New owner plans improvements at Andover Crossing; Perfect Party to open there

UPDATED — A group called Commercial Equity has purchased Andover Crossing, an almost 10,000-square-foot center near the northeast corner of Kellogg and Andover Road, with plans to remodel it and add tenants.

“We’re putting a new facade on it to make it more modern,” says Adam Clements of Builders Inc., which manages the center.

Clements and Dennis Fitzroy, also of Builders Inc., handled the sale of the 1999 center.

Adam Clements

“We’re going to make it look like a 2012 building,” Clements says. He says there will be new lighting and landscaping and increased signage as well.

Currently, Papa John’s Pizza, Snip N’ Clip and In the Bag Cleaners are at the center. Clements also recently handled a deal to bring a new store, Perfect Party, there.

That leaves one 1,800-square-foot space on the north end of the center. It has drive-through capability.

Former Augusta teacher Cheryl Mercer is opening Perfect Party in 3,000 square feet.

“I’ve always wanted to do my own business,” Mercer says. “It was always just my dream to do a party store.”

She plans to carry all the colors of nearby schools along with balloons and party supplies. Mercer hopes to offer classes, too, for party ideas.

“I love being crafty,” she says.

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Boss & Co. to move west-side locations

WICHITA — Ron Boss is moving his west-side CPA firm, Boss & Co., from 1,500 square feet at 10011 W. 21st St. to 1,800 square feet at 889 N. Maize Road, which is just north of Central on the west side of Maize Road.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal.

The move happens May 31. There are no changes with Boss’ Andover office.

T-Mobile the Phone Zone enters Wichita

WICHITA — A new T-Mobile retailer is entering the Wichita market with plans for at least six locations.

Readi Connections, which does business as T-Mobile the Phone Zone, bought an existing T-Mobile outlet at Towne East Square this month and is preparing to open one in Andover Village at 321 S. Andover in April.

Missouri residents Chris Michael and his mother, Melissa, had been in commercial real estate previously.

“We bought out one of our tenants and saw the great potential with wireless,” Chris Michael says.

They’re planning to open 25 stores in the next 36 months in a six-state region.

Michael says they decided to come to Wichita in part because the T-Mobile signal is strong here.

“It’s extremely strong,” he says.

Michael says the Towne East store was a good starting point.

“I felt like that had a really strong retail presence in it and some really strong growth potential as a store.”

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Plaza Barbers in Andover to move, expand

WICHITA — Another business is moving to Andover Village at 321 S. Andover Road.

Last month, Have You Heard? reported that Computers Plus would relocate there.

Now, Dave Tingley is moving his Plaza Barbers there.

He’s been in about 800 square feet at 616 N. Andover Road for seven years.

Joining Tingley will be his father, Virgil, who today closed his Virgil’s Barber Shop, which he had for 17 years.

“He reached a point in his life where he kind of wants to do it part time,” Tingley says of his father.

“It’s something we’ve talked about for a couple of years,” he says. “The timing seems right.”

They’ll both continue to offer traditional barber services.

“We still want to keep it comfortable for our older generation,” Tingley says.

He’s also adding salon services such as manicures, waxing and possibly massage.

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Computers Plus to relocate not far from its current space on Andover Road

WICHITA — It’s a tricky thing to open a computer shop in a new space while temporarily maintaining the old store, too, but that’s not stopping Neil Coleman.

He’s moving his Computers Plus from 608 N. Andover Road to 321 S. Andover Road. He sells and services all kinds of computers.

“With computers, unfortunately you can’t shut down even for a few days,” Coleman says. “It’s kind of a strange deal.”

Coleman has been in business since 1997 and in Andover for more than three years, but he says his store is “stuck behind buildings.”

“The visibility is terrible there,” he says. “I’ve still got customers that come in and claim they didn’t even know I was there.”

At 1,300 square feet, Coleman’s new space will be slightly larger than his existing store.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal.

Coleman hopes to open in the new space on Nov. 28.

Xerox is moving to new, more visible space

WICHITA — Xerox is moving its Wichita office from 1320 E. Mount Vernon to 2626 W. Pawnee.

“They’re just relocating for a variety of reasons,” says Adam Clements of Builders Inc.

He handled the deal for the almost 2,000 square feet, which is near Pawnee and Meridian.

Clements says the building is newer and has interstate access and good visibility.

The company will use the building as a base for Xerox technicians to work out of.

Xerox is in the process of moving in now.

Krichati to expand his Re/Max Superior franchise with new office, employees

WICHITA — Basem Krichati is expanding his Re/Max Superior franchise in a couple of ways.

He’s adding three agents for a total of nine residential and commercial brokers.

He’s also moving in order to expand his office space to 2,400 square feet.

Currently, Krichati’s office is at Harry and Webb Road. He’s moving about a mile away to 1109 S. Rock Road.

“In our business, we don’t really count on the walk-in customers, but I think on frontage like Rock Road we’ll probably get some walk-ins,” he says.

Krichati and Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal.

“We’re feeling over here there’s a lot of growth,” Krichati says. “The economy is getting better.

“We’ve been busier, and we’re hoping to be getting busier on Rock Road.”

Salon Images by Tivoli to open near 21st and Ridge Road

WICHITA — For her new salon near 21st and Ridge Road, Terra Honey has something old, something new and something original for her business name.

Her salon is going in the former Salon Images space at 2250 N. Ridge Road. So Honey is naming it Salon Images by Tivoli.

Tivoli is “I love it” spelled backward without the “e.”

“It’ll be enough for people to remember the name,” Honey says.

Honey has been in the business for seven years and has longed for her own place the whole time.

“It’s kind of like the hair-school dream,” she says. “It’s just taken a lot of work and a lot of patience.”

The salon will have six styling chairs, which Honey says stylists can use on a part-time or full-time basis.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal.

Look for Salon Images by Tivoli to open in early July.

After Hours Auto Repair to move, expand

WICHITA — When Mark and Summer Guerrero opened After Hours Auto Repair three years ago, they figured the corner of 47th Street South and Seneca would be the perfect place for their business.

“We wanted the corner so bad and figured it would be a great start,” Summer Guerrero says. “We’ve watched businesses come and go, and we wanted to bring something great to the south side of Wichita.”

Now they’re going, too, but not far.

The shop is moving to 3,500 square feet at 2606 W. Pawnee near Pawnee and Meridian.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal.

“We can see our dream coming true more so” in that spot, Summer Guerrero says.

The current shop, which is in a former gas station, is “just a lobby and two bays,” she says.

The new shop has six bays, a “wonderful parking lot,” two offices, a lobby and a bathroom strictly for customers.

Guerrero says she’s thinking of her female customers in particular.

“When they come in our shop, I want them to be comfortable.”

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Fresh Fruit Bouquet Co. to move to College Hill Plaza

WICHITA — After five years in Piccadilly Square at Central and Rock, Trish Jasnoski is moving her Fresh Fruit Bouquet Co. to College Hill Plaza.

That’s the 14,000-square-foot center where Bella Luna Cafe is on East Central.

“I just think it would be a big advantage for us to have that street presence,” Jasnoski says.

Her current store is behind another business, she says.

Jasnoski thinks the walk-in traffic will be better, too.

“There will be a lot more people than where we’re at right now.”

Jasnoski sells fresh fruit and vegetable bouquets, chocolate-dipped fruit and smoothies. At her new space, she’ll add self-serve frozen yogurt and toppings.

She’ll have two yogurt flavors to start.

“I’m really excited about that,” Jasnoski says.

She hopes to be in her new space by the first of July to capitalize on yogurt sales.

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the lease.

“Now that is fully occupied,” he says of the center.

Clements says Fresh Fruit Bouquet is a great addition to College Hill Plaza.

“The recipe of tenants we have over there is really complementary to each other.”

Clements says the 100 percent occupancy is a good sign in what’s been a difficult retail market.

“That’s kind of a glimmer of light.”