You don’t say

“We are going for the Industrial look.”

— An e-mail from Ben Arnold of Corporate Caterers of Wichita on what he tells people taking tours of the future (and far from being ready to open Oct. 17) A.V.I. restaurant at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview

You don’t say

“We are still trying to convince him to change his name to ‘Jeremy Wade.’ ”

— An e-mail from Ben Arnold on Adam Courtney taking over as food and beverage director of A.V.I. and Corporate Caterers of Wichita and executive chef of Culinary Catering (formerly known as Jeremy Wade Catering)

Jeremy Wade is Hartman’s new chef; Ben Arnold is searching for Wade’s replacements

WICHITA — Jeremy Wade is going to be Wink Hartman Sr.’s executive chef when he opens a new east-side restaurant, so that means he’s out of A.V.I., the new restaurant coming to the Drury Plaza Broadview, and Jeremy Wade Catering.

“I don’t blame him one bit,” says Ben Arnold, Wade’s former partner in the two ventures.

Wade didn’t return a call for comment, but Arnold says the two have discussed the situation and his decision to leave A.V.I.

“The restaurant is not going to be a limelight restaurant like he wants, honestly,” Arnold says.

People who are already downtown or are coming to events downtown might stop by, Arnold says, but it won’t be a destination restaurant for Wichitans.

“That’s not going to be a place where everybody on the far east or far west side says, ‘Let’s go eat.’ He wanted to be somewhere more glamorous.”

Hartman’s east-side space, Arnold says, “is a home run compared to downtown.”

“It was a question of, ‘Do I live a secluded life of being downtown in a hotel restaurant?’ ”

Arnold, who also has Corporate Caterers of Wichita, is now searching for a new chef for A.V.I., which will open in late September.

He also needs a chef for his more upscale catering company that had been named for Wade.

It’s now called Culinary Catering.

In an e-mail, Arnold joked about keeping the name the same.

“I am looking for another chef named Jeremy Wade so I do not have to reprint the menus or re-logo the truck.”

Cafe 151 to open Monday

WICHITA — OK, this makes much more sense.

Jeremy Wade and Ben Arnold’s A.V.I. restaurant at the Broadview isn’t what’s opening Monday (as we incorrectly reported earlier). It’s their Cafe 151 at Cargill’s Wichita headquarters where Piccadilly Express used to be.

To see the menu for the new restaurant, click here.

There also will be daily specials.

Look for A.V.I. to open this summer after the Broadview renovations are complete.