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Dentist Joe Baba plans east-side practice at the new Oak Creek Professional Office Park

WICHITA — Dentist Joe Baba has purchased 10,000 square feet at the new Oak Creek Professional Office Park at 21st and Greenwich for his Baba Dental Design.

That’s where Slawson Cos. already has the Oak Creek residential development.

Baba, who currently has an office at the Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis campus, plans a 5,300-square-foot office at Oak Creek within two years.

“Being located somewhere near 96 seemed to be a wise thing to do,” he says of the nearby K-96.

Baba’s practice is in jaw-joint dysfunctions, sleep apnea and orthodontia.

Almost half of his patients come from outside of Wichita, so that’s why expressway access is important to him.

“I believe we’re providing a very tremendous service to the community and to the state and just want to make that more available,” Baba says. “We have been able to help people that for 15, 20, 25 years have been in pain and have not found a solution for that.”

Also, Nancy Tran, who practices general dentistry in Baba’s clinic, likes the east-side for its growth potential.

“She perceived more possibilities for her there,” Baba says.

“It’s good to know that companies like Cabela’s also see . . . future growth in that area,” he says of the outdoor retailer, which plans a store across the intersection at Regency Lakes.

Plans are to keep the St. Francis office for now as well.

“It accommodates our west-side patients quite well, so we want to make sure we continue to do that,” Baba says.

Eventually, he’d like an office on the west side, too.

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Slawson Cos. prepares for mixed-use phase of Oak Creek

WICHITA — A daunting economy isn’t keeping Slawson Cos. from working on the next phase of the Oak Creek development on the southwest corner of 21st and Greenwich.

Slawson has hired Wichita’s Architectural Innovations to design a new mixed-use area that will include retail, restaurants and offices.

“They are working on what we are calling Oak Creek Village,” says Slawson’s Jerry Jones.

The 10-acre area will feature freestanding buildings with tile roofs and lots of masonry work.

“It’s not going to be a strip center,” Jones says. “It will be a series of buildings along a drive that meanders parallel to 21st Street.”

He calls it “kind of a cool concept.”

“It ties in with the estates that are being built in there.”

Brett Prather, president of Architectural Innovations, says there will be a lot of warmth to the development.

“It’s a European-style village concept where people will park and walk from shop to shop,” he says. “It’s a very unique concept for the Wichita area. . . . Really, it’s one of a kind.

“To us, it’s exciting enough that we . . . are entertaining the thought of moving our office to that location.”

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