CA’s Men’s Fine Grooming opens in Leawood

WICHITA — CA’s owner Erik Leschuk has opened the new CA’s Men’s Fine Grooming in Leawood, a project where Tatro had been the point person until his resignation from the company this summer.

Tatro and Leschuk founded their Waterfront store in late 2004 and early on started making expansion plans.

The new store has been open for three weeks at Park Place near the Sprint campus.

“We’re looking to have . . . 500 to 600 members in Kansas City in the next year or two,” Leschuk says.

He says there are almost 50 members now along with great walk-in traffic.

“The location is just perfect for walk-ins,” Leschuk says of all the nearby businesses.

In Wichita, membership stands at 410, with about 60 percent of the business being walk-ins.

“The model is membership-based, of course,” Leschuk says.

He’d hoped to have 500 members in Wichita by now. But in such a trying economy, Leschuk says just holding steady is something.

“So we feel like we’re winning.”

Craig Tatro hearing postponed

WICHITA — The hearing that was scheduled today for misdemeanor charges against Craig Tatro has been rescheduled for Oct. 1.

Tatro, a former partner in CA’s Men’s Fine Grooming, is charged with two counts of unlawful use of a financial card and two counts of temporary deprivation of property.

The charges stem from the alleged use of a customer’s credit card at a nearby store.

Look for more on the story Oct. 1.

Craig Tatro is out as an owner in CA’s Men’s Fine Grooming

tatroWICHITA — The “Craig” in Craig Allen’s Men’s Fine Grooming is gone.

Craig Tatro, who founded the business with Erik Leschuk at the Waterfront in late 2004, has resigned.

Even before he left, he and Leschuk changed the name to CA’s Men’s Fine Grooming.

“Craig has stepped down from CA’s and is going to pursue some other things,” Leschuk says.

That means he no longer has an ownership, either.

“It would be fair to say as of this week he’s no longer associated or tied to CA’s,” Leschuk says.

Tatro couldn’t be reached for comment.

“Sometimes you get to a point where things gotta change,” Leschuk says, “and we got to that point, and we thought this was the best remedy to do so.”

Tatro also is out of the future CA’s in Leawood near the Sprint campus.

“We have a couple of pieces to put into place to open,” Leschuk says.

Tatro had been the point person on the project. Leschuk says he’s trying to catch up on it now.

“We’re kind of holding off on an opening date because I’m kind of a one-man band here,” he says.

The business will open, though, Leschuk says.

He says the Wichita business is going well, with about 400 members and 900 different clients who come to the salon a month.

“It’s been well received,” Leschuk says, though he adds that it’s “taken a little while.”

Kansas City Sabor is on hold; chef Jason-Paul Febres to return to east-side Sabor

WICHITA — A Kansas City Sabor isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but Melad Stephan still hopes to one day have a restaurant there.

In February, Stephan told Have You Heard? he was considering space near where the new CA’s Men’s Fine Grooming is opening in Leawood (not far from the Sprint Nextel Corp. campus).

“We thought we were set for that,” Stephan says.

But someone else leased it first.

“They moved a lot quicker on it than I did,” Stephan says.

He’s still looking at other spaces there, but Stephan isn’t in a rush because of the economy.

“Right now I just want to hold a little bit till things maybe change around a little bit,” he says.

jasonBack in Wichita, chef Jason-Paul Febres is returning to the east-side Sabor at the Waterfront.

In February, Febres and Stephan parted ways, with Febres proclaiming he would start a new restaurant and Stephan saying Febres needed to grow up.

“This time around is under different circumstances,” Stephan says. “He promised me he grew up.”

And Stephan says he could really use Febres.

“He’s a perfect fit for that restaurant with his personality and his talent.”