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Travel Junkie opens west-side office

WICHITA — The Travel Junkie now has east and west side offices.

Jay and Becca Dill started the company five years ago. In October, they hired Lori Stone as a travel specialist, which helped with their expanding business but caused a very crowded office.

They had space in Office Park Plaza at 4601 E. Douglas near Douglas and Oliver, but there wasn’t room to expand there. They’re still using the shared office space that Office Park Plaza offers to meet with east-side clients.

“They call it a virtual office space,” Stone says.

Now, they also have space in the Re/Max Realty Professionals building at 10100 W. Maple near Maple and Maize Road.

“We just got everything functioning,” Stone says of the new space.

“It will allow us to … visit clients at both locations,” Stone says of serving the east and west sides.

The Travel Junkie specializes in destination weddings and honeymoons, but Stone says it’s a full-service agency.

“We’ll do anything.”

Air Capital RV Park opens at 47th Street South and Emporia

Bill Morris with the sign he's installing at his new Air Capital RV Park.

WICHITA — Almost a year ago to the day, Bill Morris told Have You Heard? about his plans to bring the Air Capital RV Park to 47th Street South and Emporia.

It didn’t happen this spring as planned, but Morris recently received his certificate of operation and opened the park.

“We’ve still got things we’ll probably never finish doing,” Morris says. “There’s always something you want to add or do.”

Morris, a real estate developer who also was a mechanical contractor for 35 years, has owned and operated mobile home parks here in the past and an RV park in Texas.

He’s owned the land where the park is for more than two decades.

Morris says his park, which can accommodate 90 RVs, is entirely concrete and sod grass. He says that’s unusual for Wichita, which mainly has dirt and gravel parks.

Part of Morris’ inspiration for the park came from his own RV travels.

“From running all over the country and seeing what’s available,” he says.

He says improvements to the Kansas Turnpike exchange in that area also help make the timing right for the park, which is about a block off of the highway.

Morris says he’s been working with turnpike officials to take the top spot on a sign along the highway to attract guests.

He likes that the new Kansas Star Casino is just down the road in Mulvane, too.

When announcing Air Capital RV Park last year, Morris boldly declared, “It’ll be the nicest one in this part of the country.”

He thinks it lived up to his prediction.

“It turned out great”

Overland Charters and Custom Lawn Service to have new corporate headquarters at K-96 and Hillside

UPDATED — After years of sacrificing by working out of a mobile office, Kelly Fankhauser is ready to build a new headquarters for his and Custom Lawn Service businesses.

“We’re building a heck of a nice building,” he says.

Fankhauser bought two acres at K-96 and Hillside across the interstate from the Kansas Humane Society five years ago. While saving to build the headquarters, he’s been running his businesses out of temporary space there.

His new 14,000-square-foot building will have a two-story office and four service bays.

Fankhauser expects it will take five months to build.

“We are going to continue to grow quite a bit after completion,” he says. “This is a pretty high-dollar location for this type of business.”, which opened in 1997, charters motor coaches. Custom Lawn Service, which started in 1977, does lawn fertilization, weed control and tree and shrub care.

Fankhauser likes being along K-96 for the visibility.

“I guess the main reason why I roughed it without a shop facility is I just didn’t want to be off the beaten track where nobody knew where I was.”

You don’t say

“It’s not like we have thousands of customers who are lining up to go see this ball of twine.”

Bill Miller of New York-based CheapOair on the company’s advertising strategy for quirky vacation destination packages, including the largest ball of twine in Cawker City, because “you just don’t know what somebody might be interested in”

You don’t say

“Well, I’m old and gray and looking forward to filling up my bucket list.”

Travel Center owner Arlin Hill on why he’s closing his business (and referring calls to Sunflower Travel)

You don’t say

“So many bars, in fact, that (Carry) Nation must be rolling in her grave.”

– From a New York Post story on Kansas this week, which mentions what a “surprisingly ‘happening’ ” place Wichita is with lots of bars

Kansas’ own version of Mapquest

mapMy husband and I were taking a little Memorial Day jaunt to a part of the state we’d never been to yesterday, and we discovered something really cool about Kansas.

If you’re lost, all you have to do is pull out a map. You don’t even have to look at it.

While I was pumping gas at a station less than a mile from our house, Joe pulled out a map to check where we were going. The guy at the next pump immediately asked if we were lost.

Then, once on the road, we encountered a roadblock and had no clue what to do. We stopped, pulled out a map and barely had opened it when a nice couple pulled up and asked if we needed help.

I’ve occasionally lamented that there aren’t more places close to Wichita to visit, but I do appreciate the people I’ve met along the way.