Larkspur owner Ty Issa becomes a partner in Ya Ya’s Eurobistro at Bradley Fair

WICHITA — Larkspur owner Ty Issa has acquired an interest in Ya Ya’s Eurobistro at Bradley Fair.

“We’ve been talking about this for years,” Issa says. “We’re fortunate to come on board.”

Earlier this month, Paul Khoury of Kansas City’s PB&J Restaurants, which owns the Ya Ya’s chain, told Have You Heard? the restaurant wasn’t selling. It looks like negotiations have been on and off.

Issa says they’re still working out some operational details.

“We’re going to be sharing a lot of ideas for improvement, that’s all,” he says.

“I have some ideas, they have some ideas. So you know, that’s all what it is.”

Khoury’s son, Patrick, will be helping run Ya Ya’s. Issa won’t have a huge presence there.

“Here’s been my concern,” Issa says. “I don’t want to confuse people.”

Issa says he’ll still be a daily presence at Larkspur in Old Town.

“Nothing’s going to change. It’s just a great merger with them.”



Greeting card company launches


After 15 months of planning, Forget You Not Greetings is now ready for business.

Sue Ellen Trout, who was a freelance writer while also working in aviation for 24 years, started the greeting card business. The company has two specialty lines.

The Big House line is designed for people who have incarcerated family members.

“It’s aptly named and fondly described in recognition of an underserved population who are away from home,” Trout says. “Our message is that family love and core values does not stop when a loved one is incarcerated.”

Trout has two sons who are police officers in Missouri, and their work inspired her to start the line of cards.

The Adams Mill line is more general, such as holiday greetings, but it particularly focuses on cards for people in the military and people in business.

“We are committed to the importance of personal communications,” Trout says.

Three hundred cards are in the works, and 150 are ready to sell. Trout says her company can custom make cards for businesses, too.

Cards are $2.99 each, and delivery is free for 10 cards or more.

“Our cards are a little bit different from a lot of the ones you see,” Trout says. “They’re very positive.”