Wink Hartman Sr. and Hartmoor Investments sue Casey Bachrodt over Gardner land

WICHITA — Wink Hartman Sr. and his Hartmoor Investments have sued Casey Bachrodt over land they purchased together in a retail area in front of the Walmart in Gardner.

According to the suit, which was filed in Sedgwick County District Court, the two formed BRIC Gardner in 2008. The entity borrowed $1.95 million from Security Savings Bank, which the suit says Hartman and Bachrodt personally guaranteed.

The suit says that “BRIC Gardner was not an income producing enterprise,” so Hartman, through Hartmoor Investments, and Bachrodt made capital contributions to BRIC to pay the loan.

The suit says that beginning in August of 2010, Bachrodt started failing to make necessary capital contributions and Hartmoor Investments made up the difference, which was almost $360,000.

With interest, Hartman and Hartmoor are now seeking more than $410,000 under the operating agreement.

Hartman’s attorney declined comment on the case. Bachrodt didn’t return calls to comment.

Property owners file lawsuit against Casey Bachrodt claiming mismanagement and breach of fiduciary responsibility

WICHITA — Various entities, all partially owned by Summit Holdings LLC, have filed a lawsuit in Sedgwick County District Court against developer Casey Bachrodt.

Summit’s five shareholders also own Key Construction.

The suit claims Bachrodt mismanaged six properties in which he also was an owner.

“We feel like he didn’t fulfill his fiduciary responsibility,” says John Walker, Summit administrator and member.

Bachrodt didn’t return calls for comment.

The relationship between Bachrodt and Summit goes back at least a decade.

Starting in October, Summit began removing Bachrodt from managing its properties, including two strip centers in Andover, one in Emporia, one in Texas and two office buildings on and near Rock Road in Wichita.

Walker says Bachrodt didn’t market the properties properly or do a good job keeping tenants or being responsive to them.

“It’s been an ongoing problem, and we weren’t able to control it and get all the details we needed until we took (the properties) over,” Walker says.

Builders Inc. now manages the properties, which Walker says “has been a very good move for us.”



Developer Casey Bachrodt faces lawsuit on Waterfront property

WICHITA — Simmons First National Bank has filed a lawsuit against developer Casey Bachrodt to foreclose on property he owns at the Waterfront.

“Well, it will not get to that stage, I will promise you that,” Bachrodt says.

The suit, filed this week in Sedgwick County District Court, also names Waterfront Office Park Development LLC, Bric Waterfront LLC and Andover State Bank.

Bachrodt has eight buildings in his Executive at the Waterfront within the Waterfront development at 13th and Webb Road.

He says the lawsuit is related to a few acres next to those buildings.

“We’re just taking care of a different type of financing on the property,” Bachrodt says.

He doesn’t want to go into details.

“It’s just not worth discussing at this time,” he says. “We’re getting it resolved.”

Bachrodt says he still plans to build on the property in the future.

“Yes, definitely.”