaurant is coming to the west side where El Gaucho Steakhouse used to be near 21st and Tyler.

It’ll be called either Dudley’s Sports Bar and Grill or Dudlee’s Sports Bar and Grill.

“We don’t know which way it’s going to be, so take your pick,” says Charlie Badeen, who is opening the business with David Allan.

The two also own Mulligan’s Pub on North Rock and O’Brien’s Irish Pub near Scotch & Sirloin on East Kellogg.

“It’s almost identical to O’Brien’s,” Badeen says of the new place.

There will be a bar, lots of high-top tables and other seating, three pool tables, electronic games, dart boards and 15 plasma TVs in the 4,500-square-foot space.

“We’re going to push the NFL package out there,” Badeen says.

They’ll also offer hamburgers, which is a first for them, and fresh French fries, onion rings and deep fried green beans along with other traditional bar fare.

There are several reasons Badeen and Allan like the new location.

First, Badeen says, they don’t have to spend much to open since a restaurant had been in the space (El Gaucho closed earlier this year after continuing to struggle financially since filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy last fall).

Also, they think the area is easy to get in and out of.

“We looked at 21st and Maize Road, and we just thought that was way too congested out there,” Badeen says.

The fate of the life-size horse sculpture outside the entrance is up in the air. Badeen hopes he can keep it and hang a Dudley’s/Dudlee’s sign on it. He expects to know soon.

“I’ll tell you a week from Friday.”

Charlie Badeen eyes the west side


Restaurateur and bar owner Charlie Badeen is looking for space on the west side for a new concept similar to his Mulligan’s Pub on the east side and O’Brien’s Irish Pub near Scotch & Sirloin.

“I think we’ll stay with the Irish theme,” Badeen says. “It seems to work.”

Badeen used to have a Mulligan’s, which is known for its pizza, on the west side at 1335 N. Tyler where Los Cocos Mexican Restaurant is today.

“It did really well,” he says.

Badeen closed only when someone — not anyone with Los Cocos — offered him twice what he had invested in the space.

Along with some of the fare he offers at Mulligan’s and O’Brien’s, Badeen says he’d like to add hamburgers, which he doesn’t offer at the other venues because he doesn’t have the right hoods for cooking them.

Badeen isn’t looking for a huge amount of space.

“Small bars work,” he says.

Suede opening not so smooth

The new Suede lounge in Old Town is having some issues, but owner Charlie Badeen says it will remain open.

“We’re going to probably give it another 90 days and see what happens,” he says.

It looks like Ed Banda was briefly out as manager.

“I yell and scream a lot, let’s put it like that,” Badeen says.

But he says he’s giving Banda and the bar another chance.

“We’ve gone in there and tried to get him straightened out,” Badeen says. “He’s making a very good effort.”

Badeen says weekday business is the problem.

“It does real good two nights a week,” Badeen says of Fridays and Saturdays. “Other than that, you can’t get a soul in there.”

Badeen says this may have been the wrong time to open a new bar, and Suede’s piano-bar approach may not be the right concept.

“If the piano bar doesn’t work,” he says, “we may change the concept.”