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Home Instead Senior Care expands

WICHITA — The 2-year-old Home Instead Senior Care is expanding.

“We’re basically living on top of each other,” says Michael Steinberg, who owns the business with his wife, Ewelina.

“I have an employee whose desk is in the break room.”

When the Steinbergs started the business, they had 20 employees in the field providing meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation, errand running, assistance with personal care and companionship for seniors.

Now, there are 80 employees in the field and six at the office in about 1,300 square feet at 1919 N. Amidon. The Steinbergs are expanding into another 1,100 square feet next door.

“This will be enough space for probably the next two or three years,” Michael Steinberg says.

That may solve his space issue, but he still has another problem.

The Steinbergs moved here from Chicago, and Michael Steinberg told his wife the winter weather wouldn’t be bad.

“I was pretty sure we were done this time,” he says of wintery conditions.

Then came the April ice.

“I am in pretty big trouble with my wife.”

Doug Rupe leaves WaterWalk for Legend Senior Living

WICHITA — Doug Rupe no longer is WaterWalk’s executive vice president. He’s taken a new job with Legend Senior Living.

“Well, he just had a great opportunity to take over development,” says WaterWalk owner Jack DeBoer.

“You know, I never stand in the way,” he says. “It’s a big loss, but … he’ll be a great asset for them.”

DeBoer isn’t replacing Rupe – at least for now.

“We’re shuffling some people around a little bit,” he says. “We’re going to kind of see how it goes with the team we have.”

Pat Ayars and partners form Oxford Development Holdings to build and acquire senior centers


Jason Wiley (from left), Pat Ayars, Eric Legleiter and Chris Dennis of Oxford Development Holdings.

WICHITA — Since Key Construction fired him in January, former vice president Pat Ayars has been doing quite a bit of consulting.

Now, he and three others have formed their own company, Oxford Development Holdings, to build and acquire senior care centers.

“I’ve had more fun in the last six months than — to be frank with you — than I had in the previous 10 years,” says Ayars, who is president.

Chris Dennis, who most recently was CFO at Occidental Management, is Oxford’s CFO.

Jason Wiley, who is COO, and Eric Legleiter, who is executive vice president, have a combined 40 years in the senior housing industry with various companies in Wichita.

Ayars says through the years, he’s done a lot of work with senior housing from the construction side.

“I was always impressed with the opportunity that was available,” he says.

He says the baby boomer generation has started hitting retirement age and will peak in size in about 2030.

“There’s a huge growing need for this industry,” Ayars says.

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