B&C Barbeque to open on south side

WICHITA — South-side residents regularly complain that when new restaurants come to the city, they don’t come to their area.

A well-known Wichita restaurant soon will be expanding there, though.

Carey Maurer is opening a second B&C Barbeque at 2308 S. Meridian, which is just north of Pawnee and Meridian.

The current B&C is at Third and Washington downtown.

A few things are motivating Maurer, he says.

“Just opportunity, I suppose. . . . It seems like the economy has gotta come back in Wichita.”

Also, there’s not much barbecue competition in that area, he says.

“There’s really not anything down that way.”

The new restaurant will be slightly different than the downtown B&C.

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B&C Barbeque may add an ice cream parlor

WICHITA — Like nearby River City Brewery, B&C Barbeque at 355 N. Washington also may undergo some changes.

“We’re thinking about opening a little ice cream shop up front,” says owner Carey Maurer.

The front part of the restaurant used to be used for retail. Maurer’s late mother used to sell items in that space, but he says sales eventually dwindled to nothing.

“It just didn’t make sense to keep it anymore.”

B&C has struggled with the economy and year-long construction on Washington.

“If it hasn’t been one thing, then it’s another,” Maurer says.

There’s a chance he could use the front space for extra seating, but Maurer is more interested in the ice cream idea.

“I’ve pretty much made up my mind.”

Maurer has to wait to see what the economy does, though, and how it affects his business.

“It doesn’t make sense to go in there and start doing improvements if business isn’t where it should be.”