Curly’s American Diner to open in former Burger House space at Harry and Webb

WICHITA — A new restaurant is opening in the former Burger House space at Harry and Webb.

David Rohr and two partners, Carlos Magana and Stephen Joseph, are opening Curly’s American Diner on May 13.

“It’s just kind of an opportunity, and I said, ‘Sure, why not?’” says Rohr, who used to manage the Applebee’s near 47th and Broadway.

Curly’s is named after Magana’s nickname.

“It just kind of fit,” Rohr says.

The menu will include lots of comfort food, such as chicken fried chicken and steak, meatloaf and pot roast along with burgers and sandwiches.

There will be seating for about 100, and there will be a new banquet room that seats about 40.

Hours will be 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Rohr says he’s working on a liquor license.

“We are planning on that eventually.”

TJ’s Burger House owner John Abdayem wants to erase confusion over restaurant

UPDATED — It’s been more than nine months since TJ’s Burger House owner John Abdayem has been gone from his east-side TJ’s, but customers are still confused about his role there, especially now that the restaurant has closed.

Abdayem wants to be clear about a couple of things. Most importantly, he says, his Delano TJ’s remains open.

The former TJ’s that was on the east side at Harry and Webb recently closed, but it’s been since May that Abdayem was there. The circumstances surrounding his departure are in dispute.

Abdayem says he hadn’t planned on leaving but that his landlord, Homer Morgan, unexpectedly locked him out. Morgan’s attorney, Ed Robinson, says Abdayem broke his lease and left owing Morgan about $32,000.

“What actually happened is entirely different than what he’s describing,” Robinson says.

He says Morgan sued Abdayem in Sedgwick County District Court, and Abdayem has brought a counterclaim.

Abdayem says that until a week ago when it closed, the restaurant continued to operate as Burger House, which he says led some people to think he was still there.

Regardless of the legal situation and its outcome, Abdayem says he continues to get questions from customers and wants everyone to understand the situation and that it’s not related to his Delano restaurant.

East-side TJ’s Burger House closes over a dispute, landlord opens Burger House

WICHITA — TJ’s Burger House owner John Abdayem is out of his east-side restaurant, but he says it’s not by choice.

Abdayem still has his Delano location, but he’s distancing himself from the former TJ’s at Harry and Webb with a sign at his Delano restaurant and through a Facebook post saying his landlord has inappropriately taken over the east-side space, which is now known as the Burger House.

Abdayem says he was interested in possibly closing his restaurant so a friend could open a combination hamburger and hookah business there, “which made the landlord very angry.”

Landlord Homer Morgan didn’t return a call for comment, but an employee of his says it was Abdayem who closed the business.

“The intention was not to even close until the end of June or even July,” Abdayem says. He says Morgan “went behind my back and told the employees of the plan on Wednesday.”

“He told them I was going to shut it down that weekend.”

Abdayem, who says he’s considering his options for getting the space back, says he can’t get back on the premises to collect his belongings. He’s also concerned his customers will continue going to the restaurant and not have the same experience as when he ran it.

“I want people to know that (my business) is no way affiliated with the east side.”