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2 Attics Antique Mall and Estate Liquidation Services to downsize

WICHITA — In 2011, Kirby Melugin told Have You Heard? he was expanding his 2 Attics Antique Mall and Estate Liquidation Services to make more room for vendors.

Now, he’s downsizing his space near 61st and Hydraulic in Park City to give himself a little bit of breathing room.

“When it’s just me, it’s just kind of hard to take care of everything,” he says.

In addition to having the store, Melugin says he’s been doing a lot of on-site estate sales.

He says he’s decided to keep the 5,000 square feet he added in 2011 because it’s a little larger than the space he originally opened.

“The main thing is, we’re not closing. We’re just downsizing.”

After Labor Day, Melugin is going to start closing the store on Mondays and Tuesdays. Now, he’s open seven days a week.

“I need a day off,” he says.

“I’m going to work smarter, let’s just put it that way.”

Echo Hills developer Mike Loveland tells Park City chamber he’ll have “something of significance” to announce soon

WICHITA — Mike Loveland is quiet to the point of silent about his deals, and it wasn’t much different Wednesday when he agreed to speak to the Park City Chamber of Commerce about his Echo Hills project.

“You said a whole bunch of stuff without saying anything,” one attendee said to Loveland on his way out the door.

Loveland did share one little-known detail about the 80-acre project northwest of Interstate 135 and 53rd Street North in Park City.

“I was looking for a site for a nighttime golf course,” he said of how he first started looking at the land around 2000.

He said it then occurred to him what an incredible retail site it would make. Loveland says it took a while, but he closed on the land in 2010, which he says wasn’t a great time to start attracting interest.

“I wish I could have made it go faster,” he said.

“In ’12 they started talking again,” he said of potential retail tenants.

Loveland said he’d been close to a big deal for an anchor tenant.

“I‘m not saying who it was,” he said. But he added that “Cabela’s beat ’em to the punch” when it announced it would open at Regency Lakes in Wichita.

Loveland said he’s now close on another possible anchor tenant, which he thinks he has an almost 90 percent chance of landing, along with another one that he thinks is a 50-50 chance.

“Those anchors have such an effect,” he said of attracting smaller tenants.

He expects to announce “something of significance” within a month.

“We’re really close. I wish I could tell you who they are.”

Loveland said attracting major retailers to that area is a battle similar to what Derby once faced.

“You had to beg people to come down to Derby, Kansas,” he said.

That, of course, changed in a big way with retailers such as Lowe’s, Target and Kohl’s opening there.

“That’s what I’m in hopes of here in Echo Hills,” Loveland said.

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You don’t say

“We know you’re a Democrat.”

– Park City administrator Jack Whitson, teasing the city’s chamber president, registered Republican Dean Frankenbery, about a misprint that said Rep. Mike Pompom, not Pompeo, would be the group’s next speaker

Lytton’s Furniture in Park City to close

WICHITA — Instead of moving to a new location as they once planned, Lytton’s Furniture owners Sidney and Scott Francis have decided to close their Park City store.

“We’re selling off our inventory,” Sidney Francis says.

The store opened more than three years ago at 1600 E. 61st St.

About this time last year, the couple faced a tax delinquency, and Scott Francis said the store didn’t generate enough traffic.

The two then started looking for new space outside of Park City.

“It’s just been hard finding a place,” Sidney Francis says.

They needed a larger but economically priced building with a dock, and it had to be in an area with good traffic.

“We were trying to see what would happen in the last quarter of the year,” Sidney Francis says. “We kind of put an ultimatum on ourselves.”

They decided if they didn’t see improvement in the economy, they would close.

Fisher says she’s not sure how long it will take, but the store will remain open until the inventory is gone.

Wheelhouse Sports indoor baseball and softball facility to open in Park City

WICHITA — The Balls-n-Strikes franchise opening in Derby isn’t going to be the only new indoor baseball and softball practice facility in the area.

Jon and Dawn Stiglitz are opening Wheelhouse Sports in 10,000 square feet at 6650 N. Broadway in Park City.

The two have a trophy and award engraving business, Innovative Laser Imaging, that they’ve been running out of their basement. They decided a home-based business wasn’t working as well as they wanted, so they’re going to incorporate that into Wheelhouse as well.

Jon Stiglitz says they got the Wheelhouse name from a baseball term for when a pitcher throws a ball into a hitter’s power zone “and he basically cranks it out.”

Wheelhouse will have six batting cages that feature video simulation of a pitcher winding up and throwing a ball.

“When you’re standing there hitting, it looks like there’s somebody up there throwing the ball to you,” Stiglitz says.

The pitches could be curveballs, fastballs or “anything – you name it,” he says.

There also will be a couple of pitching tunnels.

Stiglitz says he and his wife purchased 14 acres in part so they could also have a golf driving range behind Wheelhouse.

“Well, that, and we got a screamin’ deal on the land,” he says.

S&J Construction is the contractor.

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Park City approves sale of 40 acres for a new athletic complex

WICHITA — The City Council in Park City tonight approved the sale of 40 acres of land north and west of 61st Street and Broadway for a new athletic complex.

“It’s been a 5-year dream of ours to create that entity for them,” says Barry Newell, owner of Rangers Baseball Academy. He’s also part of the company that owns Walter Johnson League Baseball.

He’s been working with the city for several years to build about nine ballfields, one of which will be a stadium.

Kansas Paving is partnering with him on the deal, which is for about $200,000 plus another $100,000 in road improvements.

“He finally was able to pull everything together,” says Jack Whitson, Park City administrator.

Newell and Kansas Paving will move Rangers Baseball Academy, which helps children improve their games, and rename it at the new complex.

Also, the Park City Rangers, one of two teams Newell owns in the Walter Johnson college league, will play in Park City for the first time under the deal.

That’s part of what led to it.

“We told him that, you know, unless he starts playing in Park City . . . we’re going to quit funding him,” Whitson says. “It doesn’t do much good to fund a team with our name that doesn’t play in our town.”

Newell says he understands that.

“That is a big caveat for them.”

He says he also feels like there’s a need for more fields in the Park City area.

Still, after years of fighting for this — with changes to the economy and Park City government along the way — he can’t quite believe it’s happening.

“It’s a little surreal now,” Newell says.

“It’s been past life support. It’s been dead so many times.”

He says it might be one of those careful-what-you-wish-for situations.

“I’ve got a huge challenge before me now,” he says.

“I’ve got to go out and deliver.”

2 Attics Antique Mall & Estate Liquidation Services expands in Park City

WICHITA — Who couldn’t use a little more attic space?

Kirby Melugin for one.

He opened 2 Attics Antique Mall & Estate Liquidation Services in Park City in April 2010 and already is expanding.

He’s able to expand near 61st and Hydraulic since the Park City Public Library relocated.

When renovation is complete, 2 Attics will have 9,000 square feet, which will make room for another 30 vendors.

Melugin already has 70 percent of the new space leased.

“It would be nice to get back to a waiting list,” he says.

A waiting list for vendors was common before he had the expanded space.

Melugin says it helps that Park City is known for its antiques.

“It’s a feel-good activity,” he says of collecting and decorating.

There’s no room left to expand where he’s at, but Melugin says that’s OK.

“I’ll be good for a while.”

Lytton’s Furniture to move from Park City

WICHITA — Last month, Have You Heard? quoted Scott Francis, owner of Lytton’s Furniture in Park City, as saying, “There’s danger of every business closing every day.”

That was in response to a tax delinquency his 2½-year-old business is facing.

Francis says he’s in it for the long haul but not at his current location.

“The traffic is just not there,” he says of his store at 1600 E. 61st Street.

His lease is up in September.

Francis is looking at three potential new sites, none of which is in Park City.

He hopes to sell his entire inventory before moving so he can start fresh.

“We’re going to narrow things down and not make the same mistakes we have in the past.”

You don’t say

“We decided to stop working for the man and be the man.”

Nathan Zaricki, who opened Hamburger Heroes in Park City six months ago with childhood buddy Joshua Sams

Papa John’s near 21st and Amidon closes; New location could serve Valley Center and Park City

pizzaWICHITA — The Papa John’s near 21st and Amidon has closed, but almost everyone in that delivery area will be served by two existing stores until a new one opens.

“We’re trying to find another location,” says Terry Newman, who is partners in the business with Frank Carney.

This Papa John’s was open almost 10 years, but Newman says the rent was rising too much to continue to stay.

He says this could be an opportunity to move farther north and begin serving Valley Center and Park City.

“We’ve been looking all around,” Newman says.

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