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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to open in Newton

WICHITA — Newton entrepreneurs Shawn and Madeline Stobbe are opening another new business.

“We like to stay busy, I guess,” Shawn Stobbe says.

The Stobbes run three family stores – Kitchen Corner and Main Street Co. in Newton and Redbird Boutique in Wichita – and Madeline Stobbe also teaches yoga and has competitive dance teams.

Now, they’re opening Dickey’s Barbecue Pit at 214 E. 12th St. in Newton.

Dickey’s is a Dallas-based chain.

Stobbe credits his late father-in-law with inspiring him to own a franchise.

“He always told me, ‘If I could do it all again, I would just franchise.’”

So for about a half a year, the Stobbes studied all kinds of franchises.

“Dickey’s just kept coming up on the top of my list,” Shawn Stobbe says.

He says he’s “passionate” about food in general and barbecue in particular. Stobbe says he likes the philosophy behind Dickey’s as well.

“They’re not just there to be a restaurant,” he says. “They’re there to be a part of communities and add heart to communities.”

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Crust & Crumb Co. expanding in Newton

WICHITA — An expansion is reason enough to celebrate for a lot of businesses, but Sharon Entz has an extra reason to be happy.

She’ll soon have her garage back.

Entz has been running her 1-year-old Crust & Crumb Co. out of a certified kitchen in her Newton garage.

Now, she’s expanding to a 700-square-foot space at 507 N. Main St. in Newton.

“I’ve had a lot of success selling at the farmers market,” Entz says of the Old Town Farmers’ Market in Wichita. She also sells at a Newton farmers market and does wholesale sales to several retail outlets and restaurants.

“This little, tiny space wasn’t enough to supply the demand,” Entz says of her garage.

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Eye Kandy Pin-up Photography to move to Newton

eyekandyUPDATED — Newton is about to get a little Eye Kandy.

Aleycia Crawford is moving Eye Kandy Pin-up Photography to the city.

Crawford’s 7-year-old business had been in Delano for a couple of years, but she says that site had been small and unnoticeable.

“Nobody even knew I was there or open or anything.”

More recently, she’s been working out of a home studio in Goddard.

Crawford says the Newton address will be a major change.

“I have a really good spot,” she says of 2,000 square feet at Fifth and Poplar.

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Adrian’s Cafe owner to open two Zorro’s Tacos and More restaurants

WICHITA — He’s not Spanish. Nor does he wear a mask or cape.

That’s not stopping restaurateur George Matta from using Zorro as his new mascot, though.

The owner of the Mediterranean Adrian’s Cafe at 21st and Rock Road is opening two new restaurants called Zorro’s Tacos & More.

“It’s a new … style of restaurant for me,” Matta says. “This is my first fast food.”

The restaurants are going in two former Taco Tico spaces: 2406 N. Anderson in Newton and 205 W. Seventh Ave. in Augusta.

“I wanted to expand, and I was looking for real estate to own,” Matta says.

“It’s going to be like Tex-Mex, you know, tacos and burritos and enchiladas … with some Mediterranean flair,” he says. “‘And more’ means whatever I want.”

That could be bierocks or gyros or hummus or whatever special he feels like making.

“To do just Mediterranean fast food, I don’t think … it will go,” Matta says. “Mexican food … there’s more demand.”

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Midwest Hearing Aids to move two offices

WICHITA — Midwest Hearing Aids owner Terry Brewster is on the move again by partnering on two new locations with ophthalmologists.

“We’re trying to really put ears and eyes together,” he says. “It’s all about co-branding.”

Brewster says years ago it used to be that optical shops also sold hearing aids because people who needed hearing aids often needed glasses, too.

“Everything comes back full circle,” he says.

Brewster is moving his Newton shop to 1715 Medical Parkway in the same area that William Beck has his ophthalmology clinic.

“We have worked very hard, but we finally got a lease,” he says. “We’ve been working on Newton forever. . . . We’re real close to moving in.”

Brewster also is moving his office at 21st and Woodlawn to the Grene Vision Group office at 1851 N. Webb Road.

“It’s where the main Grene Vision Group offices are at,” he says. “I’m going to try to co-brand with Dr. (Mark) Wellemeyer.”

Wellemeyer says that the patient demographic for both groups is similar so there are benefits for both.

Brewster expects to make that move in early July.

There are 37 Midwest Hearing Aids sites in Kansas, and Brewster says two more are in the works. Look for news on those in the coming months.



Mike Lewis moves Newton gym, opens training center in Wichita

UPDATED — Mike Lewis has moved his Newton-based gym and is opening a personal training center in Wichita.

Mike Lewis Fitness is now in about 6,000 square feet at the Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton.

“Basically, I’m growing,” Lewis says of his business, which opened in 2009.

The gym offers a variety of workout options, such as spin classes, boot camps and personal training.

The new business, Fitness on the Waterfront, is opening at the Waterfront development at 13th and Webb Road exclusively for personal training.

“The clientele up there around the Waterfront is the main reason I want to do the Waterfront one,” Lewis says.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Personal training that he received, along with a sports background, inspired Lewis to open the gym.

“I’ve played every sport known to man,” he says. “I always wanted to open my own gym.”

Fox Ridge Restaurant in Newton to close

WICHITA — In late 2011, Fox Ridge Restaurant owner Greg Davis described how supportive customers convinced him to keep his Newton restaurant open.

“It’s kind of a leap of faith,” he told Have You Heard?

The leap didn’t pay off.

The restaurant’s last day in business is Sunday.

“It’s very difficult for us,” Davis says. “We feel like we’ve done the right things, but we’re just in the wrong place.”

The restaurant is at the Fox Ridge Golf Club.

“We’re not on Main Street, and so people don’t think of us,” Davis says. “They forget we’re here.”

The restaurant was open for three years.

The building is now for lease.

“We have good service, good food, good view,” Davis says. “Don’t have enough customers. Pretty simple.”

Game On to open at Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton

UPDATED — Everything old is new again at Game On, which has been in the Hutchinson Mall for almost five years and now is going to have a second location at Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops.

The store, which will open in 1,200 square feet next month, buys, sells and trades video games, DVDs and game systems. It also sells iPods, skateboards and body jewelry.

“A lot of our business is the old, vintage games that are harder to find,” says owner Jeff Boll referring to such games as Nintendo.

“Now everybody’s older and wants to go back and play the games they had as kids.”

Game On sells new items as well.

Boll says he had to decide on a second store in either Newton or Great Bend.

“We just get a lot of customers from both places,” he says.

Newton won in part because it’s closer.

Boll likely will consider a third store down the road.

“Haven’t really thought that far ahead,” he says. “It would probably be a year or two.”

Knork Flatware expands Bed Bath & Beyond presence to 650 stores

WICHITA — Newton-based Knork Flatware has landed a deal to sell its products in 650 Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

“It’s obviously going to impact sales substantially for us,” Knork president Tom Carson says. “It’s probably our largest retail account for a box store.”

The company began working with the chain in 2008.

“Bed Bath & Beyond started as a test,” says Knork vice president of marketing Lacy Simon.

Initially, the flatware that features its signature knife and fork in one utensil — a Knork — was in only the Wichita Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

“It’s just built from there,” Simon says. “The product sold very well.”

The number grew to 200 before jumping to 650, though Carson notes there are many more Bed Bath & Beyond stores than that, and he’d like to be in all of them. Knork is on the chain’s bridal registry as well.

“That’s done very well for us, too,” Carson says.

“I like to get Knork anywhere there’s heavy bridal,” Simon says.

There are 200 Dillard’s stores that sell Knork.

“Right now, Dillard’s is exploring the opportunities to expand, and that might be a possibility for spring 2013,” Simon says. “Macy’s is looking at a test for next fall.”

Target and Kohl’s also carry Knork online but not in their stores. Simon says Knork’s extensive manufacturing process makes it more expensive than other flatware lines sold in those stores.

There are now about 50 Knork products and $2 million in annual sales for the company, which started in 2004 with one product that Wichita resident Mike Miller created.

“It was kind of gadgetry,” Carson says. “A fork that cuts like a knife.”

The issue was “just overcoming some of the consumer skeptics of the new kind of unfamiliar product,” Simon says.

“It was quite a struggle at the beginning.”

It sometimes still is.

“It is truly such an experiential product,” Simon says. She says the goal is always to put the product into someone’s hands.

“You’ve really got to put it in your hands to experience the functionality of it,” Carson says.

Starting out, Carson says the company sold direct to other businesses.

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River Mill Woods moves to Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton

WICHITA — After years of working from their home and then in a storefront in the tiny town of Marion, Pat and Daryl Enos this week moved their River Mill Woods furniture and picture framing shop to Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton.

“Marion is our hometown, and it is a wonderful little community, but the word there is ‘little,’” Pat Enos says. “We simply needed more bodies to come through the door.”

Daryl Enos started River Mill Woods part time in 1988 while he still was teaching drafting in public schools.

“He would make furniture in the summertime, break time, things like that,” Pat Enos says.

In 1993, she started doing picture framing “just to see what I could do at home to help the family income out.”

They took the business full time in 2000.

Daryl Enos designs and builds all of his furniture, much of it to a customer’s specifications.

“That’s a lot of what he’s doing is custom building,” Pat Enos says.

“Everything you see, either Daryl or myself has pretty much fabricated up.”

She does all kinds of framing, from children’s art to conservation work to even an antique wedding dress.

“The whole gamut there.”

Their new store is 1,200 square feet.

Pat Enos says they’d love to grow the business enough to add employees and a manufacturing facility.

Daryl Enos’ wood shop is at their home in Marion, and he won’t be in the store on a day-to-day basis.

“Even though he’s more than half the business, you won’t see him very often,” Pat Enos says.

The store is named for Daryl Enos’ family’s former flour mill, part of which is still standing on their property.

“That’s what we see every day,” Pat Enos says.

The store will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Pat Enos says she and her husband are both in their 50s and are starting to see a lot of their friends retire.

With the new shop, though, she says, “We feel like we’re just gearing up.”

In Marion, she says they were just keeping their heads above water in tough economic times.

They feel good about the opportunity at Chisholm Trail.

“I guess we’ve got renewed energy,” she says “We’ve got a lot of optimism.”