Bang Bang T-shirt shop to open within Bluebird Arthouse in Delano

WICHITA — An excess of space is leading to another new venture at Bluebird Arthouse.

Owner Emily Brookover already uses the second story above her Delano shop to have an art market once a month, and she uses a wall downstairs for gallery space.

Now, she’s going to use an area near the front of the store to operate Bang Bang, a T-shirt business featuring original art.

“We’re banging out some T-shirts,” Brookover says.

She says she’ll be doing it more economically than Internet sites that help artists create shirts.

“It’s really cool, so I was thinking I could do something (like) that but on a local level,” she says. “We are hopefully going to do it grassroots style.”

Brookover is partnering with Phil Ross and Adam Phillips of Straight Screenprinting to create T-shirts from art.

“So we’re keeping it all local,” she says.

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