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Urban Oasis Yoga Studio to move to Minisa Corner in Riverside

WICHITA — Urban Oasis Yoga Studio is moving to a new urban setting.

Jennie Cooper, who bought the Delano business in June, is moving it from 535 W. Douglas to Minisa Corner at 13th and Bitting where Riverside Cafe is.

“I love that I’ll be in more of the community with the schools and everything around,” Cooper says.

Her current Delano space, where she’ll be through the end of the month, is 3,000 square feet.

“It’s insane,” Cooper says of how large it is.

The new space, which opens Feb. 1, is about 1,000 square feet.

With the move, there will be additional classes and new schedules. Cooper says she offers classes “from the womb to the tomb,” including prenatal, beginning and more advanced classes.

Class sizes are small, but Cooper says, “We have a very full schedule.”

Jack’s North Hi Carryout for auction again

UPDATED — After decades and decades with only a couple of owners, Jack’s North Hi Carryout has been in a fairly constant state of transition for the last decade.

Current operator Austin Herron has hired McCurdy Auction to auction the building across from North High School on April 11.

“He is planning on going back to school,” says Ramona Herron, who bought the building in 2010 for her grandson to run the restaurant. She paid $116,600 for it.

Herron says her grandson is helping her with an ill family member as well.

“He thought, well, he can’t do all three,” she says.

Even before he decided to sell, Ramona Herron says her grandson fielded inquiries from people interested in buying the piece of Wichita history. The restaurant opened in 1951 and was an immediate hit.

“There’s been a lot of people … come in and ask him about it,” Herron says. “A lot of them have tried to get the money but can’t.”

The restaurant has been closed for several days for spring break but is reopening Wednesday.

Herron says her grandson plans to keep the restaurant open until the auction.

And if it doesn’t sell?

“Well, he’ll keep it open until it does.”

Former Planet Hair stylists open Studio 11 Hair and Beauty in Riverside

WICHITA — A couple of former Planet Hair stylists opened their own salon March 4.

Jaime Pratt and Carla Sumner opened Studio 11 Hair and Beauty in the building next to the new R Coffeehouse – formerly Riverside Perk – at 1136 N. Bitting.

The 500-square-foot space is attached to the restaurant.

Pratt says she and Sumner looked to numerology for inspiration for the salon name. She says the number 11 is significant to them.

“It’s kind of a really goofy,” Pratt says. “It means new beginnings, and I needed a new beginning. … I was just ready to do my own thing, mostly.”

The numbers in their address add up to 11, and the business is on the corner of 11th and Bitting.

Another former Planet Hair stylist, Tricia Huntley, will rent space at Studio 11.

Pratt says the salon will carry Eufora products.

“Not a lot of people have it around here.”

She says the product line uses aloe vera as its base.

“It smells great, and it’s really cool.”

R Coffeehouse to open within a week

WICHITA — It’s taken longer than he expected, but Angelo Rodriguez and his family are almost ready to open R Coffeehouse in the former Riverside Perk space.

Rodriguez says the holdup was a “grand-scale facelift.”

“We wanted to do it right,” he says.

The business may open by late this week.

If not, Rodriguez says, “We’ll be opening the beginning of next week for sure.”

R Coffeehouse to replace the Riverside Perk

WICHITA — The Riverside Perk has a new owner, but the popular hang-out spot will no longer be known as the Perk.

Angelo Rodriguez and his family are renaming it R Coffeehouse. The R is for Riverside.

Rodriguez says he likes the sound of, “Hey, let’s go to R Coffeehouse,” as in “our coffeehouse.”

The Perk closed late last month after 17 years in business.

“We just want to do stuff a little bit different than it has been in the past here,” Rodriguez says.

That includes expanding the menu to include more sandwiches, salads and ready-to-go items. On the weekends, there will be special items such as tamales and barbecue. Rodriguez says he’ll keep some Perk items as well.

“We’re going to take some spins off some of the most popular things.”

Rodriguez and his family own the Red Barn at Lake Afton and also are opening the new Anna Murdoc’s Cafe in Sutton Place downtown. Rodriguez will run R Coffeehouse, and his brother, Gerard, will run Anna Murdoc’s.

“We’re pretty serious about … our taste buds,” Angelo Rodriguez says of his family. “Our passion is about providing good service (and) good food.”

He plans to do old-fashioned sundaes, banana splits and Italian sodas on the south side of the building.

“It’s so underutilized,” he says of that area. “It has been for years.”

Rodriguez is working with PrairieFire Coffee Roasters on several custom blends.

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Lights Salon Studio to open in Riverside

WICHITA — Jen Kimble has seen the light.

After a year off from the salon business, which she’d previously been in for about 16 years, she’s preparing to open a new salon in Riverside called Lights Salon Studio.

“This is just the perfect location,” Kimble says of the space she’s opening next to the Riverside Perk at 11th Street and Bitting next month.

Kimble also is an artist, which is what she’s been focusing on for the last year, and she takes a lot of inspiration from light.

She thought about that and working with hair color, which is what led to the Lights name.

“It’s so important to have lighting,” Kimble says. “When I draw I use a light table.”

In addition to having two styling chairs, Kimble will have a small studio in which she can do her art.

She also plans to be on the Final Friday circuit and have regular exhibits in her shop.

Kimble will lease her second chair to stylists who might like to rent by the day.

“It’s just really helpful to have a place you could just do five clients,” Kimble says.

With day rentals, she says, “It’s a possibility to have seven employees in a very small space.”

To kick off her Sept. 10 opening, Kimble is going to offer a $60 cut and color.

“I know that can’t be beat,” she says. “Not in this town. Not anywhere, really.”

You don’t say

“It was just amazing how strangers . . . would stop by and recount stories and just talk about how they would enjoy the place anyway, but they loved the idea of using the old name.”

Kirk David, who has decided to keep the name Squeezer’s Palace for his new Riverside business despite objections from the founder of the original Squeezer’s from the ’70s

Squeezer’s Palace is gone before it’s ever back, but a newly named “goody shack” will take its place

WICHITA — Feelings of 1970s peace and love are part of what inspired Kirk David to reopen Squeezer’s Palace, but less-than-happy feelings on the part of the former Squeezer’s owner are causing David to change the name.

“When I first thought of this, for me it was a distant memory,” David says of reopening the Riverside “goody shack.”

“I even wondered if anybody would remember it.”

He checked and found there were no claims to the name. David then intended to try to contact the original Squeezer’s owner, but Have You Heard? called first and publicized the story.

Squeezer’s Palace founder EdgarBuddyCurry isn’t pleased.

“It seems wrong,” says Curry, an investor still living in Wichita. “It’s going to be disappointing for people who expect it to be Squeezer’s Palace because it probably isn’t going to be.”

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Squeezer’s Palace to reopen in Riverside

WICHITA — Longtime Wichitans will remember the former Squeezer’s Palace in Riverside, and now Kirk David hopes to introduce a new generation to the concept.

“It’s really kind of a goody shack,” he says of the business. “Squeezer’s was primarily known for its ice cream and fruit cups.”

David, who is 55, says, “People my age and older have fond memories of this place. It was . . . very unique, very hippie. It was just one of those places.”

The new Squeezer’s Palace will be in the 144-square-foot building across from the Riverside Perk at 11th Street and Bitting.

The original Squeezer’s Palace was several blocks from there.

“The whole deal with it was really the feel of it,” David says. “What it is is kind of old hippie-dippy kind of graphics.”

He’s also going for a look “that exudes peace and love and all that kind of stuff.”

A menu from the original Squeezer's Palace.

He got the idea a couple of years ago when someone showed him a former Squeezer’s Palace menu.

“I looked at it, and I thought, why couldn’t something like that work now?”

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