Walgreens to move its Wichita district office

WICHITA — Walgreens is moving its district office in Wichita.

The six-person office, which oversees 32 stores for the Illinois-based company, has been at 5611 E. Harry for a decade.

In an e-mailed response to questions about the move, spokesman Jim Graham said the company outgrew its space and needed more meeting room. He also said the timing is advantageous with the current real estate market.

The new space, which is 5,000 square feet, is at 8415 E. 21st St. in the Bank of Kansas building.

Patrick Ahern of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group and Daryl Williams of Weigand-Omega Management handled the deal.

Insurance Specialist Group expands at Wilson Estates Office Park

WICHITA — Insurance Specialist Group has moved into almost 4,000 square feet in the Bank of Kansas building at Wilson Estates Office Park near 21st and Rock Road.

Previously, the company had 1,400 square feet at the building.

“We really only had room for basically five of us,” says partner Paul Masterson.

The company, which is an independent insurance agency, has seven employees including Masterson and partner Jeff Dodds.

The new office can accommodate about 15 workers.

“We have room to grow,” Masterson says.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. and Patrick Ahern of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

Insurance Specialist Group also has a Hutchinson office that DJ Kauffman opened in June. It’s not a franchise, Masterson says, but it is Kauffman’s operation.

“DJ’s been a perfect fit.”

Masterson says he and Dodds are open to having similar arrangements elsewhere.

“We’re always looking for good opportunities.”


Brooklyn’s Chophouse & Brew Tavern is closed for now and may or may not reopen

UPDATED — Brooklyn’s Chophouse & Brew Tavern has temporarily closed but may reopen later this week. Then again, it could close permanently.

“We’ve just got a lot of fires we’re trying to put out right now,” owner David Chaffin says.

Chaffin has had legal issues in the last year. He says he’s closed right now because of a previous violation related to liquor tax.

Employees aren’t sure what’s going on.

“They’re in panic mode. I’m getting ready to go talk to them right now.”

Chaffin also lost his lease on the memorabilia he had on his walls, so now they’re bare.

He’s hoping to reopen by Wednesday but isn’t sure if he’ll be able to reopen at all.

“Last year we had this conversation,” he says.

“I’ve been doing all I can to keep it going in a bad economy. . . . I’m not ready to give up. I’m just not a quitter.”

He’s hoping his bank, the Bank of Kansas, won’t quit him. Chaffin has been trying to restructure his debt.

“Like any restructuring, they have to believe in me,” he says. “They have to believe I have the ability to turn it around.”

Look for more information on the situation later this week.

Brooklyn’s Chophouse & Brew Tavern owner faces lawsuit and bankruptcy

WICHITA — Last week, Brooklyn’s Chophouse & Brew Tavern owner David Chaffin said he was selling memorabilia left from when the business was Players Sports Bar & Grill in a restructuring effort to pay debt.

It turns out the restructuring is a little more serious than that.

Chaffin is about to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the Bank of Kansas is suing him for more than $1.7 million plus almost $60,000 in interest.

“This is just business,” Chaffin says of the bank having to protect itself “in writing.”

He thinks the memorabilia sale is what prompted the lawsuit.

“I think that forced their hand,” Chaffin says.

Bank president Pat Gearhart declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The person who loaned Chaffin the money for the memorabilia has a lien on it for about $130,000, Chaffin says. He says any proceeds from the Feb. 8 sale will then go to the bank.

“They just had to make sure they get that,” Chaffin says.

“We will work it out with the bank. There’s no advantage for the bank to foreclose on us.”