As’ad Ehtisham to open ENVI & Aesthetics within Abay Neuroscience Center

UPDATED — Kansas is a leading state for stroke sufferers, and physician As’ad Ehtisham would like to do something about that.

He’s opening ENVI & Aesthetics, which stands for Ehtisham Neuro Vascular Institute & Aesthetics, in 1,500 square feet at the Abay Neuroscience Center at 3223 N. Webb Road.

“What we are offering is something very, very unique,” Ehtisham says.

He’s board certified in neurology, vascular neurology and advanced neuro critical care. His practice will offer a variety of treatments but will have a neuro vascular focus for the treatment of strokes, blocked arteries, vascular malformations, migraines and traumatic brain and spine injuries.

Ehtisham also is going to offer cosmetic Botox and Botox and facial remodeling for people who have Bell’s palsy or who have suffered a stroke that results in facial issues.

“We can actually minimize those by different modalities,” he says. “I will be the only one injecting.”

Ehtisham was the medical director of the stroke and neuro critical care program at Via Christi Health from 2005 to 2009.

“I built the stroke program.”

Most recently he’s been an associate professor of neurology and neuro surgery at the University of Mississippi in Jackson, Miss.

Ehtisham still has family here and decided to return to Wichita for the opportunity to treat Kansans suffering from strokes.

“There is not a dedicated stroke neurologist taking care of those things,” he says.

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Eustaquio Abay II files a lawsuit against Abay Neuroscience Center, the practice he founded and named for his parents

Eustaquio Abay II in a 2008 file photo.

UPDATED — Physician Eustaquio Abay II has filed a lawsuit against Abay Neuroscience Center, the practice he founded in 1986 and renamed in 1996 in honor of his parents.

“Dr. Abay built the practice, but the other members forced him out by reducing his compensation wrongfully,” says Abay’s attorney, Jay Fowler of Foulston Siefkin.

“The practical effect is the other physicians made a lot more money, and Dr. Abay made next to nothing.”

Abay, who filed his lawsuit in Sedgwick County District Court last week, left the practice to start a new one in June.

“We did not force him out of the practice,” says Jeff Spahn, a Martin Pringle attorney representing the remaining partners at Abay Neuroscience Center.

“That was his decision to leave the practice.”

Spahn says Abay was paid what he was owed.

“I don’t know what Jay’s definition of nothing is, but he was paid a significant amount of money, and Jay knows better than that,” Spahn says. “At least I would regard it as a significant amount of money.”

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