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Beth Tully to open second Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates in Overland Park

UPDATED — Beth Tully is taking her second step toward what she perhaps only half jokingly calls world domination.

The Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates founder is opening her second store, this time in Overland Park’s Prairiefire development on West 135th Street between Nall and Lamar avenues.

“We’re going to think of Wichita as the hub and that this is the first spoke in the wheel,” Tully says.

Yes, that means she’s already thinking of other potential regional stores, though none is in the works yet.

“I think you only double the complexity of a business once, and this is it,” Tully says.

The idea, she says, is to create a template that can be reproduced.

“We’re basically going to do kind of a tweaked version of our lounge here,” Tully says of her Bradley Fair store.

Tully and her husband, Jay, opened their Wichita store in 2005 in Siena Plaza at 37th and Rock Road and then moved to Bradley Fair in 2009.

Tully says she has long thought about a second store.

“The honest truth is probably in our first year of business, way when I shouldn’t have been have been thinking of having a second location,” she says.

She knew that “as a really baby business” she couldn’t realistically do a second store then.

“We’re kind of a sophomore business now,” Tully says. “We’ve finally gotten over the hump.”

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Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique to open at Siena Plaza in a couple of weeks

Julie Breault and Sara DuLac are opening the Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique in Siena Plaza. On Breault’s lap is her dog Edward, whom she says is in desperate need of grooming.

WICHITA — If you heard about a new business that features a large purple sofa and chandelier to greet you along with a refreshment center, you might think you’ve entered a hip new bar.

If you then learned this business offers massages and blueberry facials, it would be natural to assume it was the latest spa in town.

It is – just not for humans.

Julie Breault and Sara DuLac are opening the Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique at Siena Plaza to cater to man’s best friends, whether they’re dogs or cats.

“We’re trying to really create a unique space, something unlike other grooming salons you’ll see here in Wichita,” Breault says.

There will be “all kinds of great options for the pets to get while they’re there. They’re going to be very well attended to.”

Breault is the practice manager at Heartland Animal Hospital & Play & Stay, which her husband, veterinarian Gary Breault, and her brother-in-law, veterinarian Bill Breault, own.

The two businesses will be sister companies of sorts. Heartland’s grooming business is moving to the Hairy Sofa. Pets who need vaccinations or other medical care will be transported from the Hairy Sofa to Heartland.

“We’re hoping to make it as convenient as possible – kind of a one-stop shop without being all in one stop,” Julie Breault says. “As little of time as you can run around transporting your pet the better.”

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Opticology Eyecare to open at Siena Plaza

WICHITA — Optometrist Greyson Barger is branching out on his own next month.

Barger has been with Adventure Dental & Vision for the last three years.

Now, he’s opening Opticology Eyecare at Siena Plaza at 37th North and Rock Road.

“It’ll just be me,” Barger says of his initial plans.

He’ll treat all ages, but Barger will emphasize children’s vision.

He’ll have a retail area for glasses as well.

Barger says he’ll take care of “everything from glaucoma to glasses, I guess.”

He’s starting with 2,000 square feet but hopes to expand later.

“I’d rather outgrow a spot than pay for space I’m not using.”

Orange Leaf opens Friday at Siena Plaza

WICHITA — Sean O’Brien’s first Orange Leaf is opening Friday in Siena Plaza, a Chuck Caro property at 37th and Rock.

This is Wichita’s second Orange Leaf yogurt franchise.

Jeff Finnell, the other franchisee here, opened the first Orange Leaf at the retail center at 21st and Tyler in front of the Warren Theatre in July.

O’Brien also is working to bring Orange Leaf to Caro’s strip center near the northeast corner of Central and Greenwich.

Look for a probable October opening there.

Third Orange Leaf planned for Wichita

WICHITA — On the heels of Orange Leaf opening in Wichita and a second one on its way, there’s now a third planned for the market.

Franchisee Sean O’Brien is going to bring the frozen yogurt shop to Caro Development’s strip center near the northeast corner of Central and Greenwich.

His first Orange Leaf will open at Caro’s Siena Plaza at 37th and Rock in about four weeks.

Jeff Finnell, the other Orange Leaf franchisee here, just opened Wichita’s first Orange Leaf at the retail center at 21st and Tyler in front of the Warren Theatre.

The self-serve yogurt comes in 16 flavors and has 40 toppings from which to choose.

O’Brien already has identified a couple of other potential Orange Leaf sites, but he wants to see how the first two do before signing deals for other spaces.

Look for the third Orange Leaf to open by Oct. 1.

Game Time Wine & Spirits to open at Siena Plaza

WICHITA — Aussie’s Wine & Spirits at Siena Plaza has closed, and Game Time Wine & Spirits is opening in its place.

Stacy Reed is opening the business in almost 3,000 square feet at the Caro Development property at 37th and Rock.

Reed’s sister-in-law, Shelli Reed, will manage the store.

Shelli Reed previously managed her son Seth’s K&S Liquor in Derby.

“He’s doing excellent,” Shelli Reed says. “I feel very, very comfortable starting something new.”

In addition to expanding the wine selection, including possibly adding a climate-controlled area, Shelli Reed says Game Time will have an extensive selection of import, domestic and microbrew beer.

“The liquor store has a huge cooler,” she says.

Reed says she hopes to open the store by the end of August, but it could be a bit later.

She thinks it will do well.

“It’s in a really great shopping area.”

Fizz Burgers & Bottles to open in the former Amici space at Siena Plaza

WICHITA — A planned bistro in the former Amici space at Siena Plaza isn’t going to happen, but a high-end hamburger restaurant will instead.

Scott Bergeson is opening Fizz Burgers & Bottles — at least that’s the working name — in early September at the development at 37th and Rock Road.

Siena is a Caro Development property.

Amici closed following a fire in June 2008.

“We’re starting from scratch,” Bergeson says. “It’s pretty much like a brand-new building.”

Bergeson is opening the restaurant with backing from his father, David Bergeson, a former investigator for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration who now is a consultant.

Scott Bergeson has been in the restaurant business in Wichita for two decades.

The restaurant will seat 60 inside and another 40 to 50 people on a patio.

“We want to do something simple — simple but really good,” Scott Bergeson says.

Fresh food is particularly important to him.

“We’re not even going to have a freezer in the place,” he says.

Along with burgers, Bergeson says he’ll have salads and sandwiches, all of which he hopes to add a creative twist to, though not too far out.

“Not scary, but still high end.”

Cocoa Dolce and Il Vicino to open at Bradley Fair on Monday

WICHITA — Monday is going to be a particularly tasty day at Bradley Fair.

Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates and Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza are opening their new locations next to each other there.

choc“We’re just excited — and exhausted,” says Beth Tully, the owner of Cocoa Dolce.

She’s moving the retail portion of her 4-year-old store from 1,200 square feet at Siena Plaza at 37th and Rock to 1,800 square feet at Bradley Fair at 21st and Rock.

Today is Tully’s last day in business at Siena Plaza. She reopens Monday at 10 a.m.

“We’re trying as hard as we can just to recreate in a larger scale what we had in Siena Plaza,” Tully says.

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Nut-things strikes an all-around nutty deal


Sweet Nut-things, a gift shop that Angie Hall and Shelley Riggins opened in September at Siena Plaza at 37th and Rock, now has an arrangement with the Wichita Wingnuts to sell peanuts and other treats at their games.

“We are providing all their nuts,” Hall says. She and Riggins will also sell caramel popcorn and what Hall calls other “game friendly items.”

She says the deal came about because a Wingnuts employee who gets her hair cut at Sola Salon, which is also at Sienna, learned about Nut-things and suggested an arrangement.

Hall says being at the ballpark will be great advertising for the store, “especially hitting the west side and south side of Wichita.”

There’s an exhibition game Tuesday and Hall and Riggins have to stuff 700 bags of nuts to be ready.

“Yeah,” Hall says. “What are you doing this weekend?”