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New Kwik Shop opens in Haysville

WICHITA — It took a few years longer than some Haysville residents hoped, but the new Kwik Shop is opening Monday at the northeast corner of Grand and Meridian.

It looked like a new store was going to open a few years back, but it didn’t happen.

The new store is replacing the Kwik Shop at 424 W. Grand.

At more than 7,500 square feet, the new store is the second-largest Kwik Shop in the chain.

There are six fuel pumps, which means the pumps can fuel 12 vehicles at once.

There’s an expanded cappuccino and condiment bar along with a range of ready-to-go foods, such as pizza and breakfast sandwiches along with a roller grill and toppings bar.

The Kwik Shop also will sell grocery items, including produce and meat from its sister store, Dillons.

Grand opening celebrations will be held Feb. 21 and 22.

You don’t say

“I want them to go away.”

– – A losing candidate in Coralville, Iowa, talking about unwanted election assistance from the Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity in a segment on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

You don’t say

“Good thing these guys aren’t in the amputation business.”

– County Manager Bill Buchanan in a Facebook post about his dentist’s office, which called after a Thursday root canal to say, “We did the wrong tooth.”

Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop selling to longtime employee

Randy Spear, right, is selling Spear's Restaurant & Pie Shop to longtime general manager Dan Crandall, the first person outside of the Spear family to own the restaurant.

Randy Spear, right, is selling Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop to longtime general manager Dan Crandall, the first person outside of the Spear family to own the restaurant.

WICHITA — Officially, Dan Crandall has been the general manager of Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop for most of the 26 years he’s worked there.

Unofficially, he’s known as “the pie guy.”

Now, he has a new title: owner.

“It’s really one of these neat deals,” Crandall says. “It’s kind of a progression of things that I’ll just take over.”

The business has been in the Spear family since Gene and Betty Spear founded it in 1956. Spear’s had a chain of six restaurants at one time. Now, it has one restaurant at 4323 W. Maple.

The Spears’ son, Randy Spear, first became a co-owner in 1980. Through the years, various family members have been part of the business, but Spear has been the sole owner for the last decade.

“It feels really good going with Dan,” Spear says of selling. He calls it “kind of a mixed blessing, I guess.”

“It would be much harder if it was someone else coming in that we weren’t familiar with. Dan has been a strong member of our team for so long that it’s very easy for it to happen now.”

Crandall says he’s “worked with him very, very closely over the years” and he “pretty much (knows) everything there is to know about it.”

Still, he says, “it’s a really scary venture.”

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River City Trolley & Charters to expand to Davis, Okla.

WICHITA — Not quite a decade after opening their trolley charter service in Wichita, Homer and Julie Price are ready to take their River City Trolley & Charters to another city.

“We get a lot of calls,” Homer Price says. “We’ve got a really good reputation for being great in the business.”

The chamber of commerce in Davis, Okla., most recently called.

“They wanted us to come,” Price says. “It kind of looks promising.”

Price says Davis is a small town that has a lot of tourist attractions around it, such as the Arbuckle Mountains, a large candy factory, a sizable campground and a zipline.

“They’ve got a lot of things.”

Price says tourist charters are the best kind because of the ease of collections.

“They step on, they pay, they step off.”

With events such as weddings, Price takes some money up front but then has to collect on the back end.

“We do weddings mostly,” he says.

The business also does shuttles for conventions. Price says he won’t take passengers bar hopping like some charters do, although he points out he has “nothing against bar hopping.”

The Prices try not to do any charters late at night.

“Our business has picked up every year,” Price says.

River City started with one trolley and now has three. Price expects to expand in Davis once he’s there.

“I’ll probably wind up with two trolleys, maybe three.”

It may not be until late this year that the Davis trolley service opens.

“Well, it’ll be a while,” Price says. “I don’t like to overload myself with finances.”

In addition to securing financing, Price says he has to find a place at which to do business. He says he thinks he found a building, and it happens to house a former coffee shop. He says he’d like to bring back the coffee shop in addition to starting the trolley service there.

Price says the Davis inquiry, among others, makes him think about expanding to other markets.

“I have given it some thought because I get so dang many calls,” he says.

“Our business has just worked out really well for us.”

You don’t say

“We are excited to have finally opened our new Overland Park store and at this time have no further information to share about additional Sprouts locations in Kansas.”

– A statement from Phoenix-based Sprouts, which billed itself as “one of the fastest growing natural food retailers in the country” in a release about six new stores, but none in Wichita

Merry Christmas!

I’m out until Dec. 30. Hope you have a fabulous holiday week. See you next week.


CVS negotiating for space at the northwest corner of Douglas and Rock

WICHITA — CVS is working on a deal for a new store at the northwest corner of Douglas and Rock.

That’s according to CVS manager Rodney Brockhoff, who says the chain has several new stores that are opening and others that are in the works in the Wichita area and other Kansas cities.

CVS entered the Wichita market earlier this year.

Brockhoff says a Junction City CVS will open in January, followed by one at Harry and Hillside in Wichita on Feb. 16.

Then come stores in Emporia and Salina before more in Wichita. The south side is likely to be CVS’ next target.

Brockhoff says the Rhode Island-based company wants to get some deals closed before taking on more than what’s already in the works.

He says the potential Douglas and Rock store is “just one of many locations we’re working on.”

Dan Weber is out as Value Place CEO

WICHITA — Two and a half years after taking over at Value Place, Dan Weber is out as CEO.

“It really was Dan coming to the conclusion of the things he set out to do,” says Kyle Rogg, president and COO.

“He really came in with a lot of structured finance background with the goal of getting a lot of capital in the company and completing some big acquisitions,” Rogg says.

He says Weber and Value Place’s board decided it was time to move to “less of a financial-based CEO and more of a hotel-oriented CEO.”

“It was a joint decision,” Rogg says. He says Weber has “had such a dramatic and positive impact on the standing of the company. I just don’t want it to be perceived as anything other than that.”

Rogg says Weber negotiated the acquisition of Perry Capital minority interest in Value Place, which positioned the company to attract capital from a new partner.

That happened late last year when Value Place founder Jack DeBoer did a deal with New York-based private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg, which is investing more than $100 million in the chain of extended-stay properties and short-term apartments.

“Dan was very, very instrumental … given his background,” Rogg says.

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B. Young salon to open in Elements Hair & Bodyshop space

WICHITA — There soon will be a familiar face in the Elements Hair & Bodyshop space.

That salon recently announced that it’s closing. Now Benjamin Young is opening B. Young in the almost 3,000-square-foot Old Town space at 211 N. Washington

“Ben actually worked at Elements for about eight years,” says Trace Wilson, who will manage the salon.

“A year and a half ago, he left Elements with another stylist, and we have been working out of Off the Top,” Wilson says. “For the past year or so, we’ve been looking for our own space.”

He says the Washington space makes sense for a number of reasons.

“Ben’s clients were used to it for so many years,” Wilson says.

“It’s a unique space being a two-story salon with parking in an established area like Old Town,” he says. “Sometimes you don’t find all of those elements together. It worked out well.”

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