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You don’t say

“A customer is standing (in) my shop, surrounded by files/sanders/grinders/etc, and asked me if I sharpened Wits!”

– A tweet from M&M Sharpening Services owner Mark Madden


You don’t say

“The @WichitaOrpheum could use a little Jesus after @RealTracyMorgan’s performance there. #itwaspurefilth”

— A tweet from comedian Ron Shively, aka @FunnyMrBiggs, after hearing City Life Church is going to rent the Orpheum Theatre every Sunday morning for services

Spirit AeroSystems shares award for crisis communications with American Airlines

UPDATED — Which is a bigger crisis for an aircraft company or an airline to deal with: An EF-3 tornado, or Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a flight for playing Words With Friends when he’d been told to shut down all electronics?

Turns out they’re both big deals for crisis communicators, so Ragan’s PR Daily recently awarded Spirit AeroSystems and American Airlines an award for best crisis communications.

“I was totally blown away,” says Spirit spokesman Ken Evans. “I thought we had a 10 percent shot.”

He figured no matter how dramatic the April 14 tornado was, it’s hard to top a celebrity crisis.

PR Daily says Spirit won because it lost all its traditional communication tools – e-mail, its website, even desk phones – but still managed to keep the public, the media and employees informed.

“We were kind of forced to think outside the box for us,” Evans says. “We’re a fairly conservative communications group. … I know that’s shocking to you.”

Twitter became one of the company’s chief communication tools. It also used YouTube and Flickr.

Evans says Spirit’s communications team made a case to management that it needed to reach out immediately, particularly to the media, “so that all of our local stakeholders wouldn’t panic.”

“One of the best results of the week was that our stock did not take a major hit even after that EF-3 tornado.”

He says the company learned lessons from the crisis as well.

“The one audience we didn’t spend (time) keeping up to date was an internal audience at other Spirit sites around the world. They were hungrier for information on a daily basis than we thought they would. They felt left out.”

Evans says the company is using some social media more these days than it used to.

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You don’t say

“Your heart just might grow 3 sizes.”

– A tweet from Heartspring invoking the Grinch to encourage volunteers for this weekend’s Lights on the Lake

You don’t say

“That is an unintended consequence and benefit.”

Todd Ramsey of Apples & Arrows about how the ad agency has cleverly allowed clients to take over its Twitter posts to give them some exposure and give the agency a social media break

Wesley Medical Center has a mysterious tweet about Obama

WICHITA — There was a rather unusual tweet from Wesley Medical Center’s Twitter account Wednesday evening.

Sandwiched between tweets about OB/GYNs and medical newsletters was this tweet:

“@seanhannity Go to Belinda Petitte Facebook. SO SICK OF OBAMA”

The tweet remained on Wesley’s Twitter account most of Thursday. When Have You Heard? contacted Wesley spokesman Paul Petitte about it, he had several immediate responses.

He said he couldn’t see the tweet. Then he said that perhaps his wife somehow did it. Finally, he wondered why it might be news.

After seeing a screen shot of the tweet supplied by Have You Heard?, Petitte replied via e-mail.

“Thanks for alerting us to this Tweet. We are uncertain how this statement arrived on the Twitter account. Whoever hacked in has since deleted it. We since followed protocol and changed our passwords to prevent further unauthorized statements.”

Sandra Denneler’s pinata cookies attract attention from thousands, including Pee-wee Herman and the Huffington Post

WICHITA — She’s not going to quit her day job just yet, but Wichita State University art director Sandra Denneler is getting a lot of attention for some pinata cookies she created.

It was Cinco de Mayo 2011 when she first made the now-famous cookies. The year before, Denneler had made mini taco cookies that co-workers loved. She wanted to top them, so she created three-in-one pinata cookies. The middle cookie is hollow and spills mini M&Ms when broken.

Sometime in the last year, someone pinned Denneler’s recipe on Pinterest, and word spread.

More recently, the SheKnows food blog asked Denneler to create a tutorial on how to make the cookies.

So far, more than 40,000 people have “liked” it on Facebook, and more than 188,000 have pinned it on Pinterest.

“It was kind of weird because all these other blogs started posting it,” Denneler says.

The Huffington Post called this week and wanted to feature the recipe as well.

Even Pee-wee Herman commented on it on Facebook and Twitter.

“Oh, god, I was thrilled and excited and just laughing out loud because I thought of all people in the world, I never thought Pee-wee Herman would be a fan of mine,” Denneler says.

Her favorite comment came from one of his fans, though.

Denneler says the fan wrote, “Martha has finally been upstaged.”

“I was like, ‘Yes!’”

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You don’t say

“Does that mean that by next year someone might be able to pick up a 737 on ‘Storage Wars’? : )”

– Nine-year-old Reylynn Caster’s response on Twitter after seeing the news that Spirit AeroSystems needs temporary warehouse storage

You don’t say

“I said, ‘Oh, no, no, this is too much fun.’ Plus they wouldn’t say what I’ll say.”

Wink Hartman Sr. on having a new Twitter account (@WinkHartmanKS) that he’ll do himself instead of taking an offer from a couple of employees to do it for him

You don’t say

“We had the Dot com bubble ’95-’00, the Housing bubble ’97-’07, & now Wichita has the Frozen yogurt bubble of ’11.”

Byron Watkins, advisor associate with Waddell & Reed, joking on Twitter about all the new yogurt places