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WICHITA — has named Wichita one of the Top 20 Most Frugal U.S. Cities.

The Web site offers coupons and other savings to consumers.

The site’s savings index ranks cities of 300,000 or more people on how they compare using coupons printed from the site and the network.

Wichita ranks No. 19. The site says Wichitans are one and a half times more likely to use coupons than residents of other cities.

The site says the top coupon users reside in the South and the Midwest.

You don’t say

“It was the perfect afternoon tea and cookie break . . . and by tea I mean Sweet Tea and the mother of all cookies!”

— TV cooking star Paula Deen’s comment on Wichitan Juliann Mathews’ holiday whoopie pies, the recipes for which are published this month at

Online store Chapter 34 to sell designer goods

tonya2WICHITA — Tonya Harge says she’s giddy about opening an online business next month, though it has its roots in something sad.

Harge previously worked in senior and child care, but then she lost her grandmother and mother in a short period of time.

“You really can’t care for others if you don’t take care of yourself first,” Harge says.

So she took time off and traveled abroad.

Her travels gave Harge the idea for Chapter 34, an online boutique for designer products.

“It’s the new chapter in my life,” Harge says. “I’m creating a one-stop shop for designer goods.”

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WICHITA — SMS Media Partners has debuted its second online radio station and is on its way to launching at least one or two more.

“We are targeting all the people who are office workers that are sitting in front of their computer all day,” says Matt Johnston, who is partners in the company with Steve Mills.

The two started in late May.

This week, they launched, a light urban format.

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Wichita now has its own House Band — for musical equipment, that is

WICHITA — You might call Brock Jabara the leader of a band, but it’s not one you’ll hear around Wichita.

Jabara, who has been in the audio and music industry for three decades, has a new company called House Band.

“It’s a large endeavor,” he says.

And an involved one.

Jabara manufactures musical equipment and will sell it through

“It’s still clunky,” he says of the site, which is still in the works.

Customers can order equipment directly from the site, but ideally Jabara wants them to use it to connect with dealers in their areas.

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You don’t say

WICHITA — “I thought that was one of the things that was so great about me.”

— Former KSN, Channel 3, anchorwoman Anita Cochran, known for saying whatever pops into her head, who now can do just that with “That’s What I Really Wanted to Say” and “Breaking News . . . I’m Broke,” two new segments on says Kansans are happy


Are you happy?

Statistically speaking, there’s a good chance you are because Kansas apparently is the country’s third-happiest state.

So says in its new Happiness Index.

Nebraska ranks No. 1, and Iowa is No. 2. The Web site “suggests that the Midwest is the main source of financial happiness” nationally.

The index is “all about which states are best weathering the current economic storm,” according to the site, which looked at things like debt, employment, household income and foreclosures. The site will update the list monthly.

Need proof of happy Kansans? Check out’s gallery of happy people. You can also share your own happy photos.