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You don’t say

“Everybody says, ‘Aren’t you excited?’ Yes, I’m hyperventilating.”

PepsiCo sales rep RaNee McKasson, who is retiring after more than 26 years and is finding she has a lot to wrap up by the end of the month

House of Schwan expands products lines and has plans to expand its building, too

WICHITA — House of Schwan, the Anheuser-Busch InBev distributor for Wichita, is expanding.

The company is breaking ground in December on a 31,000-square-foot addition to its 58,000-square-foot building at 3636 N. Comotara, where it’s been since the early 1980s.

Operations manager Mike Daniel says the reason for expansion is all the new product lines House of Schwan now carries.

“Exclusivity has just gone away,” he says of carrying only one brand. “I think everyone just looked at their markets and looked at all the different things out there that we can carry.”

Two years ago, the company began carrying energy drinks.

In the last 12 to 14 months, House of Schwan started carrying vitamin waters, flavored teas and milk. It also now offers a lot of craft beers.

“Why not have it all on one truck?” Daniel says.

He says most of the drinks are going to the same place, such as convenience stores.

Daniel says the new lines are still a small part of House of Schwan’s overall business, but their sales are growing.

“It’s going great.”

Byblos owner to take her salad dressings international

saadWICHITA — Sometimes a person’s best partner in business can be a friend.

That’s what Ilham Saad discovered.

Saad, who owns Byblos Restaurant, Catering and Imported Grocery, is going to start selling three salad dressings internationally thanks to her friend Connie Hamilton of Connie’s Cookies.

As Have You Heard? reported in June, Hamilton is now selling her cookies internationally with the help of Arthur Kerr, chief executive of Kerr Enterprises in New York.

Kerr is in sales, marketing and supply chain management and represents several artisan products, such as gourmet popcorn, internationally in places like Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Hamilton has been friends with Saad for almost 20 years and remembered Saad first bottling her dressings 15 years ago.

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