Baskin-Robbins stores to reopen shortly

WICHITA — Former Chattanooga, Tenn., residents Geoffrey and Candice Lee are going to be the new operators of the two Wichita Baskin-Robbins stores.

“We’re certainly wanting everyone to come in and give it a shot and to try us,” Geoffrey Lee says.

He and his wife are former teachers, but they wanted to find something they could own and do together. Candice Lee worked for a Baskin-Robbins in college.

They’re freshening up the two former Baskin-Robbins stores here, which closed in late 2012 and early 2013. Geoffrey Lee says he and his wife plan to get involved with the community through the store.

He says they hope to have the store near 21st and Webb Road open by July 20 and the west-side store near 21st and Maize Road open a couple of weeks after that.

“We’re going to try to do it as quickly as possible.”

You don’t say

“They’re just working through some of the details and getting ready for the season.”

Fred Hanley of Cambridge Market on how Baskin-Robbins is reopening in its former east and west-side spaces this summer

Louie’s Grill & Bar closes at Cambridge Market; Baskin-Robbins fate still unclear

WICHITA — Louie’s Grill & Bar has closed.

A manager at the restaurant, which was at Cambridge Market at 21st and Webb Road, confirms it has closed but won’t say anything more.

Cambridge Market’s Fred Hanley says he knew there was a possibility that the restaurant would be shutting down, but he didn’t realize it was closing until it did.

“I was surprised, too.”

No one with the Norman, Okla.-based Hal Smith Restaurant Group was immediately available to comment.

Also at Cambridge, Hanley says he’s still waiting to learn the fate of the Baskin-Robbins that franchisee David Cortez closed.

There’s a chance that the franchisor, Memphis-based Klinke Bros. Ice Cream, may reopen the business along with the west-side Baskin-Robbins near 21st and Maize Road. Hanley says he’s waiting to hear.

“I’m hoping that it reopens.”

Wichita’s Baskin-Robbins stores may or may not reopen

WICHITA — When David Cortez closed his west-side Baskin-Robbins for the winter, he said it was more economically feasible to temporarily close and then reopen this spring.

He’s now closed his east-side Baskin-Robbins as well, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be reopening either store. That doesn’t mean the Baskin-Robbins stores will stay out of business, though.

“We’re going to be …assessing where we go with them, whether we permanently close … or whether we reopen the stores,” says Louis Adams of Memphis-based Klinke Bros. Ice Cream, which is the area franchisor.

“We’re still just going through that,” Adams says.

He says he expects there will be a decision by late next week and will let us know.

Cortez didn’t return calls for comment.

West-side Baskin-Robbins closes for the winter due to lack of drive-through

WICHITA — The west-side Baskin-Robbins store near 21st and Maize Road has closed for the winter.

“It’s more economically feasible at this point to temporarily close it down for the winter and then reopen in the spring,” says owner David Cortez.

He’s not closing the east-side Baskin-Robbins near 21st and Webb Road. He expects business to remain strong there through the winter because 50 percent of his sales come from the store’s drive-through.

“We just don’t have a drive-through at the west store,” Cortez says. “It’s real tough because … of how it’s laid out.”

Coming into the store can be a bigger hassle in winter weather. Also, it can be difficult for parents with children in car seats.

“You’ve got a lot of soccer moms who don’t want to get out of their car,” Cortez says. “It’s very convenient to have that drive-through.”

He wants to find a way to have one.

“I’m looking at some options.”

GoRun Wichita to open near 21st and Maize

Randy Mijares (left) and Kevin Swinicki of the new GoRun Wichita.

Randy Mijares (left) and Kevin Swinicki of the new GoRun Wichita.

WICHITA — In addition to being avid runners and running coaches, Kevin Swinicki and Randy Mijares are passionate about encouraging others to run.

So, it makes sense that they’re opening a new store called GoRun Wichita.

The running specialty store will open late next month at 2556 N. Maize Road between Baskin-Robbins and Supplement Giant.

“There has been a longtime feeling in the running community that the west side has been chronically underserved,” Mijares says. “We’re hoping to correct all that by providing a place where the community can meet and hang out.”

Running shoes will be the main focus, but there will be trail shoes and specialty shoes as well.

Also, there will be clothing and accessories geared to running, such as watches and GPS devices.

Curt Robertson of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal for the 1,400-square-foot space.

When Swinicki approached Mijares about doing the store, Mijares says, “I lit up immediately because it’s been a long-held goal of mine.”

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Baskin-Robbins to open at Cambridge Market in August

baskinWICHITA — As expected, David and Cheryl Cortez are moving ahead with their Baskin-Robbins at Cambridge Market at 21st and Webb.

They first shared plans for the new location in April, but it wasn’t a done deal at the time. Now, construction is under way.

“Everything is just going the way it needs to,” David Cortez says. He expects to be open in the middle of August or by the end of the month at the latest.

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