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University of Kansas tops best universities to work for

WICHITA — Usually college rankings are all about how good a school is for students., which examines careers and companies, has a new study that will be published on its site Friday that takes a look at what colleges are like for the people who work there.

The University of Kansas is the No. 1 best place to work in the ranking of more than 100 large schools nationally.

H. David Wilson, dean of the KU School of Medicine-Wichita, isn’t surprised.

“I can tell you the people that work here are really a happy bunch,” he says. “We come to work because of the camaraderie, because of the support of the university and because of the mission.”

He says there is minimal turnover.

“People know that they could probably make more money working somewhere else,” Wilson says.

There are intangibles that trump dollars, though.

“People feel like we’re doing something important.” says Wichitans know how to pinch pennies

WICHITA — has named Wichita one of the Top 20 Most Frugal U.S. Cities.

The Web site offers coupons and other savings to consumers.

The site’s savings index ranks cities of 300,000 or more people on how they compare using coupons printed from the site and the network.

Wichita ranks No. 19. The site says Wichitans are one and a half times more likely to use coupons than residents of other cities.

The site says the top coupon users reside in the South and the Midwest.

Golly, gee, Wichita is No. 1 again


Aw, shucks. Wichita is at the top of another list. This time, the city has been named No. 1 for the best American values.

That’s according to Florida-based Newsmax Magazine and the “Today” show’s travel editor, Peter Greenberg.

Last fall, Greenberg rather infamously said Wichita may be the Air Capital of the World but our “air service sucks.” He obviously likes a lot of other things about the city, though.

According to Newsmax, Wichita ranks particularly high for family friendliness and culture. Wholesomeness, devotion to religion and community activities are also high on the list. Hospitality and business friendliness come in next. Education and scenic beauty were our lowest-scoring points, but everything added up to No. 1 overall.

“This is one of America’s most livable cities, with a historic downtown that helps bring the community together,” the magazine says. “The city’s affordability, thriving industry, and accessible culture are the bonus elements that make it stand out from the crowd.”

Kansas City, Mo., is No. 18. At No. 19, Edmond, Okla., was the only other Midwest city to make the list.