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Hallelujah, even SNL loves the Shockers

WICHITA — Wichita and Wichita State University have taken a bit of gentle razzing since the Shockers’ NCAA tournament loss.

There was Jimmy Fallon, who teased that the Shockers said they were able to focus on winning because, “We play in Wichita. Not many distractions here.”

Stephen Colbert joked, “March Madness comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lion who lost 10 grand betting on Wichita State.”

The city and the team have been shown a lot of love, too, especially in a funny Saturday Night Live skit over the weekend.

Actor Jay Pharoah reprised his role impersonating animated ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith.

“When this whole thing started, I picked Wichita State to win it all, and I’m still picking Wichita State,” Pharoah, as Smith, stated.

“Now a lot of experts will tell you that Wichita State was eliminated from the tournament but that their season is over.”

With each word, Pharoah then sounded more like a preacher.

“But I have a feeling, and mark my words, that Wichita State will come back to win the entire NCAA tournament and an NBA championship. Mark it down. Hallelujah!”

Subaru of Wichita gets worldwide attention for response to union sign

WICHITA — Subaru of Wichita is getting the proverbial kind of advertising that money can’t buy since it retaliated against the “Shame on Subaru” sign the United Brotherhood Of Carpenters And Joiners Of America Local 201 planted in front of the dealership last week.

“It’s been a wild ride,” says Aaron Wirtz, who handles marketing and media for Subaru.

As Have You Heard? reported last week, the union is upset with Subaru for not hiring a union contractor for part of a remodeling job. Subaru responded with its own sign that plays off the “Shame” by saying, “For having unbeatable prices.” It also took to the Internet to share its side of the situation.

Since the story has been picked up by other news outlets, Wirtz says the dealership on East Kellogg has been inundated with attention from around the world. That included an interview that Fox News did with Wirtz on Wednesday morning.

“Can you believe that?” he says.

Wirtz says while the attention has been great, it’s not necessarily going to translate into selling a lot more cars. He points to an e-mail from someone in New Zealand.

“In the case of New Zealand, we’re probably not going to ship a new Subaru there,” he says. “However, I do feel like this has worked out about as good as it could have.”

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‘What is wheat, Alex?’ Wellington makes ‘Jeopardy’

WICHITA — Shelley Hansel turned on her phone Friday shortly after her plane touched down with the intent of calling a friend for a ride.

Instead, the executive director of the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau was met with insistent dings of messages alerting her to big news for her city.

“Wellington was one of the questions on ‘Jeopardy,’” Hansel says of Friday’s show. “It was so hilarious.”

The statement was: “The amber rolling fields of Wellington, Kansas make it this grain ‘capital of the world.’”

“That would be, ‘What is wheat, Alex?’” Hansel says.

She says she’s thrilled that her hometown was chosen for a question.

“You know you’ve made it.”

However, Hansel says, “What’s interesting is that’s actually somewhat incorrect.”

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You don’t say

“No one has been able to copy her style. This is just another testament to that.”

Billie Ayers of Dessin Fournir, the Plainville design company that acquired vintage designer Rose Cumming’s company in 2005 and licensed her banana leaf pattern on wallpaper for use in the Black Eyed Pea’s video “I Gotta Feeling” and now on curtains in the new Disney movie “Saving Mr. Banks

Wichita physician to be featured on Discovery Channel’s “Monsters Inside Me”

WICHITA — Halloween may be over, but there are still monsters lurking about, though these ones generally are invisible.

Animal Planet’sMonsters Inside Me” examines bizarre medical cases. Monday’s episode features a patient who was treated by Wichita physician Keck Hartman.

“It’s kind of like a medical mystery thing,” Hartman says of the show, which often features cases with “a high yuck factor.”

“They’ve profiled some pretty interesting cases from a medical standpoint.”

A couple of years ago, Hartman, who is an infectious disease specialist, treated someone who had hantavirus. That’s a virus carried by mice and transmitted through their feces. Hartman says it’s scary because of how fast it can make someone seriously sick.

“It’s a very unusual infection to acquire in this part of the country,” Hartman says.

The virus can be deadly.

“As I’m sure the program will reveal, the patient survived and recovered,” Hartman says.

“I just helped manage the case,” he says. Hartman gives credit for the diagnosis to Wichita nephrologist Howard Day.

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You don’t say

“It’s like having company. You’re excited, but at the same time, you can’t wait till they leave.”

John “JetmanThien on the Travel Channel’s “BBQ Crawl” show shooting his lunch business Wednesday at Jet Bar-B-Q

You don’t say

“It’s really like a T-shirt shop.”

A-OK Pawn Shop owner Bruce Harris, in Las Vegas for a meeting, remarking on how the shop that’s the setting for TV show “Pawn Stars” seems to sell more T-shirts to fans than anything

Former Mel Hambelton Ford pitch man is now the face of Davis-Moore Nissan

WICHITA – Jeff Horning is still selling cars in commercials, but it’s no longer for Mel Hambelton Ford.

The former face of the company is now general manager at Davis-Moore Nissan.

That wasn’t Horning’s plan when he left Mel Hambelton on April 30.

Horning says he was offered a partnership with a Phoenix auto group and was making plans to move there.

“After one of five airplane rides there … I think the momentum of that started taking a toll on my family.”

He decided to remain in Wichita. In addition to being general manager for Davis-Moore Nissan, Horning will do commercial work for the company.

Horning’s former boss, Mel Hambelton general manager Phil Nightingale, is now the pitch person for that dealership. He’s bringing his own low-key spin to the job.

“You know, everybody’s got their different personality,” Nightingale says.

“I’m going to be who I am,” he says. “I’m not going to be funny. I’m not going to be loud. I’m going to talk to people the way I’d like to be talked to.”


You don’t say

“Didn’t know the French were pogo stick illiterate.”

— An e-mail from Wichita producer Bob Walterscheid on a commercial he shot in the ’70s for a Chance Rides pogo stick that a French producer would like to use to help educate viewers on the history of pogo sticks

You don’t say

“We kind of laughed about the fact that we’re going to be as shocked as everyone else is. They could be setting them on fire for all we know.”

Beth Tully of Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates on the Shocker-themed chocolates and other products that she and WSU gave to “Mike & Mike” to use on the ESPN 2 show Friday