Sunshine Spa to open in Allied Building

WICHITA — A new therapeutic spa is opening next month at the Allied Building at 355 N. Waco.

California residents Sophia Duan and Mei Bian are moving to Wichita to open Sunshine Spa.

The two had some friends who opened businesses here and decided to do the same.

Sunshine Spa will offer acupressure, relaxation and hot stone treatments and facials. It will open June 9 or 10.

Calvin Klaassen with Utter Commercial Real Estate, which also is in the Allied Building, handled the deal.

Tony Utter surprises fellow brokers as the Wichita Executive Centre’s new listing agent

Other brokers may question what he’s doing, but Tony Utter is confident in the future of the Wichita Executive Centre.

UPDATED — Some of Tony Utter’s fellow commercial brokers have had a recurring question for him since learning he’s taken over the listing for Real Development’s Wichita Executive Centre.

“Basically, was I out of my mind?”

Utter, who owns Utter Commercial Real Estate, acknowledges financial and other issues the Minnesota Guys and the building at 125 N. Market have faced in recent years.

“It’s been a topic of conversation quite a bit lately,” he says.

Calvin Klaassen, who works with Utter, will be helping him with the leasing.

“We did a lot of research before we agreed to it,” Utter says. “It was only after we were satisfied and reached … a high comfort level that we agreed to do this.”

Maintenance and other issues at the building aren’t all that had Utter concerned.

“We wanted to be very careful, very cautious before we agreed to take on a building of this size,” he says.

The 19-story, more than 300,000-square-foot building has about 80,000 vacant square feet of office space and about 100,000 vacant square feet of former hotel space. Utter says it’s the second-tallest office building in the state next to the neighboring Epic Center.

“This is the most complicated office building that I’ve ever been involved with,” Utter says. “It has a long history in Wichita.”

He’s had some history there already himself.

Utter was the leasing agent for the building for eight months before Real Development purchased it in 2007.

“So I’m back,” he says.

There are a few reasons Utter agreed to get involved.

No. 1, he is confident that his firm and any vendors will get paid.

“The good thing is that the lender is heavily involved,” Utter says of Security National Capital of Salt Lake City.

“We’re expecting a lot of assistance from other real estate brokers, and they want assurances that they’re going to be paid,” Utter says. “We depend heavily on working with other brokers. We consider them as part of our team.”

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B/E Aerospace signs Northrock Place lease

WICHITA — B/E Aerospace has signed a lease for 15,000 square feet at 8110 E. 32nd St. North in Northrock Place.

No one with the company is sharing details yet, but it sounds like B/E may be adding as many as 60 engineers.

Calvin Klaassen of Utter Commercial Real Estate and Ted Branson of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Branson also just did a lease for B/E for an 80,000-square-foot warehouse at the Greenwich Industrial Park near K-96 and Greenwich.

B/E currently has a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in Comotara Business Park.

Mickey’s Yogurt to open on Andover Road

WICHITA — Shawn and Mandy Berkley, with help from their three small children, are opening Mickey’s Yogurt in Andover later this year.

They’re modeling the business, which is named after Mandy Berkley’s stepfather, on her mom and stepfather’s Fresno, Calif.-area shop of the same name.

“The biggest appeal, besides it being tasty, is it’s just a fun atmosphere,” says Shawn Berkley, who is a designer at Bombardier Learjet.

“Everybody goes in there happy and excited. It’s a special treat.” Berkley says the positive customer relations “makes for a fun place to be.”

The shop will open in early November at 626 N. Andover Road. That may not seem like the best time to open a yogurt business, but Berkley says, “The health benefits of yogurt versus ice cream makes it a much healthier alternative regardless of season.”

Mickey’s will offer 12 flavors, about 40 toppings and syrups. There also will be hot chocolate and cappuccino.

Mandy Berkley, who is a part-time massage therapist, will run the store most days.

Calvin Klaassen of Utter Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

The Berkleys’ children – Trenton, 8, Carter, 6, and Savannah, 5 – are particularly excited about Mickey’s.

“They’re all for more free yogurt,” Shawn Berkley says.

He says his kids have been helping sample a lot of yogurt.

“They’re happy to partake in our market research.”

Silly Monkeys Children’s Resale Boutique to open in Andover

WICHITA — Reasonable lease rates have attracted east Wichita residents Brandon and Heather Roe to Andover to open their new Silly Monkeys Children’s Resale Boutique.

They’ll open in 2,200 square feet at 618 N. Andover Road on Nov. 22.

The store will sell children’s clothing and toys, including some new items and some used.

“Preloved, as we say, instead of used,” Brandon Roe says.

He says the store will focus on items for newborns to 5-year-olds.

Roe, a former financial analyst, has spent the last year and a half staying home to care for his and his wife’s two children.

Heather Roe is a physician who practices family medicine.

Calvin Klaassen of Utter Commercial Real Estate handled the deal for the space.

Mark Lazzo to move his law firm to Landmark Office Park on the east side

WICHITA — Bankruptcy attorney Mark Lazzo is moving his firm from  Second and Market downtown to the east side.

“Parking’s difficult down here, and traffic’s difficult,” he says. “It’s more convenient for clients to be on the outskirts and be able to roll up doorside.”

His new space will be at Landmark Office Park at 3500 N. Rock Road.

“I need more room,” says Lazzo, who is a co-owner in the 3,700-square-foot building where he currently has 1,000 square feet.

His new space, where he’s moving next week, is 1,650 square feet.

Brent Stewart of J.P. Weigand & Sons represented Lazzo in the deal.

Calvin Klaassen of Utter Commercial Real Estate handled it for Landmark.

Lazzo says he’ll miss his friends in the building where he is now, and he’ll particularly miss the closeness of the courthouse.

“I’ve been downtown since I became an attorney 23 years ago,” he says. “It’ll be a change, but I’m looking forward to it.”