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Metropolitan Area Planning Commission to consider 21st and Oliver rezoning

WICHITA — Attorney Bob Kaplan has modified his rezoning request for 21st and Oliver.

He had been seeking limited commercial zoning with a protective overlay at and near the northwest corner, which would allow for only two uses: a convenience store and fuel stop on the corner and a pharmacy and drug store on the other lot.

It sounds like CVS may be the pharmacy, but Kaplan wouldn’t discuss specifics on either of the businesses when Have You Heard? reported on the issue in October.

Kaplan is representing the Mike Marks family, which owns the northwest corner property, and Rip Gooch, who owns the lot to the north.

The issue will come before the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission again Thursday. When it came up the last time, the commission voted 7 to 4 against recommending the rezoning.

“I amended the application to make an attempt to meet the objections,” Kaplan says.

He’s now asking for neighborhood office zoning, which he calls “a much less intense district.”

“The only retail I kept was the pharmacy drug store, which several people indicated they wanted. Other than that, I lowered my expectations to just neighborhood office and medical only.”

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Neighbors oppose 21st and Oliver rezoning

WICHITA — A couple of businesses are seeking limited commercial zoning at and near the northwest corner of 21st and Oliver, but it’s an uphill battle.

“The neighbors were not very delighted about it,” says attorney Bob Kaplan, who is working on the rezoning.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission recently voted 7 to 4 against recommending the rezoning.

“I didn’t expect to get accommodations, and believe me, I didn’t,” Kaplan says.

The Mike Marks family owns the northwest corner property, and Rip Gooch owns the lot to the north.

Kaplan is seeking the limited commercial zoning with a protective overlay, which would allow for only two uses: a convenience store and fuel stop on the corner and a pharmacy and drug store on the other lot.

It sounds like CVS may be the pharmacy, but Kaplan won’t discuss specifics on either of the businesses.

He says he can’t think of many arterial intersections in Wichita that aren’t zoned for commercial uses.

There’s already a shopping center, church and Wichita State University’s golf course at the intersection.

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Possible Towne East Square CUP amendment on hold

WICHITA – Simon Property Group’s application for an amendment to the community unit plan for Towne East Square continues to be deferred, but the adjustment has been approved for Towne West Square.

Simon’s applications were to hold outdoor events at both malls, but neighbors near Towne East are fighting it.

“We’ve got it in a holding pattern right now,” says area mall manager Michael Payton.

He says there are still some details to work out.

“I’m not going to say too much about that.”

Payton says the issue will be revisited, but he can’t say when.

Islamic Society of Wichita rezones about five acres near mosque for development

UPDATED — The Islamic Society of Wichita has rezoned about five acres of land near its mosque at K-96 and Woodlawn.

The society sought general office zoning in preparation for development that could include an apartment complex, an office complex, a medical clinic and a financial institution.

“It’s not about making money,” says Muhammad Aamir Usmani, director of the society’s board of development. “It’s about supporting our existing services.”

Usmani, who manages the IT help desk at Wichita State University, says the society first started building on the almost 9-acre property in 2000.

“Initially, we had a gym,” he says.

It served as a multipurpose building. Then, the group added a mosque and a school followed by another building.

“Everything is attached to each other right now,” Usmani says.

The buildings look separate, though.

The latest building is a new school for pre-K through eighth grade. Fundraising is under way for a high school to be built on the second floor.

“Our goal is to start ninth (grade) in August,” Usmani says.

He says while there are tuition fees, the society still needs to raise money for education and outreach programs to the community.

“We need to keep doing that and possibly expand it.  . . .  There are a lot of programs that are supported by the community.”

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Slawson Cos. works to lift restriction on small part of NewMarket Square

WICHITA — Slawson Cos. is working to lift a zoning restriction on a lot at its NewMarket Square development at 21st and Maize.

The restriction won’t allow a drive-through on the lot next to where Jimmy John’s is opening by Applebee’s on 21st Street just west of Maize Road.

“That really was the catalyst for getting this restriction lifted,” says April Reed, a commercial broker with Slawson.

“Jimmy’s will have a drive-through,” Reed says. “Their lot wasn’t restricted.”

She says the best use of the restricted lot would be another quick-service style restaurant with a possible drive-through.

It would expand the potential businesses that could open there.

We’ll let you know what happens.


Coulter Properties applies for rezoning where Plaid Giraffe may expand

WICHITA — Coulter Properties has applied for a zoning change near the Plaid Giraffe at 302 N. Rock Road.

Jamie Coulter owns the building and the store.

Dru Coulson, who manages the property, says there is a small vacant area in the building that is zoned limited commercial but is surrounded by general office zoning.

Plaid Giraffe may like to expand into the space and add onto it.

“You can’t do retail in a general office zoning,” Coulson says.

So that’s necessitating the zoning change.

Coulson says it’s also a possibility that Eric Fisher could expand his salon into part of that space. Or, a new tenant could locate there.

“It’s nothing in stone,” Coulson says.

The Plaid Giraffe expansion is likely, though.

“You know, I think probably before the end of the year, before holiday season,” Coulson says. “That’s what we’ve kicked around.”

Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos can stay at Towne West Square until at least Jan. 26

WICHITA — Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos has a temporary reprieve and can remain in Towne West Square until at least Jan. 26.

Raul Tanguma and Justin Haas recently learned their 3-month-old business doesn’t have the proper zoning.

“We did receive some . . . citizen complaints,” says Kurt Schroeder, superintendent of the city’s Office of Central Inspection.

The city told them they had to be gone from the mall by last week, but they’ve been granted an extension.

Schroeder says Tanguma has been given time to decide if he and the mall want to pursue zoning changes and community unit plan amendments to get to stay.

Towne West has limited commercial zoning, which doesn’t allow tattoo parlors, and also has a CUP that further restricts uses in the mall.

A few years back, the city tightened its zoning provisions for tattoo parlors and piercing establishments.

Tanguma may seek a review to change those provisions.

“It’ll be interesting,” Schroeder says.

If Tanguma pursues zoning changes, he’ll likely need an extension past Jan. 26.

“We’re going to kind of play it by ear,” Schroeder says.

Tanguma is proceeding as if he’s going to get to stay. In fact, he wants to invite people to bring old sailor pictures to his shop so he can display them.

He’d like “actual local guys, preferably.”

Prairie Polo rezoning is approved by planning commission

WICHITA — A rezoning request Jack Shelton first sought in Summer 2008 for his Prairie Polo at 95th Street South and Broadway has now been approved and is on its way to the county commission for final approval.

“We got a lot of slack the first time we went through it,” Shelton says.

Part of the problem was he needed approval from the city of Haysville first, which he now has.

More than a decade ago, Shelton put two polo fields on his 125 acres.

More recently, his goal was to attract people for lessons.

Shelton is former chairman of the United States Polo Association.

This year, the association approved Prairie Polo as a regional training center for the Midwest.

But Shelton ran into difficulties when he erected signs to attract potential students.

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Builders Inc. applies for central business district zoning on Garvey Center lot

WICHITA — There’s an interesting sign that’s just gone up on Wichita Street north of the Garvey Center on Douglas.

The sign shows that owner Builders Inc. has a development application on the Garvey Center’s north lot to change the zoning from limited industrial to central business district zoning.

Central business district zoning allows for residential or mixed uses and has different parking requirements than other types of zoning.

No one with the Garvey Center is talking yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Frida’s Mexican Grill granted rezoning request

WICHITA — The soap opera is over.

Last month, Frida’s Mexican Grill owner Mario Quiroz told Have You Heard?, “We can make a soap opera right now,” because of struggles to get proper zoning for a special events room.

When Quiroz first opened, he planned to use the extra space for a comedy club. When plans changed, he learned he didn’t have the right zoning for dancing.

The city now has approved the zoning, and Quiroz is simply waiting for an entertainment license so customers can have parties with dancing and his extra room can be put to better use.

“Life is smiling at me a little bit,” a happy Quiroz says.

His restaurant near Thai Binh grocery on West 21st opened in April 2008 but has suffered recently because of bridge repairs in the area and the inability to fully utilize the extra room.

“It was really hard,” Quiroz says.

But he says even the struggle led to a lot of good networking for him. For instance, next week he’ll join the Crime Stoppers board.

“It’s getting better,” Quiroz says, “step by step.”