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“Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.”

Charolett Knapic on whether she’s still planning her Beautiful Day Market & Cafe downtown (her first choice of a location didn’t work out, so she’s on the hunt for space again)

Beautiful Day Market & Cafe still in the works

WICHITA — Charolett Knapic is still planning her Beautiful Day Market & Cafe downtown, but it won’t open in November as she first hoped it would.

Like most projects — retail or restaurants — everything is taking longer than expected and will cost much more than first estimates.

“We really haven’t moved forward much,” she says. “It seems like the wheels turn slowly.”

That’s not deterring Knapic, though.

“We’re going to have to revamp our thinking,” she says. That includes a new plan to “do things in a less expensive way.”

Knapic, who owns Echo Landscapes, plans to open in 6,000 square feet downtown but isn’t saying where until details are closer to being finalized.

We’ll keep you posted.

Beautiful Day Market & Cafe to open downtown this fall

WICHITA — Downtown dwellers have called for more grocery options in their area, and Charolett Knapic is answering.

Knapic, who owns Echo Landscapes, plans to open Beautiful Day Market & Cafe in 6,000 square feet downtown in November.

She’s not saying precisely where until she finalizes the lease. Cristi Howell at J.P. Weigand & Sons is assisting her.

Jill Miller of Creative Solutions is helping Knapic with her business plan, which is centered around locally grown and organic food.

Knapic grew up working at her grandparents’ Kingman restaurant, McQueen’s Cafe and Servateria.

That didn’t inspire her to want her own restaurant, though.

“Not at all,” Knapic says. “I thought I would never go back to it.”

The healthful side of the business is what’s attracting her.

“I want a place that makes you feel good.”

She got the idea because she was not feeling well.

“About five years ago I had a big health failure.”

Knapic says stress from her business caused her to have a physical breakdown.

Living a more natural, healthy life is what got her back on track and allowed her to find balance, she says.

“I learned a big lesson.”

Knapic wants to share that lesson.

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