Brett Harris returns to B98-FM for three main reasons

WICHITA — There are three things that convinced Brett Harris to sign a new 3-year contract with B98-FM, where he returned on air this morning.

First, producer Kathy Deane got her job back, which Harris says was his No. 1 stipulation.

“The show was better — is better — with a producer,” says Tom Glade, Clear Channel Radio vice president and market manager.

Second, Harris wanted to report solely to Glade instead of what he refers to as “middle management.”

“Who the show reports to and doesn’t report to was real big to me,” Harris says. “And they restructured that for me, and that’s important because I want to live in an excellent, healthy, healthy atmosphere.”

Third was money.

“It was a very nice financial commitment to every team member,” Harris says. “For those guys to step up like that and make that kind of commitment, it was a blessing. It really was.”

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Brett Harris is returning to B98-FM

WICHITA — Brett Harris will be back on B98-FM Monday morning.

Harris is returning to the morning show where he’s been host with Tracy Cassidy for 20 years.

He and Tom Glade, Clear Channel Radio vice president and market manager, struck a deal in Harris’ living room Saturday afternoon.

“It was a great deal — that’s what it came down to,” Harris says.

Look here for details of the deal first thing Monday.

Brett Harris isn’t officially gone from B98-FM though it may look that way

WICHITA — All traces of Brett Harris are gone from the B98-FM Web site, but don’t read too much into that.

So says Tom Glade, Clear Channel Radio vice president and market manager.

Harris, who seems to be continuing to work on a deal to start his own station, is off the air at B98 until he signs a new contract.

In the meantime, B98 is not sitting back waiting on his return. Through an “American Idol” tryout of sorts, the station is testing potential on-air partners for Tracy Cassidy.

For now, her show is being called “The Morning Show With Tracy.”

B98-FM to interview Brett Harris’ possible replacements in a “Wichita Idol” format

duoWICHITA — A lawyer for Brett Harris met with Clear Channel Radio representatives Friday, but there’s no resolution on whether Harris will remain as morning host at B98-FM.

“Brett has been given a new contract offer, and he has yet to respond,” says Tom Glade, Clear Channel vice president and market manager.

Glade previously said he’s starting a search for Harris’ replacement just in case.

Now, he’s bringing five candidates to Wichita to compete in “Wichita Idol (Tracy’s Looking For A Good Man).”

Each candidate will co-host with Harris’ former morning co-host, Tracy Cassidy, who has been doing the show with guest hosts since Glade told Harris he couldn’t return until he made a decision.

Listeners will be invited to offer their comments on each host starting Monday.

“They’re certainly going to have a role,” Glade says of listeners helping select Harris’ replacement.

Tracy Cassidy weighs in on her B98 partner

WICHITA — Brett Harris may not be talking, but his B98-FM morning show partner of more than 20 years is.

“I was kind of taken by surprise . . . that it has gone on this long,” Tracy Cassidy says of Harris’ contract negotiations.

At Clear Channel Radio’s request, Cassidy sent Harris a letter “and asked him to please sign his contract and come join me.”

“I really thought that he would get with the program,” she says.

Regardless of Harris’ plans, Cassidy is staying put.

“I have to go where my trust level is high and where my projects are,” she says.

And Cassidy signed a new 3-year contract in October.

“While I adore Brett, I couldn’t break a promise.”

Brett Harris may not return to B98-FM

WICHITA — Brett Harris is off the air at B98-FM at least for now but possibly permanently.

“We’ve been working very, very, very hard to provide Brett a new contract at his request,” says Tom Glade, Clear Channel Radio vice president and market manager.

“To this point, he hasn’t signed it.”

In August, Have You Heard? reported Harris was considering other options.

But Glade clearly is tired of waiting.

“We have determined that due to so many things, we’re just not going to let him back on the air until he signs a contact.”

Glade says he’s still open to Harris staying, but he has to act fast. Glade has started a nationwide search for Harris’ replacement.

“What Tom Glade says is true, and so that’s that,” Harris says.

He won’t discuss whether he’s working to start a new station, which is one of the options he considered this summer.

“I have no comment at all.”

You don’t say

“My clean living isn’t paying off.”

Clear Channel Radio’s Tom Glade, who is waiting on a part before the antenna can be fully fixed to get B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM back on the air (which he now expects will be Thursday)

B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM, still off the air

WICHITA – B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM are still off the air — fog and ice at 1,000 feet are making antenna repairs challenging — but the stations should be back on around lunch time.

You don’t say

“It’s a double whammy.”

Clear Channel Radio’s Tom Glade on ice problems that have knocked out signals for B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM (which have been off since Sunday and should be back on air Tuesday)

Don Hall speaks out on KZSN firing

WICHITA — Don Hall was out of town last week when Have You Heard? reported that KZSN, 102.1-FM, replaced him on its morning show with former Oklahoma City disc jockey Anthony “The Antman” Allen.

Now, he’s ready to talk. (And he says you can reach him via e-mail at

So why does he think he was let go?

“Maybe to pay Brett’s salary,” he says in reference to another Clear Channel Radio morning man, B98 FM’s Brett Harris, whose contract is up for renewal.

Hall isn’t sure what he’s going to do next, but he knows what he’s not going to do.

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