Auburn Spirits to expand at Auburn Pointe

WICHITA – Gary Oborny and Frank Sauerwein are expanding their Auburn Spirits liquor store in time for the busy holiday season.

The two opened the store in 2008 at Oborny’s Auburn Pointe shopping center at the southeast corner of 135th and Maple, which his Occidental Management manages.

Auburn Spirits currently is in 4,800 square feet and is adding an additional 1,600 square feet from where Java Salon used to be. The salon moved to Central and Maize earlier this year.

With the new space, Auburn Spirits will expand its selection of liquor, wine and beer.

“We’re really excited about having more craft beer options for customers,” says marketing manager Emilee Clark.

She says customers will now be able to assemble their own six packs.

“It’s the easy way to not commit to the entire six pack but just be able to try different things.”

Also, the extra square footage means the store will be able to double its storage space.

“Storage is huge in the liquor industry to be able to offer good deals,” Clark says.

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Auburn Spirits adds tasting room, expanded humidor and smoking lounge

WICHITA — Auburn Spirits has remodeled its store near Maple and 135th Street to have a new tasting room. The law recently changed to allow unlimited free samples of liquor, wine and beer in liquor stores.

Auburn Spirits began remodeling for the tasting room even before the law changed.

“We kind of had a hunch,” says Brady Auch, assistant manager and marketing and event coordinator. “We took a gamble. … We knew that the laws were going to be changing eventually.”

The tasting room, which can seat up to 40, is the store’s former private party room. Customers can still use the space for private parties, but the front half of the room now has an expanded humidor and a private smoking lounge. Private lockers also are now available.

Auch says the first tasting will be a July 20 chardonnay tasting.

“We’d like to start doing them once a week.”