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Method Productions to move to Old Town

WICHITA — As Have You Heard? reported Monday, Jacque Waite and her Jacque Inc. Photography are now in the Grant Telegraph Centre in Old Town, and Method Productions will be joining her next week.

“We have a rapport and a friendship with her,” says Method Productions’ Luis Rodriguez. “It just made sense to do it together.”

Method Productions is a 2-year-old full-service video production company that Gabe Juhnke and Rik Dubiel started from their homes.

They now share space with Burly Studios on Commerce Street.

“We were collaborating with (Burly) on some bigger projects,” Rodriguez says. “We co-located because it made sense.”

As Method Productions needed studio space, though, it started using Waite’s studio next to Caffe Moderne. When she learned her lease would not be renewed so the Morris, Laing, Evans, Brock & Kennedy, Chartered law firm could expand there, Waite and Method Productions began talking.

“We’ve got a whole collection of clients who need and want this,” Rodriguez says of having an on-site studio.

“It’s just part of our growth and our success.”

Method Productions does a range of video production.

“If you want a professionally produced video that’s short and sweet, we do that,” Rodriguez says. “If you want something elaborate, we do that, too.”

He says the company wants “to be Target for video production,” meaning he says it offers quality work at affordable prices.

“We are looking to kind of make the video production process custom to the customer.”

Rodriguez says a studio and office in the same space will help with that.

“We’re excited to do it. It’s a big jump for us, and we think it’ll just take us to the next level.”

LogoLounge creator Bill Gardner teaches logo class through

billgardnerWICHITA — Bill Gardner of Gardner Design is also known as the logo guy thanks to LogoLounge, a website and series of books in which he’s collected more than 170,000 logos.

Now, Gardner is taking that expertise to a new level by teaching a course on symbolism within logos through, which offers online education videos to teach business, software and creative skills.

“It’s kind of a new role for me, this teaching thing,” says Gardner, who previously only shared what he knows with employees.

Gardner says it’s a good feeling to have others want to hear what he has to say.

“It’s nice to have that degree of relevance.”

His video came about through a contact he made while doing one of his LogoLounge books. Gardner says that person wanted him to do a Lynda video but had to have him do test videos first “to make sure that everybody else there thinks you’re as charming.”

“You really have to play this in such a way as you’re affable, informative … approachable … authoritative,” Gardner says. “You can’t come across as condescending.”

Another challenge, he says, is that he is “talking to people at all experience levels.”

Gardner says that in his video, he discusses how logos have to quickly convey information to users.

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Wellington businessman, Eagle photographer are finalists in Gain detergent’s million-dollar contest

WICHITA — An average couple looks forward to dinner and a movie on a typical Friday night.

Jaime and Carter Green aren’t the average couple, though.

On a recent Friday night, the two created a video that is now one of 25 finalists in a $1 million Gain detergent contest.

“We love creating things together — food, music, art — it’s just kind of what we do,” says Jaime Green, a photographer for The Eagle.

Carter Green owns Greenjeans Studios, a recording studio in Wellington. The two also play in the Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band.

The Greens heard about the contest through one of their favorite bands, the Barenaked Ladies.

“Gain is playing off their ‘If I Had $1,000,000’ song,” Jaime Green says.

She wrote lyrics to their 24-second video, in which Carter stars.

Jaime Green took inspiration from Barenaked Ladies lead singer Ed Robertson, who they just saw in concert in Las Vegas.

He’s known for creating instant raps during concerts, so Jaime Green wrote a rap song for her 24-second video.

“I was channeling Ed, so that was kind of where it started.”

Opening lyrics are:

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‘Til We Meet Again casket company at Towne West Square gets a boost from YouTube

deereWICHITA — Not surprisingly, the ‘Til We Meet Again casket store has attracted a lot of attention since it opened at Towne West Square in March.

A YouTube video — “Death Comes to the Mall” — has since given it a lot more attention, especially nationally.

“We’re almost to 100,000 (views),” says co-owner Traci Cone. “It’s crazy.”

It’s proving to be a boon to business, too.

Cone was manning the store earlier this year when a man visiting from North Carolina stopped by and started shooting video.

“It happens every day,” Cone says of videos and photos.

Sometimes people won’t even come into the store to snap pictures or shoot video. Cone says they’ll sneak around corners.

urnThe more than six-minute, spur-of-the-moment video the North Carolina man shot shows the store’s signature caskets — the KU casket is the most popular attraction — and unusual urns, such as a fishing pole.

“It has been amazing,” co-owner Nathan Smith says of reaction to the video. “Business was already good, but honestly that video took it to a whole new level.

“We have sold caskets and urns all across the country because of it.”

He also now has interest from at least five people who would like to have a franchise.

“We have been inundated about franchising,” Smith says.

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Creative Rhino to move from New York to Wichita

rhinoWICHITA — Ryan Gates is just the sort of young talent that Wichita civic leaders are always talking about trying to keep here.

Now, after being gone 15 years, the film and television producer is returning home.

He’s bringing Creative Rhino, a video and film production company that also offers online and new media viral marketing, with him.

“I never had the whole, ‘I’m never coming back!’ ” Gates says.

He did, though, have “that young, idyllic dream of New York City.”

Creative Rhino originally was based in San Francisco, then New York state.

For the last two years, Gates and his wife, Kathryn Van Steenhuyse, have taken their work on the road.

“We’re what you call digital nomads,” Gates says. “As long as we have an Internet connection, good cell phone reception and a major airport, we can operate from anywhere.”

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Tweet of the week

“Shouting “You lie!” in a room full of politicians is like shouting ‘You’re wearing a clown’s nose!’ in a room full of clowns.”

— A Thursday tweet on Twitter by Pat Handley (@pathandley), owner of Wichita Video Works, who had some fun after President Obama’s Wednesday night speech on health care

Clerical error turns into political issue for Intake Studio, Sullivan Higdon & Sink and Pratt & Whitney

WICHITA — While Pratt & Whitney no doubt enjoys its status as the sole engine source for the currently airborne Lockheed Martin F-35s, the company says it’s not behind a video opposing a second source for the fighter jets.

That’s even though the video for a time identified Pratt & Whitney as its backer.

Here’s what happened:

Connecticut-based Pratt & Whitney is a client of Wichita-based Sullivan Higdon & Sink.

Washington-based Citizens Against Government Waste also is an SHS client.

SHS created unrelated videos for each client around the same time with motion graphic help from Wichita’s Intake Studio.

“In their self-promotion efforts, they uploaded these videos,” says SHS vice president Lathi de Silva.

Intake put the videos on YouTube.

De Silva says Pratt & Whitney was erroneously credited with producing the Citizens Against Government Waste video, which opposes GE receiving funding to make a rival engine.

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You don’t say

WICHITA — “They all think I live this weird, crazy life as it is.”
Kyle Gerstner of Green Zebra Concierge on his family’s reaction to him being an extra in Sacha Baron Cohen’sBruno” video at the airport here (Gerstner is the one walking by rolling a suitcase)