You don’t say

“We had a good feeling that putting bacon on top of a doughnut would get a good response around here.”

Donut Whole co-owner Angela Mallory on the business celebrating five years at 1720 E. Douglas

Wichita Guitar Works to open next to Donut Whole on East Douglas

Curt Mitchell (from left), Chris Glamann and Scott Kern of the new Wichita Guitar Works.

WICHITA — A new guitar and amplifier shop is in the works next to the Donut Whole on East Douglas.

Curt Mitchell, Chris Glamann and Scott Kern plan to open Wichita Guitar Works on Aug. 1 at 1716 E. Douglas.

The three used to sell and service guitars and amplifiers at Glamann’s GMI Music and Sound. That store, which was on West Central, closed in 2000.

“We’ve always talked about when the time was right, we wanted to do something again,” Mitchell says. “It’s the business we all love.”

Several factors forced the other shop to close.

“At that time, the sale of musical instruments on the Internet began to be real strong,” Mitchell says. Also, he says competition from chain stores was a factor, as was construction along Central.

“We just had some trouble keeping it going.”

He doesn’t expect the same issues now.

“Just in the last couple of years we really felt like the time was right again,” Mitchell says.

He says the retail climate has changed, and shoppers now seek local stores with specialized merchandise and service.

“There’s a big movement right now with what’s called boutique guitar shops,” Mitchell says.

He says he and his partners plan to sells guitars that are “made by people, not made by machines.”

“You can’t walk into every shop in Wichita and see these kinds of instruments.”

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Donut Whole owners to open tea bar

WICHITA — Donut Whole owners Angela Mallory and Michael Carmody are working on a new venture next to their original one at 1720 E. Douglas.

They plan to open a tea bar in April.

“We don’t have anything like that here,” Mallory says.

She says tea bars are all the rage across the country.

Mallory and Carmody opened the Donut Whole in early 2009.

“We’ve kind of hit our stride here and (are) looking to stretch out a little bit,” Carmody says.

He says they’ll sell “every sort of tea that we can lay our hands on.”

That includes chai, boba and loose-leaf teas.

The tea bar, which hasn’t been named yet, won’t have retail sales.

Though the bar will be connected to the Donut Whole, it will be separate.

“It’ll have its own personality,” Carmody says.

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You don’t say

“We’re No. 2 behind the big ball of twine.”

Angela Mallory, co-owner of the Donut Whole, on how the business’ rooftop rooster made an iPhone travel app list of odd and off-the-beaten-path Kansas roadside attractions