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Elite Sports Chiropractic to move to Wichita Sluggers Academy near 13th and Ridge

WICHITA — Elite Sports Chiropractic is moving to where there are plenty of sports.

Jon Messenger is leaving the Westlake center at 119th and Maple to move to within the Wichita Sluggers Academy near 13th and Ridge.

“There’s a lot of sports stuff right there at that corner, and plus it centralizes me a little bit,” Messenger says.

“I primarily treat sports injuries,” he says.

Messenger says he specializes in a couple of techniques — active-release technique and graston — and focuses mostly on muscle and tendon injuries.

In addition to Sluggers, Messenger says there are baseball and soccer fields in the area along with Sedgwick County Park, among other things.

Elite Sports has been open for three years and been in Westlake the entire time.

Messenger expects to move in the next month.

He says he thinks the new location will be convenient for the numerous patients he has who come from the east side, Andover and Derby.

“It just makes it a little bit easier for everybody.”

Shorty Small’s has closed, but there’s a chance it could open in Wichita again

UPDATED — Shorty Small’s last day in business in Wichita was Feb. 24.

“Yesterday was a very emotional, very hard day,” says Cindy Harsha, vice president of the Oklahoma City-based company.

“I just can’t begin to tell you how emotional and hard it was.”

The restaurant opened more than seven years ago on the southwest corner of 119th and Maple in the Westlake shopping center.

“We opened to some really great numbers,” Harsha says. “Then, after about a year or so, things were dwindling.”

The restaurant initially was a fast-casual concept, but Harsha says the neighborhood wanted something more, so the chain remodeled into a full-service restaurant.

She says diners “really had a lovely reaction to that.”

Sales didn’t remain strong, though.

“Wichita seems to have suffered some economic hardships,” Harsha says. “We’re not the only ones the economy has been mean to.”

Road construction in the area didn’t help either, she says.

Another retooling of the restaurant last year also helped, though.

“We did have a nice little bounce back of sales this last spring,” Harsha says. “It seemed like a curtain fell down this summer.”

She blames a combination of gas prices and Boeing’s planned departure from the city followed by the Bombardier Learjet Machinists strike in the fall.

“It just was pretty devastating to sales.”

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