New Earth Journey to locate in Old Town

UPDATED — Candace Craw-Goldman had what she calls “a profound spiritual experience” six years ago that led to her starting New Earth Journey to help others. Now, she’s going to be doing that from a new office a few doors east of Larkspur in Old Town.

“In a general sense, I’m a metaphysical consultant,” Craw-Goldman says. “I help people understand how their consciousness affects every aspect of their life, including health, relationships, work – all of that.”

She follows the teachings of Arkansas-based Dolores Cannon, who is well known in the hypnotherapy world.

Craw-Goldman says she had a session with Cannon and took a class from her, and they immediately changed her life.

“I began practicing the method that she teaches almost immediately and put everything else in my world aside,” she says.

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Willowbend Animal Hospital to open on the east side in August

Michael Johnson and his dogs, Marty and Mabel.

WICHITA — Veterinarian Michael Johnson, who has practiced in the Wichita area for 17 years, is opening his own animal hospital next month.

Willowbend Animal Hospital will open Aug. 8 at 7606 E. 37th St. North, which is between Rock Road and Woodlawn.

“I just wanted a facility that I could provide the services that I want to for my clients and my pets,” Johnson says. “Specifically, I’m very passionate about managing chronic pain with pets.”

Johnson says pet owners often are unaware their pets are in pain.

“They expect the pet to act like we do when they’re in pain, and that’s not how they act,” he says.

For instance, he says, dogs are pack animals who wouldn’t want to show pain to others.

“They’d be hiding it if they could.”

Johnson says cats go into seclusion, which may be difficult to differentiate from their regular behavior.

Some issues, he says, owners may chalk up to the aging process, when actually their animals are in pain.

“I just believe that our pets can not speak for themselves,” Johnson says. “They suffer quietly for years with undiagnosed and untreated pain, and they never enjoy life as fully as they could.”

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Artist at Large Tattoo owner Dennis McPhail plans ‘creative look’ for his building

WICHITA — Artist at Large Tattoo owner Dennis McPhail is now also a landlord at large.

He has purchased the more than 8,000-square-foot building, which looks like three buildings, where his business is at the southwest corner of Douglas and Laura. That’s where Karma Konnections and Up N Smoke also are.

“I didn’t think I could do it, but we did it,” McPhail says of himself and his wife, Bunni.

“I just be creative and hand her the money,” McPhail says. “She makes me look legitimate.”

They were on a budget when they opened the shop eight years ago. More recently, they wanted to upgrade their space.

“I was getting ready to drop some money,” McPhail says. “I was just thinking, why should I do this on a place I don’t own?”

His landlord wanted to sell, and McPhail says he was nice enough to wait on him to be able to buy it.

“I always had it in the back of my mind,” McPhail says of owning his own space.

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Golden Bay to open in former Mama-Sans Japanese Steakhouse space

WICHITA — Now, for the final restaurant report of the day …

Brian and Jing Kitchens are opening Golden Bay in the former Mama-Sans Japanese Restaurant space near 13th and West.

“She’s been in the industry for a long time,” Brian Kitchens says of his wife, “and has really been wanting to open one.”

The restaurant will be a fusion of sushi, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Brent Madison of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Brian Kitchens says after some remodeling, the restaurant should open in about a month.