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Cybertron International to open Oklahoma IT office in first regional expansion

WICHITA — Kansas, Egypt and Oklahoma all have something new in common.

Each is home to Cybertron International, a Wichita-based computer manufacturer and IT service provider that’s now expanding into Edmond.

“This is our first regional expansion,” says Bill Ramsey, chief technology officer.

“We chose Edmond because it’s a pretty up-and-coming area in Oklahoma City,” Ramsey says. “It’s a fast reach to any part of that city.”

Ramsey says Cybertron is one of the largest computer manufacturers in Kansas and one of the top 15 in the country. Ramsey’s three partners, Ahmed Abdelaziz, Shadi Marcos and Emad Mekhail, met at Wichita State University and founded the company in 1997. It now has about 90 employees, 80 of whom are in Wichita.

Ramsey became a partner two years ago when the business acquired his company, the Bill Guy Technology Solutions. With the acquisition, Cybertron began offering IT services. That’s what the Edmond office will do.

“Oklahoma is our first stop, basically,” Ramsey says.

He says the company is wanting to develop a repeatable process for starting new offices.

“We have plans for future expansion,” Ramsey says. “This was the one that made the most sense initially.”

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Fire causes small amount of damage to the same Warren theater hit by a tornado

WICHITA — Bill Warren claims he isn’t worried about locusts, but perhaps he should be.

His IMAX theater in Moore, Okla. – the same one that was hit by a tornado in May – had a fire Sunday night that did about $10,000 in damage to the theater’s roof.

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Warren says. “It could have been a big deal.”

An air vent motor caught fire, he says, though it’s still not clear what caused it.

“We don’t know if maybe the fan got some debris in it from the storm,” Warren says.

He says it could have been electrical damage that didn’t immediately show up.

Whatever it was, Warren says he feels nothing but lucky.

“To be honest with you, I feel very fortunate,” he says.

He knows the tornado hurt other businesses in his immediate area much worse than his.

Warren says he wondered if movie sales would return to what they were before the tornado, but he says even those have been good.

“I never had a theater shut down maybe other than a day of my entire career,” he says.

The theater shut down for eight days.

“I just didn’t know if there would be some lingering effect of people going elsewhere.”

That hasn’t happened, Warren says.

All the way around, he says, “If you think about it, we were lucky.”

So the threat of locusts – or any other natural or man-made disasters – isn’t a concern for Warren.

“Not even close.”

Larry Steckline sells Grand Lake holdings

WICHITA — Businessman Larry Steckline has sold several businesses he owns at Grand Lake in Oklahoma to the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe.

“It’s a great opportunity for them,” he says, “and a great opportunity for me to get rid of some work. I’m real happy about the deal.”

He sold a marina, a store, two paddle-wheel show boats, a restaurant and convention center at an undisclosed price. The sale includes eight acres of land and more than 1,200 feet of shoreline.

“You know, too much is too much,” Steckline says. “I want to slow down a little bit.”

He now spends about four months a year in Florida.

“I’m past retirement age.”

That doesn’t mean Steckline, a longtime broadcaster, is giving up his KWLS, 107.9-FM here.

“I am enjoying that radio station more than any I’ve ever owned,” he says. “I guess maybe it’s because I started it from scratch.”

Though it’s a long way from reaching its potential, Steckline says KWLS has grown faster than any station with which he’s ever been involved.

“Boy, is it crankin’.”