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Satya Moon Yoga opens Sept. 1

WICHITA — Like the new Hot Asana Yoga Studio, the new Satya Moon Yoga also is opening in Firefly Yoga Studio space on Sept. 1.

Katerina Gavin is putting her new studio in Firefly’s east-side space in the Shops at Tallgrass at 21st and Rock Road.

She says she’s purposely opening the day after Firefly closes because “I don’t want to discontinue anyone’s practice.”

“I’m adding a lot more classes to the schedule,” Gavin says. “I’m really excited about the classes that we’re offering. … It’s everything from vinyasa to restorative.”

She says that includes heated and nonheated yoga for athletes, seniors, expectant mothers, healthy backs and meditation, among other things.

“We honor all levels, ages, conditions, shapes and abilities,” Gavin says.

She’s going to build a new studio within her space to offer anti-gravity yoga and a rope wall.

Gavin says her yoga is noncompetitive and is about personal growth and well being. She says that’s why she named it Satya.

“Satya means truth, but when we’re on the yoga mat, it has to do with being truthful with where we are at that time on the mat,” Gavin says. “You’re on the mat to be completely honest with yourself.”

She says that means being mindful of judgmental thoughts of yourself, which she says are opinions and not fact.

“It’s knowing when we’re judging ourselves,” she says. “It’s a huge part of my practice.”

Hot Asana Yoga Studio to open on west side in former Firefly Yoga Studio West space

UPDATED — A new yoga studio is opening in the former west-side Firefly Yoga Studio West space at 2313 Zoo Park Blvd.

“There’s just an empty yoga studio sitting there,” says Cristy Anderson, who says it only makes sense to fill it.

She and Gina Cumberland are opening Hot Asana Yoga Studio.

Anderson says “asana” means “posture.”

“Each yoga posture has ‘asana’ at the end,” she says.

Hot Asana will specialize in hot power vinyasa flow, which Anderson says is a type of yoga.

“It’s not a lot of holding of the postures,” she says. “You have a continuous flow of movement.”

Anderson says that “students will move through postures fluidly using their breath to guide them.” Classes are heated, so she says students should expect to sweat while improving their flexibility and strength.

Cumberland is an instructor. She also teaches pottery at East High School.

Anderson, a lawyer, also has a retail background. For years, she worked at her family’s Younger Duds store.

The yoga studio will open on Sept. 1, which is Labor Day, with a one-hour class at 5 p.m. followed by a reception.

You don’t say

“I can’t even explain how big a mess this has been.”

Mickey Lynch, who has sold his half of Walkers Bar & Venue by the arena and is close to a deal for someone to lease the former Jettys Pizza space next door

Outback Pools to close in coming months

WICHITA — Just as summer is winding down, so is Outback Pools, except the company won’t be gearing up for pool season again next year.

The family business, which Michelle and Laurin “Butch” Schniepp run with their sons, Jesse and Jonah, is closing.

“My dad’s been building pools since 1970,” Jesse Schniepp says. “He’s a second generation pool guy.”

He says his father’s father, Cecil Schniepp, founded Ultra Modern Pools.

Butch Schniepp worked for his father for years before starting his own company.

Outback builds pools and services them.

Jesse Schniepp says his father needs to close the company due to health reasons.

“It’s a very stressful job,” he says.

Schniepp says his father has been “doing stuff physically most 20-year-olds can’t do. He could throw 100 pounds and make it look like it was nothing.”

He says his father has been working since he was a child.

“He was pulled out of school when he was 8 years old to drive a dump truck,” Schniepp says. “His dad put phone books down and tied blocks to his feet so he could reach the pedals of the dump truck.”

Schniepp says his father has been working full time since he was 12.

“It’s just craziness,” he says. “It’s taken a toll on his body.”

Schniepp says he’s not sure of a closing date yet, but it will be sometime over the coming months and possibly into early next year.

“We’re just finishing up a few projects.”

Pie Five Pizza to open near 21st and Rock

WICHITA — On the heels of opening his first Pie Five Pizza last Friday next to the Applebee’s at Maple and Ridge, Jim Stevens now has plans for a third Pie Five in the market.

It will be on the east side where Beauty First is closing near the southwest corner of 21st and Rock.

“It was always a good location for Applebee’s, and I think that HuHot does a good business there,” says Stevens, who is both a Pie Five and Applebee’s franchisee.

He moved his Applebee’s from that center to the Plazzio development at 13th and Greenwich earlier this year.

Stevens is now in talks with potential tenants for the former Appleebee’s space.

His second Pie Five is going to open at a new addition of NewMarket Square in early October.

The east-side Pie Five should open sometime in January.

The fast-casual restaurnat’s diners walk through a line and pick their crust and sauce and create their own salads. Some especially hot pizza ovens bake the pizzas in four minutes.

Stevens says since he’s locating the latest Pie Five at 21st and Rock, he won’t necessarily be able to open another one on the east side anytime soon. He says the company likes to have high demographics for areas in which it locates.

“There’s a lot of visibility,” Stevens says of the corner he chose. “I think it’ll do real well there.”

QuikTrip no longer allows lottery tickets to be purchased by credit card

UPDATED — To the disappointment of some, QuikTrip no longer allows customers to buy lottery tickets with credit cards.

“We’d love to be able to continue to do it,” says spokesman Mike Thornbrugh. “We just can’t.”

He says that “it’s a losing transaction.”

That’s because credit card fees cost almost as much as what states reimburse the company for selling tickets.

“It eats up all the margin,” Thornbrugh says.

In some cases, QuikTrip even sells tickets at a loss.

The company operates in 11 states. State rules and reimbursement levels vary. Some already didn’t allow tickets to be purchased with credit cards.

“It’s nothing but a financial decision,” Thornbrugh says.

“It’s not smart business to sell items and lose money. …That’s not typically what a retailer would do.”

Paperback Exchange to move, expand

WICHITA — Paperback Exchange owner Renda Robertson has been keeping an eye out for larger space for her bookstore, and she says she recently found it through a Have You Heard? column.

Robertson saw a news item about New For You – Kids Resale Shop leaving 126 N. West St.

That shop, which is now New 2U Kids, moved to share space at Fit For A Queen’s new building near Central and Hillside.

The bookstore has been in about 1,000 square feet at 455 N. West St. The new center down the street will have 7,000 square feet.

With the extra space, Robertson says she’ll add some new and nonfiction books to her used and fiction offerings.

“It also gives me an opportunity to do what I originally wanted.”

That’s to open a cafe within the store. Robertson hasn’t named it yet, and she’s still going through permitting, so the cafe won’t immediately be open when the store moves.

There also will be a children’s area in the new store along with space for vendors to display crafts, jewelry and art along the store’s walls.

“Here, I have books lining the walls,” Robertson says. “I literally don’t have another square inch in here.”

She says she wants to help other business owners who may not have the marketing budget or time to show what they sell. Robertson says it will give her customers one more reason to stop into the store as well.

Like the cafe, that part may take a little time.

“The books and I will be there Monday,” Robertson says of the new space. “The rest will have to happen once I get in.”

You don’t say

“It took us a while to put two and two together and realize he was referring to the former SNL announcer Don Pardo, whose name does sound very much like the Wichita State University president.”

Lynette Murphy, chief development officer at the Kansas Humane Society, who mentioned WSU president John Bardo this morning, which prompted her 11-year-old son, Gabe, to say, “Didn’t he just die?”

USI Insurance Services to buy Wichita’s Willis brokerage

WICHITA — New York-based USI Insurance Services is buying seven Willis retail insurance brokerages nationally, including the one in Wichita at 245 N. Waco.

“We are excited to have this accomplished, experienced group of insurance professionals join us as new partners and associates,” said USI chairman, president and CEO Michael Sicard in a statement.

“These are new states and cities for USI – places we want to invest and grow in support of these great people, clients and communities.”

USI, which bills itself as the world’s 13th largest insurance brokerage, began two decades ago with a single firm and now has more than 140 offices nationally.

Willis of Greater Kansas is part of Willis Group Holdings.

There are 37 employees in the Wichita office, all of whom will be offered jobs at the new company when the deal closes in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter.