Melad Stephan to open Revolution Rock Bar and move Empire Catering into Eaton Place

WICHITA — Melad Stephan is growing his Old Town empire, literally and figuratively.

Stephan’s Empire Catering is moving into Eaton Place at Douglas and St. Francis where Eaton Steakhouse used to be.

“We’re really going to attack the catering big time,” he says.

Instead of spending money to put in a kitchen there, Stephan is taking over the former Whiskey Creek space, which most recently was the Air Capital Grill, to use that kitchen for all his catering.

In the front of that space, which is at 233 N. Mosley, Stephan is putting in a bar called Revolution Rock Bar.

The building isn’t as visible as some restaurants in Old Town.

“It’s more like a bar-hopping place,” Stephan says of that area. “By putting a bar in there, it fits right in there with the other bars.”

Unlike Stephan’s Oeno Wine Bar in Old Town Square, which caters to an age 30-and-up crowd, Revolution will cater to a younger set.

“We’re going to do some exciting things in the front of the building to attract people in,” Stephan says. “We’re going to play music from the ’80s and things like that.”

He’ll have a DJ and show music videos on the wall.

The bar should open by early October.

Stephan hopes to open at the Eaton by early September.

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Oeno Wine Bar expands with the Champagne Room for private parties

WICHITA — Way back in February, Have You Heard? told you of restaurateur Melad Stephan’s expansion plans for his Oeno Wine Bar in Old Town Square.

Now, part of those plans are almost ready.

Stephan is opening the Champagne Room immediately east of the bar area for private parties.

He’s been doing a lot of private parties at Oeno, but he has to close the bar to regular customers, which he hates to do.

The new room, which will have its own bar, will seat about 70 and should be ready next week.

Stephan had also hoped to expand his patio, but it looks like the city might not allow him to do it. He’s waiting on a letter from the city to learn why.

Stephan isn’t giving up on the city reversing its decision, though.

“There’s a chance.”