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The Butler expands in Texas, closes in St. Louis

WICHITA — The Butler continues to expand even though one of its recent new markets — St. Louis — has closed.

“We just did not get the work to sustain the financial cost of it,” says founder and managing partner Adam McCollough.

The company does plumbing, water damage restoration, roofing and remodeling.

McCollough has added offices in Houston, San Antonio and, most recently, Austin. He sees a lot more promise in those markets than in St. Louis.

“Texas is a whole different situation,” he says. “Just the economy in Texas is totally different. There’s a lot more money there.

“Whether it’s $2,000 or $20,000, people are paying us when we’re done. That’s very rare.”

In other markets, including Wichita, he says banks are causing problems with insurance payments customers receive for damages at their houses.

“The mortgage companies are still holding on to a lot of money and making sure there’s a lot of red tape before releasing those funds,” McCollough says.

Instead of asking for one inspection, he says, they’re asking for two or three.

In St. Louis, McCollough says he saw people trying to do restoration work on their own and, after not being successful, encountering mold problems that insurance companies wouldn’t pay for him to fix.

“I just got tired of trying to make things work up there,” he says.

McCollough gave up after 10 months.

In addition to Wichita and Texas, where the Butler also has Dallas and Fort Worth offices, the company operates in Kansas City and Oklahoma City.

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Decker Electric owner is stunned at tax warrant, says there must be an error

WICHITA — When there’s an article about a business’ delinquent taxes, Steve Decker of Decker Electric generally doesn’t believe when people say they don’t owe money or are surprised by the warrant.

“I read these all the time, and I say, ‘Yeah, right,’ because, you know, the state doesn’t really mess up.”

Now, though, he contends it has.

Decker was stunned to get a call from The Eagle Wednesday asking about a $34,442.44 tax warrant against his business.

“They obviously have made some sort of an error,” Decker says.

“I’m really glad you’re calling me. Obviously, this is going to be a pretty good-size problem because I’m going to get all kind of calls.”

Decker says his business was audited by the state a couple of years ago. There was a question about some payments, which he says he was able to prove that aircraft companies he did work for paid to the state directly.

After that, he says he never heard anything further or if the case was closed.

“I just think that somewhere up there this slipped through the cracks,” Decker says.

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