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Dole Fresh Vegetables names meat-loving Wichita a top salad city

WICHITA — Wichita loves its beef, of course, but apparently it’s a salad town, too.

Dole Fresh Vegetables, a subsidiary of Dole Food, has named Wichita one of 21 “Top Salad Cities” after what it calls an “exhaustive, 18-month research effort.”

“Despite its reputation for meat and potatoes, Wichita is among the most sophisticated salad markets in the country and home to an increasing number of salad lovers,” according to a Dole press release. “Our research found that salad consumers here are much more likely to use salad as a meal or as the basis for creative new lunch and dinner entrees. From a salad standpoint, Wichita is a trendsetter.”

Dole released the study in conjunction with the launch of its reinvented salad line.

Like Wichita, other cities that made the list — such as Houston, Dallas, Louisville and Kansas City — also are known for meat like barbecue, steak and fried chicken.

Kansas: Not so neurotic

Perhaps one of the reasons Kansans are so happy is that we’re not neurotic.

On the heels of the survey that Kansas is one of the happiest states comes another finding that says we’re one of the least neurotic.

The neurotic folks — at least according this study — tend to cluster on the East Coast. The people who are known for being open are on the West Coast.

And the folks in between? Residents of the central states are conscientious, agreeable and known for their “extraversion,” which means “sociability, energy and health.”