Bliss-fullness Custom Cakes & Pastries to open in Tyler Plaza

WICHITA — Angie Vasquez may be moving her Bliss-fullness Custom Cakes & Pastries from her home to her first retail shop, but homemade treats will still be her calling card.

“Everything is baked from scratch,” Vasquez says. “You can really tell the difference in the taste and quality of our products.”

She’s moving her business to 1,625 square feet at Tyler Plaza at 841 N. Tyler, which is about a block north of Central and Tyler.

Vasquez will have several specialties. That includes cupcakes, with such flavors as tiramisu, amaretto and key lime coconut. She’ll also have cakes and pastries, such as croissants.

“We’re going to bake them fresh daily.”

Vasquez says her croissants take three days to make “just so that the flavors sink in.”

“I think that’s going to be our big seller.”

She’ll also have bread, cannoli, cream puffs, chocolates and truffles.

Vasquez, a former registered nurse, says part of her desire to have a retail shop is to make more money so that she can give to different charities monthly. She has three children who were born prematurely, and Vasquez says people helped her, and now she wants to give back.

“We’ll have a bigger presence,” she says of having the shop. “We’ll attract more customers.”

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