Bravo restaurant to open on East Douglas

WICHITA — Another new restaurant is going into 217 E. Douglas, and this time it’s a familiar name.

Kas Zendeli is opening Bravo there. That’s where Holy land Mediterranean Grill most recently was along with Onyx Bistro and DK Kitchen before that.

Zendeli closed his Bravo in Valley Center due to what he calls “not enough business support.”

Last year, he also briefly had Italian Bistro at the Market Centre downtown at First and Market where Restaurant 155 once was.

Zendeli says he thinks the Douglas space will be good despite what’s proving to be a difficult start.

“A lot of things are going bad,” he says. “Small details.”

There’s a chance the restaurant could open by late this week, though. Zendeli says Bravo will open by Oct. 1 at the latest.

The menu will be similar to his previous restaurants, with Italian-influenced chicken, seafood and pasta dishes.

Bravo will be open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Zendeli has high hopes for the restaurant.

“This is a better location.” lands deal with Bravo to sell reproductions of art from “Work of Art”

WICHITA — Wichita’s has struck a deal to sell reproductions of art from the Bravo reality show “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.”

“We love it for a number of reasons,” says OverstockArt CEO David Sasson.

“One, we believe there’s a terrific opportunity to sell this product.”

The show is produced by Magical Elves, which produces other reality shows such as “Top Chef: Texas” and “Braxton Family Values.” Also producing is Pretty Matches Productions, which was founded by actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Parker regularly appears on “Work of Art,” which Sasson says features 14 artists competing to exhibit at high-end galleries and win $100,000.

OverstockArt will sell reproductions of what appears on the show.

“We believe that the net result is going to be a very large revenue that we will get directly from this,” Sasson says.

Also, he says, “It helps us maybe potentially get in the art world in a deeper way.”

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Knork gets marketing help thanks to Top Chefs

WICHITA — Thanks to Bravo’sTop Chef,” Knork Flatware has an increased presence nationally. But it’s not because the flatware, which is a combination knife and fork, is used on the show.

It’s because some of the chefs that have been on the show are using or plan to use the flatware in their restaurants.

“A lot of their chefs are very forward thinking,” says Lacy Simon, Knork’s vice president of marketing and office administration.

“I’m addicted to the show myself,” she says.

So Simon tries to contact chefs she thinks might be a good match to use Knork products.

“I just kind of stalk them, to be honest. . . . I’m in kind of shock when they call back.”

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