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Sedgwick County fails to renew domain name, briefly loses it

WICHITA — Sedgwick County lost its website today after not renewing its domain in time.

“That kind of slipped through the cracks,” says spokeswoman Amanda Matthews. “So, yeah, it was an oops there.”

The domain expired, and Matthews says there was some kind of disconnect that the county’s IT department wasn’t sent any renewal notifications.

The site has now been renewed for the next nine years — the maximum time the county could get. Some computers may not yet show the renewed site, but it should be updated shortly.

Matthews says the county also now has an automatic renewal in place and automatic notifications for several e-mail addresses at the county.

“We’re definitely trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

You don’t say

“You’re the sheriff, and you’ve got a gun . . . so you can do whatever you want.”

— Sedgwick County Manager Bill Buchanan’s response to Sheriff Robert Hinshaw when Hinshaw asked if the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council could stay in Buchanan’s conference room to meet as long as it needed Thursday morning

You don’t say

“That’s a pretty large widget.”

– Sedgwick County Commissioner Kelly Parks’ response when a Nex-Tech Aerospace employee told commissioners Wednesday that one piece of equipment the company is moving to Wichita is as big as the commission board room