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Wich-a-what? Emery Goad has seen more Wichita misspellings than most

WICHITA — Private investigator Emery Goad has been collecting ridiculous spellings of “Wichita” that he’s received via fax, e-mail and mail for the last quarter century or so.

“It’s hilarious,” he says. “I think they happen from a lawyer’s dictation.”

For instance, a legal service on Broadway in New York wrote to “Witichaw.”

Goad also has seen “Witchtaw” and, from a circuit court in Florida, “Witchita.”

There’s also been “Whitchita,” “Wicheta” and “Wicita.”

They get even odder, such as “Wizhna” from a prestigious bank in Pittsburgh, Pa., “Whicta” from a Holiday Inn in Iowa and “Witchate” from a sheriff’s office in Georgia.

Once, Goad even saw “Cedric County” for “Sedgwick County.”

“That’s probably the best of 25 years,” he says of his collection.

He wonders what others have seen, though.

“There might be some more that are even better.”

Goad says he’d like it if people let Have You Heard? know some of the crazy spellings they’ve seen.

He adds, though, “I don’t know how you get much … better.”

Goad says he’s noticed Wichita Falls, Texas, doesn’t seem to suffer the same misspelling fate from what he’s seen.

“And why does everybody know about Wichita Falls?” he says. “It’s like they’re famous, and we’re not. That’s backwards.”

Cathy Hetterscheidt closes the Breakfast Club, plans to open Seneca Street Cafe

WICHITA — Cathy Hetterscheidt, the peripatetic restaurateur, is opening another new restaurant.

She says she’s planning to open Seneca Street Cafe in the former Tepa Cafe space at 3835 S. Seneca, which is next to Seneca Street Bar & Grill.

Hetterschedit has had a string of cafes in various spots around town over the last several years, the most recent being the Breakfast Club at 1002 S. Seneca.

She says she decided to close because of “basically the gentleman that I was dealing with, Craig Gabel.”

Gabel was Hetterscheidt’s landlord, though he says he wasn’t certain the restaurant was closed.

“I’ve done everything I can for this woman,” Gabel says.

He says he paid Hetterscheidt’s water bill for the entire time she was in the restaurant, and he says she further wanted him to give her free or reduced prices on her rent and other things at the building.

“Everything’s in my name right now,” Hetterscheidt says.

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Food and Drug Administration sends warning letter to Wyldewood Cellars

UPDATED — Wyldewood Cellars is back in another legal tangle with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but Wyldewood owner John Brewer calls it a “misunderstanding.”

The FDA sent a warning letter to Brewer late last month in response to an October inspection at his manufacturing and processing facility in Peck.

The letter states that its “investigator observed significant deviations from current good manufacturing practice” for dietary supplements.

Brewer says he’s a juice concentrate producer.

“They sent us a warning letter based on us producing a dietary supplement … that we’re not producing.”

The FDA has had past issues with Wyldewood over its concentrate, and Brewer says he repeatedly has complied with steps the FDA wanted him to take.

“We have, because of the FDA, changed the labeling some six different times,” Brewer says. “I’m getting tired of being picked on by these guys.”

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Oil and gas and real estate developer Don Slawson dies of Alzheimer’s complications

WICHITA — Longtime Wichita businessman Don Slawson has died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

“My father passed away early this morning,” says Todd Slawson, the youngest of three Slawson sons and Denver-based president of his family’s oil company.

Mr. Slawson was a fixture in the Wichita business community for decades.

“He was very much an entrepreneur,” says Jerry Jones, a commercial broker at Slawson Cos.

“He had a very strong passion for business,” Todd Slawson says.

After graduating from the University of Kansas with a political science degree and a minor in geology, Mr. Slawson worked briefly for a drilling company before starting his own oil and gas business in 1957.

“His love … initially was oil and gas,” Todd Slawson says. “He was one of the most active drillers in the state of Kansas for many years.”

Then, in the 1970s, Mr. Slawson began buying land in Wichita.

“As he would tell it, he saw … that he wanted to diversify his business,” Jones says.

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Visitors looking for the WaterWalk fountains might wind up at the county jail instead

WICHITA — Mulvane resident Tom Coppola Googled the WaterWalk fountains the other day because he planned to go to a nearby food truck rally.

FILE  The fountains at WaterWalk.   (June 21, 2013)“I was very pleased to find numerous YouTube videos showing the beauty of said fountains,” Coppola said in an e-mail.

Coppola said he was surprised, though, to see that a number of references on Google showed the address of the fountains as 605 N. Wichita.

Instead of a view of the fountains, visitors instead will find themselves looking at the back side of the county jail if they go to that address.

jail2“The most amazing of all was the fact that the city of Wichita’s own website has the same incorrect address!” Coppola wrote. “Imagine the surprise of a visitor to our fair city, who attempts to find the waterwalk fountains, only to end up in an alley behind the county jail. One would think that with the amount of money spent on these fountains, the amount of money spent promoting tourism in Wichita, and recent attempts by the city to increase sales tax in order to help promote tourism, that somebody would do a better job of making sure that visitors have the information they need in order to view these attractions.”

Coppola signed his e-mail: “A concerned(sales tax paying) resident of Kansas.”

In another e-mail, city spokesman Dale Goter said the city appreciates Coppola’s concern.

“The address was erroneously posted as N. Wichita and should be S. Wichita. We have changed it,” Goter wrote. “Please pass along our thanks to the alert reader who noticed the mistake.”

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Second Wichita-area Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to open on west side

WICHITA — There’s a new strip center under construction in front of the Academy Sports on North Maize Road, and its first tenant is a familiar one.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is going to open in 2,200 square feet when the almost 7,000-square-foot center is completed just north of Panda Express.

Newton residents Shawn and Madeline Stobbe are opening the first Wichita-area Dickey’s in their hometown on Thursday.

Topeka resident Ryan Wenrich, who also is a Quiznos franchisee, is opening the west Wichita Dickey’s.

Wenrich says it’s “kind of a blossoming area. It makes sense. There’s a lot of rooftops around there.”

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Oxford Senior Living creates ‘Happy’ video

ox1WICHITA — Hundreds of fans of “Happy,” the ubiquitous Pharrell Williams hit, have created their own videos in celebration of the song.

None, though, is quite like the one that Oxford Senior Living released last week.

“We had a blast making it,” says Coryanne Graham, Oxford’s marketing and brand manager.

Part of the company’s mission statement is that Oxford’s “environment inspires happy residents who feel at home sharing hopes and dreams, recipes and fishin’ stories.”

Graham thought a video would be a great way to share that happiness.

“I saw a bunch of those ‘Happy’ videos,” she says. “There’s more than 800 of them. … I thought, man, that would be so much fun to do with our staff and residents.”

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Optometrist Wade Dulin to retire; Wichita Optometry to take over his practice

WICHITA — An optometrist with a longtime Wichita practice is retiring, which is allowing another practice to expand.

“I am simply near retirement age and wanting more time for my children, grandchildren and travel,” says Wade Dulin, who has had Dr. Dulin’s Family Eye Care since 1975.

Wichita Optometry, a 94-year-old practice at Douglas and Edwards, is taking over Dulin’s practice just north of 21st and Amidon for a second site to serve patients farther north.

“There’s really no such thing as staying status quo,” says Jeff Yarrow, who is at Wichita Optometry with optometrists Ronald Fisher, Chad Fleming and Ashley Blasi.

“It’s a struggle if you don’t grow,” Yarrow says.

Both practices are in about 4,000 square feet, he says.

“Dr. Dulin’s just done great with his patients over the years … kind of treating them like family,” Yarrow says. “We want to carry on that tradition.”

The change will happen July 1.

Dulin says it’s a good opportunity for both groups.

“I believe they will treat my patients in the same caring manner that I have tried to do over the years,” Dulin says. “The timing just feels right.”

Tracy Cassidy gone from B98

WICHITA — It’s the end of an era at KRBB, FM-97.9.

Tracy Cassidy is off the morning show after 26 years.

“I’m suddenly free to enjoy my trips with my dad, my grandchildren, do some painting and get some workouts in,” Cassidy says.

She won’t say what happened, though.

First, her longtime co-host, Brett Harris, lost his position in 2012, which followed his prolonged contract negotiations a couple of years prior when he considered other options.

At the time, Cassidy made it clear she would stay regardless of what Harris did.

“I have to go where my trust level is high and where my projects are,” she said.

Cassidy says she can’t explain what changed. Nor did anyone from the station return calls for comment.

It’s unclear what’s happening with the rest of the B98 morning show crew. Most references to Harris’ replacement, Adam “Lukas” Cox, are gone from the station’s website as are references to producer Kathy Deane.

Cox didn’t return a call for comment. Deane referred calls to station management.

The B98 site advertises “The B98 Morning Show” with no names attached.

It’s uncertain if the personalities are gone or if the show is being retooled.

What is certain is Cassidy is about to get some sleep.

“I’m going to sleep in,” she says. “I’ve been getting up at 2 in the morning for way too long.”