Kokopelli Kafe to open in former Betta Burger space on West 13th Street

WICHITA — Former Betta Burger owner David Schanbacher is opening a new restaurant at 3090 W. 13th St. near Johnson’s Garden Centers.

That’s where he closed his burger place about two months ago.

“There’s a lot of competition in the burger business,” Schanbacher says.

Now, he hopes to open Kokopelli Kafe, a coffee shop, by late next week.

“We’re going to be doing gourmet artisan coffees.”

He’ll also have tea, smoothies and pastries, including some savory ones.

Schanbacher gutted and remodeled the space. He’s hoping for better luck in the coffee business, as he says the Kokopelli Kafe name indicates. He says it means good fortune, among other things.

In addition to this business, Schanbacher also owns Nilla’s, a poker room on East Kellogg, and works full time supervising the electrical department for the Wichita school district.

“It’ll wear on you after a little while,” he says of doing so much, “but we try to make it work.”

Betta Burger to open in former Speedy Burger space on West 13th Street

WICHITA — Nilla’s owner David Schanbacher has had so much success selling food at his poker room next to Club Rodeo, he’s now opening a restaurant.

“Everybody’s just liked our food out there so much,” Schanbacher says.

So he’s opening Betta Burger, which is slang for better burger, in the former Speedy Burger space at 3090 W. 13th.

That’s just down from Johnson’s Garden Centers. Nilla’s is across town at 10001 E. Kellogg.

Schanbacher expects to have a soft opening for Betta Burger this weekend.

He’ll serve third-pound burgers on large, sweet buns with deli bacon.

“Just a little bit bigger and better than your average grease pit,” he says.

If this works well, it could be the start of several Betta Burgers.

“That would be great,” Schanbacher says. “I hope so.”