You don’t say

“Where’s the roller-coaster gonna fit?”

– An audience member’s question to Botanica executive director Marty Miller after Miller told a lunch group about receiving the gift of Joyland’s merry-go-round


– Miller’s answer

Terry Merrifield to close her Health and Healing practice

terryWICHITA — Family physician Terry Merrifield is retiring after May 30, but it’s not entirely by choice.

“I had hoped to go on a few more years,” says the 66-year-old, who owns Health and Healing at 9415 E. Harry.

“Everything about health care has become more and more complex,” Merrifield says.

Whether it’s the government, insurance companies or large employers, everyone seems to need more and more assurances that they’re getting what they need out of her office.

Merrifield says there’s “so much complicated paperwork and computer programming that doesn’t always work right.”

“It has taken more and more time away from my practice,” she says. “It’s just worn me out.”

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You don’t say

“It’s after Labor Day. They got it wrong.”

Bill Gardner, secretary of the downtown Rotary club, joking at Monday’s meeting at Botanica about the white chairs and white-draped tables left over from a weekend wedding

You don’t say

“Can’t believe that. I never go to anything unless it has a ball or a clock.”

—A comment from Bob Hanson, president and chief executive of the Greater Wichita Area Sports Commission, as he was spotted leaving Botanica Sunday